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Why AXA Should Be Your Top Pick for Car Insurance

  • Trusted worldwide, AXA's got your back on UK roads
  • Tailored policies with optional extras for your unique needs

Two levels of cover: AXA Car Insurance and AXA Plus Car Insurance

  • Sky-high customer satisfaction: 4.3/5 on Trustpilot (April 2024)
  • 24/7 claims helpline and online system for stress-free claims
  • Lifetime guarantee on repairs at AXA-approved garages
Why AXA Should Be Your Top Pick for Car Insurance

AXA Plus Car Insurance: Top-Tier Protection for Your Ride

Want the ultimate peace of mind? AXA Plus Car Insurance is your best bet, packing in extra perks and protection:

Cover Rating
Fire excess £100
Theft excess £100
Accidental damage excess £100
Windscreen replacement excess £25
NCD hit for parked car claim Yes
Windscreen damage limit per claim Unlimited / £100
Window damage limit per claim Unlimited / £100
Cancellation fee after cooling-off £52.50
Repairs guarantee Lifetime
Total loss courtesy car Standard
Replacement car Standard
Guaranteed replacement car Yes
Misfuelling cover Fuel drainage & engine damage
Onward travel limit £300
Driving other cars Third party
Emergency-only driving of other cars No

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AXA Car Insurance: Solid Cover for Everyday Driving

AXA Car Insurance is your go-to for reliable, comprehensive cover with the option to add extras as needed:

Cover Rating
Fire excess £200
Theft excess £200
Accidental damage excess £200
Windscreen replacement excess £25
NCD hit for parked car claim Yes
Windscreen damage limit per claim Unlimited / £100
Window damage limit per claim Unlimited / £100
Cancellation fee after cooling-off £52.50
Repairs guarantee Lifetime
Total loss courtesy car Not covered
Replacement car Optional extra
Guaranteed replacement car Yes
Misfuelling cover Not covered
Onward travel limit Not covered
Driving other cars Third party
Emergency-only driving of other cars No

All info current as of 23 April 2024.

AXA Plus vs. AXA Car Insurance: What's the Difference?

Every driver's unique, so AXA offers two levels of cover to suit different needs and budgets:

  1. Lower excesses: AXA Plus has lower excess for fire, theft, and accidental damage. Perfect if you want to keep out-of-pocket costs down after a claim.
  2. Courtesy car for total loss: AXA Plus hooks you up with a courtesy car if your ride's a write-off. AXA Car Insurance? Not so much.
  3. Replacement car as standard: AXA Plus includes a guaranteed replacement car while yours is in the shop. It's an optional extra with AXA Car Insurance.
  4. Misfuelling mishaps covered: Accidentally put the wrong fuel in? AXA Plus has your back with fuel drainage and engine damage cover. Not available with AXA Car Insurance.
  5. Onward travel: If your car conks out, AXA Plus will cover up to £300 to get you where you need to go. AXA Car Insurance doesn't include this perk.

With these two options, AXA lets you pick the cover that fits your life and wallet.

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Picking the Right Cover of Car Insurance

Picking the Right Cover of Car Insurance

AXA offers three main types of car insurance for UK drivers:

  1. Comprehensive: The whole enchilada. Covers damage to your car and others' vehicles or property, plus extras like windscreen cover, courtesy car, and personal belongings cover. The ultimate in peace of mind.
  2. Third-party, fire, and theft (TPFT): Covers damage you cause to others, plus fire and theft damage to your own wheels. A solid middle ground between cost and protection.
  3. Third-party only (TPO): The bare minimum required by UK law. Covers damage you cause to others, but not your own car. Best for low-value vehicles or tight budgets.

Young Drivers: AXA's Got Your Back

Just starting out on the road? AXA knows insuring your first set of wheels can be pricey. That's why they offer special options to help young drivers get covered without breaking the bank:

  1. Telematics insurance: AXA's DriveSave telematics car insurance policy uses a clever little device to keep tabs on your driving habits. Show off your safe driving skills and score lower premiums and discounts.
  2. Named driver insurance: Adding an experienced driver (like mum or dad) to your policy can help shrink your insurance premiums . Just make sure you're honest about who the main driver is - fronting's a big no-no.
  3. Black box insurance: Like telematics, AXA's DriveSave black box policy tracks your driving to help you prove your skills and snag lower prices.

With these smart options, AXA is helping young drivers stay safe and save cash on the road.

Savvy Ways to Shrink Your Car Insurance Bill

Want to pay less for your AXA car insurance? Check out these money-saving tips:

  1. Bump up your excess: Agreeing to pay more upfront if you need to claim can shave a chunk off your premium. Just make sure you can afford the higher excess.
  2. Go all in on your annual payment: Paying your premium in one go instead of monthly can sometimes snag you a discount. A single payment cuts down on admin costs for your insurer.
  3. Up your car's security: Fit your wheels with insurer-approved alarms and immobilisers to deter thieves and score lower rates.
  4. Rack up that no claims discount: For every year you drive claim-free, you'll bag a sweet discount on your premium. Safe driving pays!
  5. Try telematics or black box insurance: Safe young drivers can prove their skills and earn lower prices with a policy that monitors their driving habits.
  6. Watch your mileage: The less you drive, the less likely you are to have a bump. Keep your annual mileage low and your premium could follow suit.

With these savvy tips, you can save cash on your AXA car insurance without skimping on cover.

Got a Mate Who Shares Your Motor? Here's What to Do

AXA makes it easy to insure multiple drivers on the same car. Add named drivers to your existing policy or take out a joint policy with your car-sharing buddy.

Named driver insurance is perfect if you occasionally lend your wheels to family or friends. Adding them to your policy can sometimes lower your premium by spreading the risk. But make sure you're honest about who the main driver is - fronting is illegal and can void your insurance.

Joint policies are ideal for couples, housemates, or family members who regularly share a car. You'll share ownership of the vehicle and build up a no claims discount together, which could mean lower premiums in the long run. Remember, all named drivers on a joint policy must have an equal stake in the car.

AXA's flexible options make it easy to insure your car-sharing crew.

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Make Your Policy Your Own with AXA's Optional Extras

No two drivers are the same, so why should their car insurance be? AXA's optional extras let you tailor your AXA Plus or AXA Car Insurance policy to fit your life:

  1. Breakdown cover: Get back on the road fast with roadside repairs, vehicle recovery, and onward travel options for ultimate peace of mind.
  2. Motor legal protection: Cover legal costs from an accident that wasn't your fault, helping you recoup your losses and get expert legal advice.
  3. Courtesy car upgrade: Bump up your courtesy car to a guaranteed like-for-like replacement, so a repair won't cramp your style.
  4. Protected no claims discount: Safeguard your hard-earned NCD so it stays intact even if you need to claim.
  5. Foreign use extension: Take your car on a European road trip without the worry - this extra covers you to drive abroad.
Make Your Policy Your Own with AXA's Optional Extras

Need to Claim? Here's How AXA Makes It Easy

Accidents happen, but AXA's straightforward claims process takes the stress out of a stressful situation. Their 24/7 claims helpline and user-friendly online claims system mean you'll always have the support you need.

Here's how to claim:

  1. Call the AXA claims line: Friendly, knowledgeable advisors are on hand 24/7 to guide you through your claim, offer advice, and get the ball rolling.
  2. Log in to AXA's online claims portal: Report your claim, upload any important docs, and track your claim's progress in real time.
  3. Get your car fixed at an approved garage: AXA will sort an assessment and repairs at one of their trusted garages. All approved repairs are guaranteed for life, so you know you're getting top-notch work.

Every step of the way, AXA's dedicated claims team will keep you in the loop and work hard to get your claim settled fast, so you can get back to living your life.

AXA's Customers Love Them - Here's Why

There's a reason AXA's customers can't stop raving about them - they're committed to providing top-notch service and cover that keeps drivers happy:

  • Trustpilot rating of 4.3/5 from over 8,000 reviews (April 2024)
  • Helpful, knowledgeable staff who go the extra mile during claims
  • Fast, efficient claims handling to get you back on the road ASAP
  • Competitive prices that don't skimp on quality cover
  • AXA's combo of amazing service, comprehensive cover, and affordable prices have made them a trusted name in UK car insurance, with a loyal fan base of satisfied customers. By always putting their customers first and delivering on their promises, AXA has built a glowing reputation in the industry as a car insurance provider that really cares.

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Get a Quote and Hit the Road with AXA Today

Get a Quote and Hit the Road with AXA Today

Now you know how AXA's car insurance works for you, it's time to see for yourself how they can keep you and your wheels safe on the road. With a range of cover options, handy extras, and top-notch customer service, AXA has everything you need to stay protected behind the wheel.

Whether you're a seasoned driver after comprehensive cover you can count on or a newbie looking for an affordable policy that'll help you find your feet, AXA has a car insurance solution to suit you. Get a quote today and join the thousands of satisfied customers who trust AXA to keep them covered every mile of the way.

AXA Car Insurance FAQ's

Just head to AXA's website and fill in a few details about yourself, your car, and your driving history. Or give their friendly customer service team a call or pop into an AXA branch for a chat. They'll be happy to help you find the right quote for your needs.

You bet they do! Drive claim-free and you'll score a sweet discount on your premium for every year you don't claim, up to a maximum of 9 years. It pays to be a safe driver with AXA.

It depends on the level of cover and the specific policy you pick. For AXA Plus, you'll pay £100 excess for fire, theft, and accidental damage, while AXA Car Insurance has a £200 excess for these. Check your policy docs for the full scoop on your excess.

Absolutely - just bear in mind that their driving history and experience can affect your premium, so make sure you're upfront about who's being added to keep your policy legit.

If you've got AXA Plus, you're in luck - it comes with misfuelling cover as standard, so you're protected if you accidentally put the wrong fuel in your car. This handy extra will cover the cost of draining the wrong fuel and fixing any resulting engine damage. AXA Car Insurance customers aren't so lucky - there's no misfuelling cover included, so double-check what you're putting in your tank!

DriveSave is AXA's black box insurance policy aimed at young and inexperienced drivers. It uses clever tech to keep an eye on your driving habits, like your speed, braking, acceleration, and when you're out on the road. Prove you're a safe and sensible driver and you could be rewarded with lower premiums and bonus discounts - a win-win for young drivers looking to keep costs down.

Of course! If you share a car with your partner, flatmate, or family member, a joint policy could be a great shout. You'll share ownership of the car and build up a no claims discount together, which could translate to lower premiums over time. It's a great way to keep costs down if you're not the only one behind the wheel.

Loads! AXA offers a range of handy optional extras so you can tailor your cover to your needs. Take your pick from breakdown cover, motor legal protection, a courtesy car upgrade, protected no claims discount, and foreign use extension. With these add-ons, you can create a policy that's as unique as you are, and enjoy that extra peace of mind while you're out on the road.

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