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There are so many car insurance companies that cover Manchester it can be difficult to know where to start to get the best deal. What should you look for in a car insurance quote?

What It Covers

Car insurance prices differ wildly depending on what they cover. Some insurance companies want to offer rock bottom prices, but they do this by taking out some of the add ons. For example, they might not give you a courtesy car if you have an accident.

Some car insurance deals will look unbelievably cheap but will require you to pay a huge excess in the event of a claim which is deemed to be your fault. This is initially appealing in that you can insure your car whilst keeping the premium down, but it won't help you if you need to claim because it will suddenly become very expensive.

If you want to know if you are getting a good deal, then it is best to use a car insurance comparison site such as Free Price Compare so that you know you are comparing like for like.

Who It Covers?

Different car insurance companies cater to different drivers. Some prefer not to insure young or inexperienced drivers so they will offer sky-high prices if you haven't been driving for long. Other companies focus on insuring younger drivers who have a black box or a high excess because they know that these drivers are likely to be more cautious than more experienced drivers.

Your Manchester Address

Whereabouts in Manchester you live can make an enormous difference to the amount you are quoted for car insurance. If the area is renowned for car crime claims with one company, this will push up your quote. However, if another company hasn't had so many claims in your area it might be a lot cheaper although the companies do share information. Other insurers may look at factors such as where your car is parked overnight to assess its risk, and this can make a difference too.

It is always best to perform a comparison before buying car insurance in Manchester - or any other big city!

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