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What are the different types of Motorbike insurance covers I can take out?

There are three different types of motorbike insurance policies you can choose from, namely -

  • Third party motorbike insurance cover – it is the minimum legal required cover as it protects the policyholder against damage costs to a third party’s vehicle or property.

  • Third Party fire and theft motorbike insurance cover – in addition to “third party motorbike insurance” it provides additional cover against your bike being stolen or damaged in a fire.

  • Comprehensive motorbike insurance cover – mainly known as “full comprehensive motorbike cover”, provides insurance protection for your vehicle as well as the third party costs.

What are the different factors which may affects my motorbike insurance premium?

There are a number of factors which may affect your motorbike insurance premium, such as -

  • Your age
  • The area you live in
  • Usage / Mileage per annum
  • Purpose of motorbike
  • Motor bike claim history
  • Type of the motorbike
  • Modification on the motorbike
  • Security system installed
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