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What information do I need to get cheaper car insurance?

Your vehicle information

Start by entering your vehicle number plate and verify your vehicle to make sure we are showing correct details about your car. Car insurance cost varies per car and it depends on various factors such as car model, engine type, fuel type and annual mileage.

Your claim history

It is important to provide your previous claim history (for the last 5 years) as it will affect your insurance prices. If you have a no claims bonus, it will help reduce your car insurance costs.

Your personal details

The insurance company will need to know your personal details such as name(s), age and occupation and you will also need to answer a few questions about your driving license.

Other driver information

If you add an additional driver or drivers then you are required to provide their personal information. By adding additional drivers it could affect the prices offered by an insurer.

Type of policy

Your tailored prices will be based on type of policy you go ahead with. You can choose from fully comprehensive, third party fire and theft and third party only.

Voluntary excess

You will be asked to set up a voluntary excess while taking out a car insurance policy. The higher the excess the lower the monthly premium will be. However, you will need to pay both the voluntary and compulsory excess when making a claim so ensure you select a realistic figure for this so it does not put you off making a claim.

It is very important that you have above information when you are ready to compare car insurance

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Why should I takeout a car insurance policy?

In the United Kingdom, It is against the law to drive without car insurance. Car insurance protects you, other motorists and damage to property incurred during an accident.

What are the different types of car insurance policies?

The available car insurance policy options are -

  • Third party only - is the minimum requirement for all vehicles
  • Third party fire and theft - provides cover to other people involved in the accident and protects your car in case your vehicle is damaged in a fire or stolen.
  • Comprehensive insurance- provides full cover to your car and other involved in the accident

We recommend you to take a look at the pros and cons of all the different types to make an informed decision.

What you'll need to have ready before you start comparing car Insurance quotes?

Each car insurance quote is different. To provide you with a car insurance quote we will need the information listed below.

  • Driving License Details
  • Car Registration Number
  • Estimated annual mileage
  • Where your car's parked during days and night
  • Purpose of your car such as business use, commuting, social etc.
What is a no claims bonus? Is it applicable to my second car?

If you haven't claimed on your car insurance for a consecutive period of time, then you should get cheaper premiums. The No claims bonus/discount only applies to one car.

How can I get cheap car insurance quotes?

Pay your premium annually

You can reduce your insurance cosy by around 20% by paying annually. If you are paying monthly or quarterly you can save lots of money by switching to annual payment.

Get a Black Box installed

You can ask your insurer to install a telematic or a Black Box device that records your driving habits such as mileage and speeds which can show that you are a safe driver and as a reward, they will reduce your premiums.

Use your no claims bonus

If you have a history of no claims then you are most like to get better rates offered by insurance companies.

Reduce annual mileage

If you are driving less miles annually this can help to show that you have a low risk of having an accident which can also help reduce your annual premium however, do not lie about your annual mileage as any incorrect details will invalidate your policy.

Types of car insurance policies

Fully Comprehensive

It offers highest level of cover for you and will be bit more expensive when compare to other types of policies. However, it covers your vehicle and cover the cost for 3rd party vehicles in an accident. It also covers, fire and theft. Some fully comprehensive policies also allow you to drive any other vehicle on a 3rd party only basis.

Third party fire and theft

It is cheaper than comprehensive cover but it will only provide you with basic third party cover which means it will cover damages to other car(s) (a third party) in an accident that is your fault but not yours, it also covers theft and fire.

Third party only

Third party only cover tends to be the cheapest and will only pay out if you have damaged another person’s property or a vehicle. It will not pay out for any repairs that you carry out on your own vehicle nor will it pay out if your vehicle is stolen or is involved in a fire.

Car Insurance Frequently asked questions

By law you are required to be insured as third party on any vehicle you are driving on the UK roads or public places in the UK.

If you have notified DVLA that you are no longer driving your car and have taken your vehicle off the roads which is known as SORN, then you are not legally required to take out a cover for your car, but just bear in mind that should the vehicle be damaged or stolen it will not be insured.

Usually your policy will last for 12 months but you can take out specialist insurance for a shorter period of time. This tends to be if you are going on holiday and sharing the driving or you will be borrowing a friend’s car for a week or so. You can take out cover from 24 hours to 21 days.

Third party only cover will be cheapest in most cases. However, because it only pays out if you have damaged someone else’s property or vehicle you will be left to pay for the damage to your own car.

Legally you need to be insured before you drive any car. You can either be added to their policy by contacting their existing insurance provider or you can take out a short-term specialist policy. Some fully comprehensive policies allow you to drive another car on a third party insurance basis, but think of the possible repair bill to the car you will be driving before jumping behind the wheel.

According to national statistics, drivers under 25 are more likely to have an accident which increases the risk for an insurer to pay out which therefore increases the premium. You’ll notice drastic price change once you turn 25 or get some no claims bonuses.

Yes, you can protect your no claim bonus while taking out a policy. If you have history of no claim bonus you are more likely to get better insurance quotes. Each insurer has a different policy regarding the cost and protection but typically, the insurance of the no claims is 10% of the policy cost and it allows you to make 2 “at fault” claims in a 3-year period

  • You could get a penalty of £300
  • Get 6 points on your driving license
  • The police can clamp the vehicle and destroy it
  • You can also face prosecution with an unlimited fine and be banned from driving any vehicle in the future.

If you supply incorrect information to your insurance company, they can invalidate your insurance. You need to make sure you provide them with correct information about you, your address, vehicle details, any penalty and claim history. If you have any health conditions such as poor eyesight, have suffered a stroke or suffer from epilepsy, you must also inform the DVLA and your insurer.

NCB is also known as no claim bonus or NCD is also known as no claims discount. It means if you haven’t claimed on your insurance for number of years then you get a discounted quote from various insurance providers. You receive this discount because you are perceived as a lower risk to insurance because you have proof of being accident free.

When your existing policy comes to an end, your insurer will send you proof of no claim bonus with your renewal quote. If you insure your vehicle with another provider then you’ll be asked to send them the proof of no claim bonus document to them, you will need to do this within the first 14 days of the new policy starting.

It depends on individual insurance company; you can check with them before taking out a policy. Usually if your no claim bonus is from outside Europe then insurance company is more likely to reject your NCB.

All fully comprehensive car insurance policies bought in the UK will come with the third party cover to drive in the Europe. However, you should check with your insurance provider if you are covered for damage and theft while driving in the EU. If you are insured it is normally only for a limited number of days, you can not insure your car in the UK and move to Spain and keep the same insurance.

Under specialised insurance you can insure your car against theft which is known as “laid up cover”

By law car insurance companies have to adhere to the “Equalities Act 2010” when providing quotes and they are not allowed to increase your premium or excess based on medical condition, unless they are able to evidence that it will increase the risk of you making a claim under a policy. You can also look at specialist insurer or government motability scheme which can help you reduce your costs.

Yes, you can but you have to specify that you don’t own the car and state who does own it while taking out the vehicle cover policy.

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