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BT offers a range of broadband packages, from standard to full fibre, alongside phone and TV bundles. Known for its reliable service, BT provides customers with Smart Hubs for consistent, fast Wi-Fi throughout the home.

Tip: BT's Complete Wi-Fi guarantee ensures a strong signal in every room of your house, or you can claim £100 back.

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Virgin Media

Operating on its own fibre network, Virgin Media offers some of the fastest broadband speeds in the UK. Its top-tier Gig1 Fibre Broadband boasts an average speed of 1,130Mbps.

Fact: As per Virgin Media's product specifications in 2023, Virgin Media's Hub 4 router can handle multiple 4K streams simultaneously, making it ideal for large households with heavy internet usage.

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Sky combines broadband with its renowned TV packages, giving customers access to premium content like Sky Sports and Sky Atlantic. Its reliable internet service caters to various needs, from basic browsing to heavy streaming.

Fact: According to Sky's official website as of 2023, Sky Q, Sky's advanced set-top box, can serve as a Wi-Fi hotspot, boosting your broadband signal throughout your home.

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TalkTalk is committed to providing value for money with its unlimited internet packages. It offers flexibility with various TV, calls, and security add-ons, allowing customers to tailor their package to their needs.

Tip: TalkTalk's Speed Boost option can be added or removed monthly, perfect for when you need extra bandwidth for short periods.

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Plusnet focuses on providing great service with its award-winning UK-based customer support team. They offer a range of broadband packages suitable for different needs and budgets.

Tip: Plusnet offers end-of-contract account reviews to ensure you're always on the best deal for your usage.

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Vodafone, known for its mobile network, also provides competitive broadband packages. They offer a range of speeds and often include extras like Apple TV 4K or free subscriptions with their deals.

Tip: Vodafone's Ultimate Speed Guarantee promises to reduce your bill if your speed drops below a certain threshold.

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NOW Broadband

NOW Broadband, part of the Sky family, offers flexible broadband and TV packages without long-term commitments. Customers can easily add or remove entertainment passes monthly.

Fact: As confirmed by NOW Broadband's service information, they use the same network infrastructure as Sky, providing comparable speeds and reliability.

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Hyperoptic specialises in providing ultra-fast fibre broadband, offering speeds up to 1Gbps in select urban areas. They're known for their symmetrical upload and download speeds.

Tip: Hyperoptic often offers significant discounts for customers who sign up before their service is live in a building.

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Gigaclear focuses on bringing ultrafast broadband to rural communities often overlooked by larger providers. They offer speeds up to 900Mbps through their full-fibre network.

Fact: According to Gigaclear's network information as of 2023, their infrastructure is capable of delivering speeds up to 10Gbps, future-proofing their service for years to come.

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Community Fibre

Community Fibre provides full-fibre broadband exclusively in London, offering speeds up to 3Gbps. They aim to make high-speed internet accessible to all Londoners.

Tip: Community Fibre offers a 'Test Drive' period, allowing customers to try their service risk-free for the first 30 days.

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KCOM provides full-fibre broadband to homes and businesses in Yorkshire and Lincolnshire. They offer a range of speeds up to 900Mbps and are known for their reliable, future-proof connections.

Fact: As reported in KCOM's financial statements, they have invested over £185 million in their full-fibre network, making Hull the UK's first full-fibre city.

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Trooli delivers ultrafast full-fibre broadband to homes and businesses in South East England. They focus on bringing high-speed internet to areas often overlooked by larger providers.

Tip: Trooli guarantees no mid-contract price rises, offering peace of mind for budget-conscious customers.

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Cuckoo aims to simplify broadband with one-month rolling contracts and straightforward pricing. They offer full-fibre packages with speeds up to 1Gbps where available.

Fact: According to Cuckoo's social impact statement, they donate 1% of each customer's bill to charitable projects aimed at getting people online in disconnected communities.

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Direct Save Telecom

Direct Save Telecom offers budget-friendly broadband and phone packages. They're known for their no-frills approach and often provide some of the cheapest deals on the market.

Tip: Direct Save Telecom offers short-term contracts, which can be ideal for students or those in temporary accommodation.

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Onestream provides affordable broadband packages with a focus on value for money. They offer both standard and fibre broadband options to suit different needs and budgets.

Fact: As stated in Onestream's package details, their broadband deals come with a free wireless router and no activation fees, helping to keep initial costs down.

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YouFibre is a relatively new provider offering ultrafast full-fibre broadband. They provide symmetrical download and upload speeds up to 1Gbps in select areas.

Tip: YouFibre offers a 'Price for Life' guarantee on some packages, meaning your monthly cost won't increase for as long as you remain a customer.

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Zen Internet is known for its excellent customer service and reliability. They offer a range of broadband packages, from standard ADSL to ultrafast fibre.

Fact: As of 2023, Zen has been a Which? Recommended Provider for broadband for eight consecutive years, highlighting their consistent quality of service.

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Three, primarily known as a mobile network, also offers home broadband solutions. They provide 4G and 5G home broadband, which can be a good alternative in areas with poor fixed-line connections.

Tip: Three's home broadband often comes with unlimited data, making it suitable for heavy users who don't want to worry about caps.

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italk focuses on providing straightforward, affordable broadband and phone packages. They aim to simplify the process of getting connected with jargon-free explanations and UK-based support.

Fact: According to italk's terms of service, they offer a 14-day cooling-off period, allowing customers to cancel without penalty if they're not satisfied with the service.

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Shell Energy Broadband

Shell Energy Broadband, part of Shell's diversification into utilities, offers competitively priced broadband packages. They provide both standard and fibre broadband options.

Tip: Shell Energy Broadband customers can earn Shell Go+ rewards, which can be used for discounts on fuel and other Shell products.

Compare Shell Energy Broadband Deals


wightfibre is a local provider offering full-fibre broadband exclusively on the Isle of Wight. They provide high-speed internet with symmetrical upload and download speeds.

Fact: As reported in industry news, wightfibre is the first company in the UK to receive a loan from the government's Digital Infrastructure Investment Fund, highlighting their commitment to improving local connectivity.

Compare wightfibre Broadband Deals


Zzoomm is a full-fibre broadband provider focusing on bringing ultrafast speeds to smaller towns and suburbs. They offer symmetrical speeds up to 2Gbps in select areas.

Tip: Zzoomm provides a 30-day satisfaction guarantee, allowing customers to leave without penalty if they're not happy with the service.

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Fibrus is dedicated to bringing full-fibre broadband to rural and semi-rural areas across Northern Ireland and parts of England. They offer speeds up to 1Gbps on their purpose-built network.

Fact: According to Fibrus' investment plans, they have committed to investing over £100 million to connect more than 145,000 premises across Northern Ireland by the end of 2023.

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Compare Our Best Broadband Deals

Many of us set up a broadband service, pay our monthly bill, and give the matter no more thought.

Why Should You Compare Broadband Providers?

When it comes to choosing a broadband provider, comparison is key. But why exactly should you take the time to compare different options?

What are the Benefits of Comparing Broadband Providers?

  1. Save money: By comparing providers, you could potentially save hundreds of pounds annually. For instance, research by Ofcom shows that broadband customers who switch or negotiate with their provider save an average of £120 per year.
  2. Find the best speeds: Different providers offer varying speeds, even in the same area. Comparing helps you find the fastest available connection for your postcode.
  3. Get the most reliable service: Customer reviews and satisfaction scores can highlight which providers offer the most consistent and reliable service.
  4. Access exclusive deals: Many providers offer special promotions or packages that are only available when you switch, such as free setup or discounted rates for the first few months.

Tip: Use comparison sites like Free Price Compare to easily view and compare different providers' offerings side by side.

Who are the Top Broadband Providers in the UK?

The UK broadband market is competitive, with several major players vying for customers. But who are the biggest names in the game?

Which Providers are the Top Broadband Providers in the UK?

  1. BT: The largest provider, covering over 31 million premises with their superfast fibre network.
  2. Sky: Known for bundling broadband with their popular TV packages.
  3. Virgin Media: Offers some of the fastest widely available speeds, up to 1Gbps in many areas.
  4. TalkTalk: Focuses on providing value for money with competitive pricing.
  5. Vodafone: Leverages their mobile network expertise to provide both fixed and mobile broadband.
  6. Plusnet: Known for their customer service, winning multiple awards.
  7. EE: Part of the BT Group, they offer both fixed and mobile broadband solutions.

Fact: According to Ofcom's 2022 report, BT (including EE and Plusnet) holds the largest market share at 34%, followed by Sky at 23%, and Virgin Media at 20%.

What are the Different Types of Broadband Services?

Broadband comes in various flavours, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. Let's break them down:

What is ADSL Broadband and Who is it Suitable For?

ADSL (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line) uses your existing phone line to deliver internet to your home.

Suitable for: Light internet users, small households, those in areas without fibre coverage.


  • Widely available across the UK
  • Generally the cheapest option


  • Slower speeds (up to 11Mbps)
  • Performance degrades the further you are from the telephone exchange

What is Fibre Broadband and Who is it Suitable For?

Fibre broadband uses fibre optic cables to deliver faster, more reliable internet.

Suitable for: Multiple users, streaming enthusiasts, online gamers, remote workers.


  • Much faster speeds (up to 1Gbps with full fibre)
  • More reliable connection


  • Not available everywhere
  • Can be more expensive than ADSL

What is Cable Broadband and Who is it Suitable For?

Cable broadband, primarily offered by Virgin Media in the UK, uses a mixture of fibre optic and coaxial cables.

Suitable for: Heavy internet users, large households, those wanting TV bundles.


  • Very fast speeds (up to 1.1Gbps)
  • Often bundled with TV services


  • Limited availability
  • Can be the most expensive option

What is Mobile Broadband and Who is it Suitable For?

Mobile broadband uses 4G or 5G networks to provide internet access.

Suitable for: People in areas with poor fixed-line coverage, those who need internet on the go.


  • No fixed line required
  • Portable


  • Can be less reliable than fixed-line broadband
  • Often comes with data caps

Tip: If you're in a rural area, check if mobile broadband might offer faster speeds than available fixed-line options.

How to Choose the Right Broadband Provider?

Selecting the right broadband provider involves considering several factors. Let's explore what you should keep in mind:

What Factors Should You Consider When Choosing a Broadband Provider?

  1. Speed requirements: Consider how you use the internet. Do you stream 4K video? Work from home? Or just browse occasionally?
  2. Data usage: Most UK broadband packages now offer unlimited data, but some cheaper or mobile broadband options may have caps.
  3. Contract length: Contracts typically range from 12 to 24 months. Shorter contracts offer more flexibility but may cost more per month.
  4. Customer service: Check reviews and ratings for customer service quality. Ofcom publishes annual customer satisfaction reports for major providers.
  5. Bundled services: Consider if you want to combine your broadband with TV, phone, or mobile services for potential savings.

What Tips Can Help You Choose the Right Broadband Provider?

  1. Read reviews: Look at both expert reviews and customer feedback to get a balanced view of each provider.
  2. Check availability: Use postcode checkers to see what services and speeds are available in your area.
  3. Compare contract terms: Look beyond the headline price. Consider setup fees, price increases, and what happens after the initial contract period.

Fact: According to Ofcom, only 3% of UK households cannot access decent broadband (defined as delivering 10Mbps download speed and 1Mbps upload speed).

What are the Current Broadband Deals and Offers?

The broadband market is constantly evolving, with providers regularly updating their offers to stay competitive.

What are the Best Current Deals from Top Providers?

As of [current month and year], some standout deals include:

  1. BT: Fibre 2 (67Mbps) with £120 Reward Card
  2. Sky: Superfast Broadband (59Mbps) with Sky TV and Netflix
  3. Virgin Media: M350 Fibre Broadband (362Mbps) with free setup

How Can You Get the Best Broadband Deals?

  1. Time your switch: Look for deals when your current contract is ending to avoid early termination fees.
  2. Negotiate with providers: Don't be afraid to haggle. Providers often have discretion to offer better deals to retain customers.
  3. Take advantage of promotions: Look out for seasonal sales, such as Black Friday deals or New Year offers.

Tip: Some providers offer price guarantees or promise no mid-contract price rises. These can offer peace of mind in times of economic uncertainty.

Compare TV & Broadband Deals

Compare our best broadband and TV package deals

What Do You Need to Know About Broadband Speeds?

Understanding broadband speeds is crucial to choosing the right package for your needs.

What are the Different Broadband Speed Tiers?

  1. Up to 11 Mbps (Standard ADSL)
  2. Up to 36 Mbps (Fibre to the Cabinet - FTTC)
  3. Up to 67 Mbps (Faster FTTC)
  4. 100 Mbps and above (Cable and Full Fibre)

What Broadband Speed Do You Need for Various Activities?

  • Browsing and email: 1-5 Mbps
  • HD Streaming: 5-8 Mbps per stream
  • 4K Streaming: 25-35 Mbps per stream
  • Online Gaming: 15-25 Mbps for smooth gameplay
  • Working from home: 10-25 Mbps for video calls and file sharing

Fact: The average UK broadband speed in 2022 was 59.4 Mbps, according to Ofcom's Connected Nations report.

How Do Social Tariffs and Universal Credit Affect Broadband Options?

The world of broadband isn't one-size-fits-all, especially when it comes to affordability. Let's explore how social tariffs are changing the game for many households.

What Are Social Tariffs and Who Qualifies?

Social tariffs are discounted broadband packages designed for households receiving Universal Credit or other benefits. These offers aim to ensure that everyone has access to an internet connection, regardless of their financial situation.

Which Providers Offer Social Tariffs?

Several major providers now offer social tariffs, including:

  1. BT Home Essentials
  2. Virgin Media Essential Broadband
  3. Sky Basics
  4. NOW Broadband Basics

How Do Social Tariffs Compare to Standard Broadband Packages?

  • Speed: Typically offer superfast speeds (30-67Mbps)
  • Price: Often significantly cheaper than standard packages
  • Contract length: Many offer shorter or more flexible contracts

Fact: As of 2023, Ofcom reports that only about 5% of eligible households have taken up social tariffs, indicating there's significant room for increased adoption.

What Are the Benefits of Social Tariffs?

  1. Affordability: Keeps vulnerable households connected at a lower cost
  2. Essential access: Ensures access to online services, job searches, and education
  3. No credit checks: Often don't require credit checks, making them accessible to more people

Tip: If you're receiving Universal Credit, it's worth checking with various providers to see what social tariffs they offer. You might find a better deal than your current package.

What Role Do TV Deals and Additional Services Play in Broadband Packages?

In today's digital landscape, broadband often comes bundled with other services. Let's delve into how these packages work and what they offer.

How Do TV Deals Integrate with Broadband Packages?

Many providers offer combined Broadband and TV deals, which can include:

  • Access to numerous TV channels
  • Streaming services like Netflix or Amazon Prime
  • Sports channels such as BT Sport or TNT Sports

What Are the Advantages of Bundled Services?

  1. Cost-effective: Often cheaper than purchasing services separately
  2. Convenience: One bill for multiple services
  3. Additional perks: May include extras like free subscriptions or exclusive content

What Types of TV Deals Are Available?

  1. Basic packages: Freeview channels plus a few extras
  2. Mid-range packages: Additional entertainment channels and some sports
  3. Premium packages: Extensive channel lists, including movies and full sports coverage

How Do Additional Services Affect the Total Cost?

While bundled services can offer good value, it's important to consider:

  • Upfront costs: Some packages require set-top box fees or installation charges
  • Contract length: TV deals often come with longer contract periods
  • Usage patterns: Ensure you'll use enough of the services to justify the cost

Fact: According to Ofcom, about 39% of UK households had a bundle of communication services in 2022, showing the popularity of combined packages.

What Should You Consider When Choosing a Broadband and TV Bundle?

  1. Channel preferences: Ensure the package includes the channels you actually want
  2. Internet usage: Make sure the broadband speed meets your needs
  3. Total cost over time: Factor in any price increases after promotional periods
  4. Equipment: Consider the quality of provided routers and set-top boxes

Tip: If you're a sports fan, look for deals that include services like BT Sport or TNT Sports. These can significantly enhance your viewing experience, especially for live events.

How Does Satellite Broadband Compare to Other Types of Broadband, and Is It Right for Me?

Satellite broadband is a unique type of broadband that uses a satellite dish to provide internet connectivity. Here's what you need to know:

  • How it works: Unlike traditional copper wires or full fibre broadband, satellite broadband beams internet signals from space to a dish on your property.
  • Speeds: While not typically as fast as full fibre, satellite can offer decent speeds, usually between 30-100Mbps for downloads and 2-6Mbps for uploads.
  • Availability: It's particularly useful in rural areas where other types of broadband might not be available.
  • Installation: Requires professional installation of a satellite dish on your property.
  • Limitations: Can be affected by weather conditions and may have higher latency compared to other broadband types.
  • Data allowances: Many satellite packages come with data caps, though some providers offer unlimited downloads during off-peak hours.
  • Cost: Often more expensive than standard broadband packages due to equipment and installation costs.

Satellite broadband might be the right service for you if:

  1. You live in a remote area with limited broadband options
  2. You need a reliable backup to your primary internet connection
  3. You don't require the absolute fastest speeds for activities like competitive online gaming

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The "best" provider varies depending on your specific needs and location. However, Virgin Media consistently ranks highly for speed, while EE and Plusnet often score well for customer satisfaction.

Use online postcode checkers provided by Ofcom or individual broadband providers. These will show you what types of broadband and what speeds are available at your address.

ADSL uses copper telephone wires and is generally slower (up to 11Mbps), while fibre uses fibre optic cables for faster speeds (30Mbps to 1Gbps+) and more reliable connections.

Yes, but you may face early termination fees. Check your contract terms or speak with your current provider about options. Some new providers may offer to cover these fees if you switch to them.

Watch out for setup fees, line rental costs, router charges, and potential price increases after introductory periods. Always read the full terms and conditions before signing up.

Remember, the key to finding the best broadband deal is to thoroughly compare your options based on your specific needs and circumstances. Use Free Price Compare to explore available packages and make an informed decision.

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