Cheapest broadband deals this week

May 13th, 2021
Cheapest broadband deals this week

Cheapest Broadband Deals this Month

These days, broadband is almost as essential as water and electricity, and just as with these other utilities, you can make significant savings by finding a cheaper provider.

But broadband providers aren’t all the same. When making a broadband comparison you need to look at more than the price. The speed you can get will be determined by where you live but it can still vary between service providers.

There are other things to consider too; how much data you are allowed to download each month, for example. Also think about how you use the internet, if you’re just checking emails and browsing a few websites it may not be worth paying more for a fibre connection. On the other hand, if you are a gamer or you stream movies and TV fibre is worthwhile.

You also need to look at the package on offer, are there extras such as a TV service or free phone calls? What’s the length of the contract? Is there a connection charge? Will the introductory price go up after a certain period?

While you might be tempted to stick with the big providers such as BT or Sky, it’s worth looking at alternatives as lesser-known companies can often have attractive deals.

Monday 10th May 2021
SupplierDeal endsProductContract lengthMonthly feeSetup feeExclusiveIncentive
Virgin Media31-05-2021M100 Fibre Broadband only18 months£24.00£0.00£50 voucherPricing and setup
Virgin Media31-05-2021M200 Fibre Broadband only18 months£28.00£0.00£50 voucherPricing and setup
Virgin Media31-05-2021M500 Fibre Broadband only18 months£36.00£0.00£50 voucherPricing and setup
TalkTalk12-05-2021Fibre 6518 months£25.00£0.00£80 voucher
Vodafone13-05-2021Superfast 124 months£22.00£0.00£75 voucher
Vodafone13-05-2021Superfast 224 months£22.00£0.00£75 voucher
Monday 12th April 2021
SupplierDeal endsProductContract lengthMonthly feeSetup feeExclusiveIncentive
Vodafone16-04-2021Superfast 124 months£22.00£0.00£75 voucher
Vodafone16-04-2021Superfast 224 months£22.00£0.00£75 voucher
Virgin Media14-04-2021M100 Fibre Broadband only18 months£24.00£0.00£75 voucherPricing and setup
Virgin Media14-04-2021M200 Fibre Broadband only18 months£28.00£0.00£75 voucherPricing and setup
Virgin Media14-04-2021M500 Fibre Broadband only18 months£36.00£0.00£75 voucherPricing and setup
TalkTalk14-04-2021Fibre 6518 months£24.00£0.00£80 voucher
Plusnet14-04-2021Unlimited Fibre18 months£22.99£0.00£70 Plusnet Reward Card
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