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Today let us gain some insight on Green Energy and how it benefits to choose this form of energy supply for our homes and businesses. Below we brief you on the top green energy tariffs in UK in order to help you choose the best Green Energy suppliers in UK.

What is Green Energy?

It is energy generated from natural sources like wind, sun, tides, plants, biomass, algae, geothermal heat etc. is termed as Green Energy. Simply said, it is the energy generated from renewable sources which are replenished naturally. In contrast, fossil fuels like coal, oil and natural gas are non renewable and finite so, generating energy from them would come to an end at a certain point. In addition, it creates pollution through smoke and other residues as well as creates an imbalance in the natural equilibrium. Hence, as a collective, we should minimize the use of fossil fuels to generate energy and rely more on green electricity and green gases.

Five major sources of Green Energy in UK:

There are six major types of renewable or green energy sources in UK. The scientists and energy experts are putting their best foot forward to generate maximum energy from these sources so as to replace the traditional energy sources. As these are replenished by nature in a short time period, they can reduce the carbon footprint and prove healthy for the environment.


This green energy source creates energy by using wind, which converts the kinetic energy into mechanical energy. The process uses onshore and offshore wind turbines that utilize wind and convert it into electricity. As the environment in Europe is favorable, generating wind energy is easy especially in the UK as 40% of the European wind blows over it. The contribution of onshore wind in total renewable energy generation equals to 25% while offshore wind gives the share of 18%.


This form of green energy harnesses the sun’s energy through solar panels made of photovoltaic cells to generate green electricity. The best part of solar technology is its efficiency and it does not throwback green house gases as a residue. Thus, it is totally environment friendly and one of the best ways to get cheap green energy. Solar energy contributes 18% of the share in the total renewable energy generation.


In this case, natural sources like plants, crops, animal matter etc. are used to generate the biomass, which can then be converted to methane gases, biodiesel fuels and ethanol. The green energy generated from combustion that is burning plant or animal matter is termed as Biofuels. They are created by growing plants that manufacture ethanol and biofuel oils. This is the highest source of generating renewable energy and contributes a share of 34% in total renewable energy generation.


This is the heat energy generated by the earth itself. As an example, the steam energy or hot water springs formed by the earth are used to create energy which is known as geothermal energy. Rainfall replenishes this water and heat is formed by the earth to maintain the geothermal balance.


The kinetic energy formed by the movement of water through turbines is then converted into electricity. Hydro energy is mostly developed in dams by utilizing the movement of water. 5.6% of total renewable energy in the UK is derived from hydro sources.

The below chart explains the share of renewable sources in green energy development:

As per the latest reports by the UK government, the renewable share of electricity generation jumped from 25.4% in 2016 Q3 to 30% in 2017 Q3. The total energy generated through renewable sources was 22.3TWh in the third quarter of 2017.

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Green Energy suppliers in UK:

Having gone through the details on the green energy sources in UK, let us now check the major Green energy suppliers in UK, who also adhere to the UK climate policy. They are also voluntarily audited by Ofgem under the Green Energy Certification Scheme.

These energy suppliers generate energy from renewable sources and thus contribute in reducing the carbon footprint of the UK. UK households and businesses can use this energy to reduce the impact of energy usage on the environment.

Top ten UK renewable energy companies list:
Sr. No Energy Supplier Renewable fuel mix (%)
1 Ecotricity 100
2 Bulb 100
3 Good Energy 100
4 Green Star Energy 100
5 LoCO2 Energy 100
6 Octopus Energy 97
7 Green Energy UK 69.1
8 Co-operative Energy 65.2
9 OVO Energy 64.7
10 British Gas 40

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Ecotricity and its Green energy tariffs:

Considered as Britain’s greenest energy company, Ecotricity also opposes fracking and offers only green energy tariffs. Under its ethical pricing policy, the company chooses ‘one for all and all for one’ approach and offers only one green electricity tariff and one green gas tariff for each meter type including Standard, Economy7 and Pay As You Go. They have no exit fees or penalties and claims to keep its customers on their latest best price. It claims that you can save £350 in the first year by switching to its Fully Charged bundle. To know more about Ecotricity, Click Here!

Bulb and its Green energy tariffs:

This UK energy supplier offers 100% green electricity and 10% green gas to its UK households and businesses. The gas and electricity provider offers a single tariff for electricity and gas. Moreover, they do not charge exit fees and offers area specific green tariff. For more details about Bulb and its cheap green energy tariffs, Click Here!

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Good Energy and its green tariffs:

The gas and electricity provider offers 100% renewable electricity and green gas to UK households and businesses. It generates energy from solar (27%), biogen (18%), wind (51%) and hydro (4%) sources.

It offers two tariffs:
  • 100% renewable electricity and green gas tariff
  • 100% renewable electricity only tariff

To know further details about Good Energy, its cheap green energy deals and how it can help you reduce the carbon footprint, Click Here!

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Green Star Energy and its tariffs:

The gas and electricity provider offers 100% renewable energy, which it derives from hydroelectric generators and wind power. The company’s simple home energy tariffs can help you save on energy bills.

It offers the following green energy plans:
  • Unlimited tariff
  • Rate Saver
  • Rate Watch
  • Pay As You Go
  • Rate Saver + Perks
  • Green Saver

For more details about Good Star Energy, its green energy tariffs and a quick comparison of green tariffs, Click Here!

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Why you should choose Green energy suppliers?

There are many reasons to choose Green energy suppliers but the foremost is your desire to save the environment. By switching to green energy suppliers, you can help reduce the overall carbon footprint of the UK as well as reduce your own ecological footprint. It will help you live in a healthy surrounding and leave a better environment for the coming generations.

Reasons to choose Green energy plans:

To reduce climate change!

Green house gases formed as a residue of energy generation through fossil fuels are disrupting the climate. They are pushing many plant and animal species towards extinction and are a threat for sustaining human lives. By choosing renewable energy sources like solar, hydro and wind, you can reduce or stop the emission of harmful gases and thus, save the climate and planet as a whole.

Believe us, it is affordable!

Most of the green energy suppliers in UK offer energy plans that are affordable. The biggest reason people do not choose green energy is the threat of paying heavy energy bills. However, green energy companies in UK offer plans that are affordable. Most of them have no exit fees or penalties which help you to make some extra savings. In a nut shell, you can easily get cheap green energy so, no point buying energy that harms the environment. However, if you have any doubts then all you need to do is compare green energy suppliers UK and switch to cheapest green tariffs.

You can choose suppliers that share your vision on energy conservation!

The best part about choosing green energy suppliers in UK is that you obtain energy from companies that share your vision. Most of the Green energy suppliers use their profits in creating more green energy sources and nurture them. It is about collaborating with suppliers that believe in environment conservation and reduces the carbon footprint.

The below table give details about how green energy suppliers make a difference in the world.

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To prevent the destruction caused by generating energy from fossil fuels!

Companies deriving energy from fossil fuels through the process of fracking and mining cause a big harm to the environment. They cause a negative impact on the natural habitats of plants and animals as well as push many of them towards extinction. By choosing green energy suppliers, you reduce these vicious practices and help in creating a balance in the environment. Make sure that your energy bill payments are not used to create smoke in the environment.

How to compare Green energy suppliers in UK?

Well, just like other energy suppliers! You can check the green tariffs and choose the cheapest green energy supplier. You need to shop around and find the cheapest green energy suppliers. FreePriceCompare can help you in this. We offer a quick comparison of the Green energy suppliers in UK and you can select the best one that suits your energy requirements.

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