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How can Free Price Compare help me with my insurance needs?

Many people stick with the same insurance provider for prolonged period of time despite knowing that a better deal is out there. This is mainly due customer inertia or general unwillingness to change.

Whilst we are creatures of habit, the convenience of sticking with the same insurance provider is a very expensive luxury especially in the economic environment we are currently facing.

At Free Price Compare, we encourage you to evaluate your requirements and find alternative options by making the whole insurance switching process as quick and simple as possible.

As you might expect, Free Price Compare doesn’t charge for any of its services and to remain unbiased we don’t accept sponsored listing from any insurance supplier.

Some of the insurance products we compare are listed below with a brief explanation.
  1. Car Insurance

    Car insurance is a mandatory requirement for all car drivers but with over 100 suppliers you will be sure to find the right deal.

  2. Business Insurance

    There are various different types of business insurance, but with a host of specialist providers your business could get comprehensive cover at very affordable premiums.

  3. Health Insurance

    Often referred to as Private medical insurance, health insurance covers the cost of private treatment for treatable injuries and illnesses.

  4. Life Insurance

    Life insurance secures your loved ones financial future in the event you pass away. It is a highly recommended financial planning product especially since premiums can be as low as £5* a month.

  5. Van Insurance

    Van insurance is also a mandatory requirement for van drivers but you can find many providers in one search to get the best deal for needs.

  6. Bike Insurance

    Like other motor insurances, this is a mandatory requirement but you can compare and select from a wide range of insurance brands.

  7. Pet Insurance

    Pet insurance provides cover for unfortunate events such as your pet falling ill or injuring themselves in an accident. Pet insurance is recommended for all pet owners as veterinary costs can be high but premiums can be very low.

  8. Breakdown Cover

    Breakdown cover can be taken out for your car, motorbike or van. It provides an extra sense of security in case your usually reliant vehicle has any problems.

  9. Home Insurance

    Home insurance is for tenants and home owners who want cover on their building and/or contents.

  10. Travel Insurance

    Travel insurance is highly recommended for all who travel abroad. Options include single and multi-trip travel insurance policies. The comparison also provides individual policy details making the whole process very quick.

  11. Landlord Insurance

    Landlord insurance can be both affordable and customisable as you can include add-ons such as accidental damage. It essentially provides cover for your letting activities, property and tenants.

4000+ reviews