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Best Mobile Phone Deals

We at Free Price Compare, compare the UK mobile market to find better deals for you. Simply use our mobile comparison tool and search 1000’s of mobile handset and contracts available as per your requirement.

Unraveling the Best Mobile Phone Deals

When it comes to mobile phone deals, there are several factors that come into play. Let's dive into the key factors that influence mobile phone deals, ensuring you make the right choice.

Factors Influencing Mobile Phone Deals
  • The cost of the handset and monthly payments affect mobile phone contracts. The cost of the handset upfront, as well as the monthly payments, can vary significantly between different deals. It's important to consider the upfront cost and monthly payments to ensure the deal fits within your budget.
  • Consider network provider offers, cashback deals, and bundle charges. Network providers often offer deals, cashback offers, or bundle charges that can help lower the overall cost of the mobile phone deal. Keep an eye out for these offers to get the best value.
  • The latest device, proof of identity, and proof of purchase are important for new phone contract deals. If you're looking for the latest device, make sure the deal you choose offers the phone of your choice. Additionally, network providers may require proof of identity and proof of purchase to finalise the contract deal.
  • Look for data allowance, minutes, and monthly allowance of minutes. Different mobile phone deals offer varying data allowance, minutes, and monthly allowance of minutes. Consider your usage requirements to ensure the deal provides enough data and minutes for your needs.
  • Keep an eye on the national statistics, consumer price index, and rpi rate. National statistics, consumer price index, and rpi rate can provide insights into the cost of mobile phone deals. Staying updated on these statistics can help you identify the best deals in the market.
Time of the Year and Mobile Phone Deals

The time of the year can also have a significant impact on the mobile phone deals available. Let's explore the best times of the year to find great deals.

  • Seasonal offers, like Black Friday, bring lower prices and great deals. Black Friday, which falls in November, is known for its incredible deals, including mobile phone deals. Take advantage of the lower prices during this time to find the best mobile phone deal.
  • Plan your purchase around new device releases for the best mobile deals. When new phone models are released, older models often go on sale, making it a great time to find deals on phones you may have had your eye on.
  • Check for limited-time offers during festive seasons. Festive seasons, such as Christmas or New Year, often bring limited-time offers and promotions, making it an excellent opportunity to find mobile phone deals at great prices.
  • Take advantage of special deals during the holiday season. The holiday season is prime time for retailers to offer special deals and discounts on mobile phones. Keep an eye out for these deals to get the best value for your money.
  • Stay updated on monthly phone contract offers throughout the year. Mobile phone contract offers are not limited to specific times of the year. Network providers often introduce new deals and offers throughout the year, so it's essential to stay updated and compare deals regularly.

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Understanding Mobile Phone Contracts

Mobile phone contracts can be a great option if you want the latest phone without the upfront cost. Let's explore the ins and outs of mobile phone contracts.

What is a Pay Monthly Contract?

A pay monthly contract, also known as a contract deal, offers the convenience of monthly payments for your mobile phone. Instead of paying the full cost of the handset upfront, you pay a monthly fee, which includes the cost of the phone, data allowance, minutes, and texts.

Pros and Cons of Pay Monthly Contracts

Pay monthly contracts come with their own set of pros and cons. Let's take a closer look at what they are.

Understanding Mobile Phone Contracts
  • Pay monthly contracts offer the latest phones without the upfront cost. If you're someone who wants the latest phone without the hefty upfront cost, pay monthly contracts are the way to go. You can get your hands on the newest iPhone, Google Pixel, or Lenovo smart clock without breaking the bank.
  • Enjoy the flexibility of monthly payments for mobile phone contracts. With pay monthly contracts, you have the flexibility of spreading the cost of the phone over a contract period, usually 24 months. This allows you to manage your finances more effectively, especially if you prefer monthly payments.
  • Consider the monthly price, network coverage, and contract duration. When choosing a pay monthly contract, it's important to consider the monthly price, network coverage, and contract duration. Compare deals from different network providers to find the best value for your money.
  • Be aware of the credit check requirements for pay monthly contracts. Pay monthly contracts typically require a credit check, as network providers want to ensure that you can make the monthly payments consistently. If you have a poor credit history, it may affect your chances of getting approved for a pay monthly contract.
  • Evaluate the cost of the handset, monthly cost, and contract terms before committing. Before signing up for a pay monthly contract, carefully evaluate the cost of the handset, monthly cost, and contract terms. Ensure that the deal aligns with your budget and offers the best value for the phone you desire.

Compare Android phone deals

Android phone deals offer competitive prices, making them a cost-effective choice for many individuals.

How to Choose the Right Mobile Phone Deal

Choosing the right mobile phone deal can seem overwhelming, given the numerous options available. However, by considering a few key factors, you can narrow down your choices and find the deal that best suits your needs.

Consider Your Usage Requirements

When selecting a mobile phone deal, it's crucial to consider your usage requirements. Start by determining the amount of data, minutes, and texts you need in your contract. Look for a deal that offers the best data allowance for your usage. Additionally, consider the monthly allowance of minutes, network coverage, and contract duration. Evaluate the cost of the handset, upfront cost, and monthly cost based on your usage. Ultimately, prioritise finding mobile phone contracts that offer great value for your specific requirements.

Network Coverage and Its Importance

When selecting a mobile phone contract, it is crucial to evaluate the network provider's coverage in the areas you frequent the most. Take into account factors such as data speed, call quality, and reliability offered by the network provider. Additionally, check network coverage maps and customer reviews to assess network performance. It is important to ensure that the network provider offers the best mobile phone deals in your desired areas. Choose a mobile phone contract with network coverage that suits your needs.

How to Choose the Right Mobile Phone Deal
Budgeting for Upfront and Monthly Costs

When budgeting for mobile phone deals, it's important to consider both upfront and monthly costs. Start by determining the upfront cost of the handset, and then budget accordingly. Plan your monthly payments for mobile phone contracts based on the monthly cost, taking into account bundle charges such as data, minutes, and texts. Evaluate the overall cost of the phone, including upfront and monthly expenses, to ensure it fits within your budget. Look for mobile deals that offer the best value within your monthly budget. Consider providers like ID Mobile, which offers a range of plans and packages to suit different needs. Whether you're an Apple fan looking for the latest iPhone SE or someone who needs much data, understanding the monthly and upfront costs will help you make an informed decision. Additionally, keeping track of the CPI rate can give you insights into how prices might change over time.

Comparing Contract Deals and SIM only Deals

When comparing mobile phone deals, it's important to consider both contract deals and SIM-only deals. Contract deals typically offer a new phone along with a fixed monthly payment that includes data, minutes, and texts. On the other hand, SIM-only deals provide just the SIM card with a lower monthly cost and the freedom to bring your own phone. It's essential to evaluate factors such as the amount of data you need, network coverage, and contract length before making a decision. For instance, ID Mobile offers competitive contract deals with different data plans, including an affordable iPhone SE option. Additionally, keep in mind the CPI rate, which represents the average price increase for these deals over time. Ultimately, the choice between contract deals and SIM-only deals depends on your specific needs and preferences as an Apple fan or any other smartphone user.

Key Differences between Contract and SIM Only Deals

When it comes to mobile phone deals, there are key differences between contract and SIM only options. Contract deals require a monthly commitment, while SIM only deals provide flexibility with no long-term contract. Contract deals often include a new phone, whereas SIM only deals require you to have your own device. Contract deals typically have longer contract lengths, while SIM only deals can be on a monthly basis. Additionally, contract deals often come with higher monthly payments, while SIM only deals can be more cost-effective. It's important to consider these factors before choosing the right mobile phone deal for you.

Which is a Better Fit for You?

Considering your phone usage and data needs is crucial when deciding between contract deals and SIM only deals. Evaluate the upfront cost, monthly payments, contract length, and flexibility to determine which option suits you best. Assess the value of new phone offers and data allowance in contracts versus the cost-effectiveness of SIM only deals.

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Tips to Find the Best Phone Contract

When it comes to finding the best phone contract, there are a few tips to keep in mind. Firstly, consider opting for a new contract rather than renewing your existing one. This can often come with better deals and offers. Secondly, explore different providers such as ID Mobile, which offer competitive rates and flexible plans. Thirdly, assess how much data you need and choose a contract that suits your usage. Additionally, if you're an Apple fan, consider options like the iPhone SE. Lastly, stay informed about the CPI rate to ensure you're getting the best value for your money.

Research on Phone Models

When comparing mobile phone deals, it's important to research and compare different phone models from top brands. Consider the features, specifications, and reviews of each model to find the best contract deals available. Popular phones like the latest iPhone or the Google Pixel often offer the best value for your money. Remember to check the cost of the handset and the monthly price of the contract deals. Additionally, consider factors such as data allowance, network provider, and contract length.

Analysing Call, Text, and Data Usage

Analysing your call, text, and data usage is crucial when choosing the right mobile phone contract. Take into consideration the number of minutes, texts, and data allowance offered in different contracts. By analysing your usage patterns and estimating your monthly needs, you can compare the allowance in various deals to ensure it meets your requirements. Additionally, don't forget to factor in the cost of additional minutes, texts, or data if you exceed the monthly allowance. Keep these points in mind to make an informed decision.

Tips to Find the Best Phone Contract

Keeping Your Old Phone Number: Is it Possible?

Is it possible to keep your old phone number when switching to a new phone contract deal? Find out the process of transferring your old number, check eligibility based on network provider policies, gather necessary proof of identity and purchase, contact your provider, and ensure the new deal supports number porting.

Steps to Retain Your Old Number

To retain your old number when switching phone contracts, start by contacting your current network provider to check the contract end date and any outstanding payments. Obtain the PAC (Porting Authorisation Code) from them, which is necessary for number porting. Once you've chosen a new phone contract deal, provide the PAC to the new network provider and follow their instructions to complete the porting process. Finally, confirm the successful transfer of your old number to the new contract.

Using Free Price Compare to Compare Mobile Contract Deals

When looking for the best mobile phone deals, it's crucial to compare different options. One reliable platform for comparing mobile contract deals is Free Price Compare. With Free Price Compare, you can easily find and compare new contract offers from various providers. Whether you're interested in a plan with ID Mobile or an iPhone SE with a large data allowance, Free Price Compare allows you to filter and compare deals based on your preferences. They provide up-to-date information on the CPI rate and offer a user-friendly interface for a seamless comparison experience. If you're an Apple fan, Free Price Compare can help you find the best deals for the latest iPhone models. By using Free Price Compare, you can make an informed decision and ensure you're getting the most value out of your mobile contract.

Benefits of Comparing Deals by Brand

When comparing mobile phone deals, it's important to consider the benefits of comparing deals by brand. By comparing mobile contract deals offered by different brands, you can find the best value and offers available in the market. Take into account factors such as reputation, network coverage, and customer service when evaluating the brands offering these deals. Additionally, assess the phone models, data allowance, contract length, and monthly cost associated with each deal. Some brands may offer exclusive deals, cashback offers, premium subscriptions, or bundle charges that can enhance the overall value of the contract. To effectively compare deals by brand, make use of comparison tools, filters, and user reviews provided by mobile contract deal comparison websites.

Using Free Price Compare to Compare Mobile Contract Deals
Comparing Deals by mobile Networks

When comparing mobile phone deals, it's important to take into account the network coverage and reliability. Consider the data speeds offered by different networks as well as their availability in your location. Look for deals that offer great value for the price, and don't forget to check the network provider's customer service reputation and reviews. Additionally, pay attention to the contract terms, including the length of the contract and the data allowance provided. By considering these factors, you can find the best mobile phone deal for your needs.

Compare the best mobile phone deals

Simply use our mobile comparison tool and search 1000’s of mobile handset and contracts available as per your requirement.

Breakdown of Deal Types: Pay Monthly and SIM Free

Pay monthly deals are a convenient option for those who want to spread the cost of their handset over the duration of the contract. With pay monthly contracts, you also get bundled charges for minutes, texts, and data allowance. On the other hand, SIM free deals give you the flexibility to purchase the phone upfront and choose your network provider. They offer the freedom to switch providers without any contract obligations. When comparing the two deal types, make sure to consider the upfront cost, monthly cost, and data allowance.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Each Type

Pay monthly contracts offer the advantage of getting the latest phones at a lower upfront cost. However, they require you to commit to a contract for a specific period. On the other hand, SIM free deals provide flexibility in terms of changing phones or network providers, but the upfront cost of the handset is higher. Additionally, pay monthly contracts require credit checks, while SIM free deals do not. It's important to consider your budget, phone preferences, and network flexibility when deciding between these two types of deals.

What’s New and Coming Soon: Mobile Phone Deals

Stay updated with the latest mobile phone deals and offers in the market. Keep an eye out for new device releases, as they often come with attractive deals. Look for bundle deals that include additional accessories or services, such as data bundles or premium subscriptions. Check for cashback deals or lower monthly payments on select phone deals. Consider the cost of the phone, monthly contract, and data allowance when evaluating new mobile phone deals. Stay informed and make the most out of the exciting mobile phone deals that are on the horizon.

Whats New and Coming Soon Mobile Phone Deals

Understanding Network Switching

Network switching is a fundamental concept in the world of telecommunications. It refers to the process of routing data packets from one device to another within a network. By understanding network switching, you can gain insights into how data is transmitted efficiently and securely across various devices. Whether you're dealing with a new contract or considering switching to a different service provider like id mobile, it's crucial to grasp the basics of network switching. Factors such as the amount of data you need (much data), the type of device you use (like the iPhone SE), and even economic indicators like the CPI rate can impact your network switching decisions. Keep in mind that network switching plays a significant role for both consumers and businesses, ensuring smooth and reliable communication.

Why Switch Networks?

Considering switching networks? Explore better network coverage, data speeds, and customer service. Find deals with lower monthly payments, cashback offers, or new phone contracts. Enjoy better international roaming options and data allowances. Discover network providers with the latest phone models and exclusive deals. Consider performance, offers, and personal preferences when making the switch.

How to Switch Networks?

To switch networks, start by researching different providers and their deals to find the best option for you. Check contract terms, data allowance, network coverage, and phone compatibility. Contact the new provider, provide necessary documents, and follow their instructions for porting your number and activating the new SIM card.

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Mobile Phone Accessories Worth Considering

Enhance your mobile phone experience with essential accessories. Safeguard your device with a durable phone case or screen protector to protect it from accidental damage. Extend your battery life on the go with a portable charger or power bank, ensuring you never run out of power. Enjoy enhanced audio quality with headphones, earphones, or wireless speakers for immersive sound. Capture stunning photos and videos by utilising lens attachments, tripods, or selfie sticks to make the most of your phone's camera capabilities.

Essential Mobile Phone Accessories

When it comes to mobile phones, having the right accessories can enhance your overall experience. One essential accessory is a phone case, which provides protection against scratches, drops, and impacts. You should also consider investing in a screen protector to safeguard your phone's display from any potential damage. Another must-have accessory is a portable charger, ensuring that your phone never runs out of battery while you're on the go. Bluetooth headphones offer wireless audio, allowing you to enjoy music and take calls without dealing with tangled wires. Lastly, selfie sticks enable you to capture great selfies and group photos effortlessly. By equipping yourself with these essential mobile phone accessories, you can make the most of your smartphone experience.

How to Check When Your Current Phone Contract Ends?

To check when your current phone contract ends, you can contact your network provider, review your contract paperwork or online account, use the provider's mobile app, call customer service, or set a reminder closer to the expiration. Remember to always stay informed about your contract dates.

Top 10 mobile phone deals providers in the UK

When it comes to mobile phone deals in the UK, there are several providers that offer a wide range of options to choose from. Here are the top 10 mobile phone deals providers in the UK:

  • EE - Known for its extensive coverage and fast data speeds, EE offers a variety of contract plans and SIM-only deals.
  • O2 - With its flexible contracts and excellent customer service, O2 is a popular choice among mobile phone users.
  • Vodafone - Offering competitive pricing and reliable network coverage, Vodafone provides a range of contract options and pay-as-you-go plans.
  • Three - Known for its affordable plans and unlimited data offerings, Three is a trusted provider for mobile phone deals.
  • Sky Mobile - With its unique roll-over data feature and exclusive benefits for existing Sky customers, Sky Mobile is a great option for those looking for added value.
  • Virgin Mobile - Providing flexible contracts and competitive pricing, Virgin Mobile offers a range of plans to suit different needs.
  • Tesco Mobile - Known for its affordable prices and good network coverage, Tesco Mobile is a popular choice among budget-conscious users.
  • BT Mobile - Offering discounted rates for BT broadband customers and a reliable network, BT Mobile is a great choice for those who already use BT services.
  • giffgaff - Known for its community-driven approach and affordable SIM-only deals, giffgaff is a popular choice among those looking for flexibility.
  • iD Mobile - With its range of contract options and competitive pricing, iD Mobile provides a good balance between value and service.

Telecom providers offer a range of plans, including contract deals, pay-as-you-go options, and SIM-only deals. Depending on your preferences, you can choose a plan that suits your needs. For instance, if you require extensive coverage, then you can opt for a provider that offers widespread network coverage. If you need unlimited data, then there are several plans that cater to this requirement. Alternatively, if budget is your priority, then you can select a provider that offers affordable prices without compromising on the quality of service. With multiple options available in the market, it is important to compare plans and providers to find the most suitable one for your needs.

Mobile Frequently asked questions

You should consider: Price, operating system, battery life, screen size, screen resolution, screen quality, camera quality, processor speed and network availability.

There are there main choices when it comes to comparing and choosing phone contracts:

  • SIM only - SIM only contract means you are agreeing a contract with mobile network which doesn’t include a handset. Typically, SIM only contract can range from a single month to more traditionally 12 months.
  • PAYG (pay as you go) – Pay as you go option is good for those who don’t use mobile phone very often. Pay as you go means you are not tied into a contract and can change network as you wish. If you have bad credit then PAYG would an option for you.
  • Mobile phone contract – Mobile phone contract means you pay a monthly fee in order to get new phone and an allowance of data, text and calls. Monthly phone contract lengths can range from 12 to 36 months contract. Typically, people go for 2-year contract, this option would be good for you if you use lots of mobile data and minutes and like to have a reasonable new phone.

There are two main operating systems commonly being used by mobile handset manufacturer.

  • Android - is open source mobile software which is designed to use for touch screen mobile phones. You can find android software on Samsung, LG, Huawei and Google phones. You can download all the apps you need from the Play Store
  • IOS - Apple operating system used by exclusively by Apple iPhone’s, iPad’s and iPod Touch. You can download all the apps you need from the Apple App Store

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