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Compare Virgin Media Business Broadband Deals

To succeed in business, you need good internet. Virgin Media Business Broadband offers fast speeds and support. They have different packages to choose from and are flexible in meeting your needs. Bundling phone and broadband saves money. Technical support is provided for businesses in various industries. Switching to Virgin Media is easy. Stay connected with Virgin Media for success in your business!

Compare Virgin Media Business Broadband Deals

Understanding Virgin Media Business Broadband

Stay Connected with Virgin Media Business Broadband. Their business broadband bundle contract offers fast internet speed for your business. In case of a loss of connectivity, the priority app ensures interim internet connectivity via the 4G mobile network. They also offer separate contracts for secondary internet connectivity so your business is never offline. The special terms include an additional fee for premium rate telephone services to meet your business expense requirements. Get full information on their business broadband connection and choose Virgin Media as a reliable option. The F-Secure security service is provided at no additional cost as part of the business broadband bundle contract. Should your business broadband bundle service be terminated by either you or Virgin media business, or you switch to a broadband only or voice only product, you shall no longer qualify for the F-Secure service.

Why choose Virgin Media for your business?

Stay connected with Virgin Media Business Broadband that offers unique features for your business. Firstly, the broadband packages offer ultrafast speeds, meeting all your business needs. Secondly, contract terms are flexible to upgrade or downgrade as per your convenience without long-term contracts. Thirdly, Virgin Media's cable modem services ensure constant connectivity even during peak usage times for cable services. Additionally, the broadband packages include call allowances for business mobiles and UK landlines.

Ultrafast Broadband Packages
  • The Voom fibre broadband packages form the foundation of its offerings.
  • The initial package offers impressive download speeds of up to 400Mbps and upload speeds of up to 40Mbps, along with a dynamic IP address.
  • As you upgrade to higher-tier packages, you get faster upload speeds, extra static IP addresses, and shorter problem resolution times.
  • The top-tier package, known as Voom Gig1, provides download speeds of up to 1000Mbps, upload speeds of up to 50Mbps, up to five static IP addresses, and a guaranteed resolution time within 12 working hours.
Phone Systems
  • Virgin provides a wide range of phone systems that cater to various business requirements. These include conventional fixed lines, advanced Voice over IP (VoIP) systems, and ISDN lines.
Business Mobile SIMs and Phones
  • Businesses can take advantage of adaptable and budget-friendly mobile packages that are comparable to Virgin's residential mobile offerings.
  • These options encompass contracts lasting 24 and 36 months, which allow for the use of the latest handsets such as iPhones and Samsung Galaxys.
  • Additionally, there are 12-month contracts and rolling contracts with a duration of 30 days for SIM cards.
Leased Lines for Larger Enterprises
  • Virgin offers dedicated leased lines via ethernet cables, providing symmetrical speeds (equal upload and download speeds) for significant internet requirements.
VPNs for Secure Data Sharing
  • Virgin Media Business provides VPNs that are perfect for secure data and file sharing among various locations.
  • This is particularly beneficial for teams operating in different areas but requiring access to a shared intranet.
  • There is a range of managed VPN options to choose from.

Please be aware that Virgin Media Business broadband packages do not offer the option to include Virgin TV, unlike Virgin Media's residential services.

Exploring the Broadband Packages

Exploring the Broadband Packages

Explore the diverse voom broadband packages with varying download speeds of widely available business services. Consider factors such as monthly prices, maximum upload speeds, minimum term contracts, and UK calls minute rates. Additionally, assess external influences affecting the virgin media network performance, including device limitations and international destinations.

Overview of Broadband Packages

Virgin Media Business Broadband offers separate contracts for secondary internet connectivity, ensuring uninterrupted business operations. The speed performance guide caters to diverse business speed needs, including the voom bundle for premium rate telephone services. With consistent connectivity and cable modem services, Virgin Media ensures stable business operations.

Comparing package features

When evaluating Virgin Media business broadband packages, consider ultrafast speeds for efficient business operations. The inclusion of call allowances for UK mobiles and landlines meets communication needs. Additionally, the packages provide a speed performance guide, ensuring productivity. Moreover, they cater to various users and include voom products for business connectivity.

Costs and contract terms

Virgin Media Business Broadband packages guarantee uninterrupted connectivity, maintaining business operations during internet outages. Separate contracts ensure secondary connectivity, while cable modem services provide a consistent connection for business operations. The voom bundle offers stable business broadband connectivity, with additional fees for premium rate telephone services meeting business expense requirements.

Speed and Reliability of Virgin Media Business Broadband

With Virgin Media Business Broadband, you can rely on lightning-fast speeds and unwavering connectivity. The network ensures maximum upload speed and previous max download speed, catering to diverse business needs. Additionally, the actual speed you experience will be influenced by a number of factors, such as network congestion and distance from the exchange, the number of users, and the time of day. This sets Virgin Media Business Broadband apart in terms of reliability and performance. Speed assumes equipment is at optimum speed & capacity, device limitations apply.

Importance of speed in business operations

In today's fast-paced business environment, ultrafast fibre broadband speeds, such as the download speeds of Virgin Media, are crucial for meeting download speed requirements and ensuring optimal business efficiency. Virgin Media business broadband packages offer a speed performance guide tailored to cater to specific business speed performance needs, including their Voom fibre broadband packages with download speeds of up to 400Mbps. The constant connectivity provided by their cable modem services prevents complete loss of connectivity, offering stability for uninterrupted business operations.

Speed stats of Virgin Media Business Broadband

Experience ultrafast speeds with Virgin Media business broadband, meeting your business download requirements for optimal efficiency. The packages include a speed performance guide for enhanced business speed. Benefit from constant connectivity and stable operations with their cable modem and voom bundle, ensuring reliable business connectivity.

Ensuring reliability with Virgin Media

Virgin Media's business broadband guarantees dependable, uninterrupted connectivity for your enterprise. With ultrafast speeds, business operations remain seamless. Security is paramount, with tailored packages to suit your needs. Moreover, exceptional customer support ensures a reliable network for your business.

Flexibility Offered by Virgin Media Business Broadband

Virgin Media Business Broadband offers flexibility through a variety of Voom broadband packages with UK calls and an extensive network. The minimum term contract, inclusive UK mobiles, and Isle of Man mobiles enhance the flexibility for businesses. Additionally, the maximum upload speed and previous max download speed demonstrate adaptability to external factors. The monthly prices of the Voom broadband products are fixed for the duration of your contract term, catering to diverse business needs.

Moving your broadband package up and down

Adjusting your broadband package with Virgin Media Business is effortless. Scale bandwidth as needed, upgrade or downgrade packages, and modify at any time for ultimate flexibility. Virgin Media offers complete control over your broadband to tailor it to your business requirements.

Fixed-price contracts for better control

Incorporating fixed-price contracts, Virgin Media business broadband ensures stable monthly costs for better financial planning and budget control. The transparent pricing offers predictability, providing security throughout the contract term. This feature caters to businesses seeking cost stability and financial predictability. Virgin Media's fixed-price contracts are designed to offer better control over monthly expenses.

Virgin Media Business Broadband and Phone Deals

Explore Virgin Media's comprehensive phone and broadband deals tailored for businesses. Discover the UK calls, Voom broadband packages, and benefits of the Virgin Media network. Uncover details on UK mobiles, Royal Mail, and coverage during public holidays. Compare maximum download speeds, upload speeds, and device limitations to make an informed decision. Upgrade to a Voom bundle and get a digital phone line, Constant Connect with 4G back-up, and F-Secure internet security added to your package. All for only £7 extra per month.

Virgin Media Business Broadband and Phone Deals
Benefits of bundling broadband and phone line

Maximising business efficiency, Virgin Media's broadband and phone line bundles minimise costs and offer comprehensive connectivity solutions. Prioritised app support enhances communication capabilities, while special deals make it cost-effective. This bundling option is a game-changer for businesses seeking seamless integration and reduced expenses.

Offers and deals on bundles

When considering business broadband options, it's essential to explore the variety of bundles offered by Virgin Media. These bundles cater to different business needs and budgets, often including additional services like phone and TV packages. New customers can benefit from special deals and discounts, while custom options ensure a tailored fit. Reliable and fast internet connectivity is crucial for business operations, and Virgin Media Business Broadband delivers just that.

The Technical Support

When a technical issue arises, our team ensures prompt resolution. We offer support for voom broadband packages, device limitations, and maximum upload speed. Our experts handle uk calls and provide assistance for virgin media network and uk mobiles. Rest assured, your business stays connected seamlessly.

Availability of tech support

Virgin Media Business Broadband ensures round-the-clock availability of technical support. Options include phone, email, and live chat, complemented by self-service resources for issue resolution. The adept team covers network connectivity, hardware, software, and security, aiming to minimise downtime for enhanced productivity.

Quality of tech support provided by Virgin Media

Virgin Media offers top-notch tech support, ensuring seamless operations for businesses. The UK calls answered efficiently, resolving issues related to Voom broadband packages and Virgin Media network. With reliable assistance for device limitations and external factors affecting services, their professional support is a boon for business productivity.

Virgin Media for Different Industries

Virgin Media offers tailored solutions for various industries, including small businesses. From uk calls to voom broadband packages, the company caters to diverse organisational needs. With a robust virgin media network, small businesses can rely on seamless connectivity, even during peak hours. The monthly prices of the voom broadband products are competitive, making Virgin Media an attractive choice for small businesses across different sectors.

How Virgin Media supports the tech & IT industry

Virgin Media Business Broadband provides ultrafast speeds, which are perfect for small tech companies. It is reliable and crucial for operations, supported by the network performance guide to keep the industry at the forefront. The high data usage suitability and priority support app offer dedicated customer support to the tech & IT industry.

Advantages of Virgin Media for the hospitality industry

Virgin Media Business Broadband is great for the hospitality industry, as it can handle many users. It has separate contracts for extra services that will benefit the sector. Plus, it has a static IP address feature which helps with tech infrastructure needs.

How Virgin Media aids the retail industry

Enhancing the retail industry's operations, Virgin Media's business broadband offers secure internet connectivity for transactions and caters to peak time usage. With ultrafast speeds, it optimises customer experience and supports POS systems and inventory management. The priority app ensures specialised customer support, making it ideal for retail.

Making the Switch to Virgin Media Business Broadband

Making the Switch to Virgin Media Business Broadband

Seamlessly transition to Virgin Media’s business broadband services without the complete loss of connectivity. They offer full support and ensure a smooth switch, providing uninterrupted operations for businesses. Their customer support minimises any disruptions, guaranteeing a hassle-free switch to their reliable network.

Is Virgin Media Business Broadband right for you?

Considering your business size and varying internet connectivity needs, Virgin Media Business Broadband offers tailored packages to support your individual requirements. With minimised connectivity loss and uninterrupted operations, it is ideal for growing businesses.

How does Virgin Media Business broadband compare in speed and reliability to other providers?

Stay connected with Virgin Media Business broadband. It's a top choice for business broadband providers because of its fast and dependable speed. You can count on it for consistently high speeds and minimal downtime, so your business will run seamlessly.

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