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Here you can find various broadband guides, tips and tricks on how to get the best broadband packages and deals. You can also read about broadband suppliers, routers and specifications within our broadband guides.


Broadband Guides July 18th, 2024

Social Tariffs for Universal Credit: Top Broadband Providers

Content in this article Understanding Broadband Social Tariffs Major Broadband Providers with Social Tariffs BT Home Essentials Virgin Media Essential Broadband Sky Broadband Basics TalkTalk’s Fibre for Everyone How...

Broadband Guides July 15th, 2024

Are You Qualified for Broadband Social Tariffs?

Content in this article What Are Social Broadband Tariffs? Why Are Social Tariffs Important? Who Can Get Social Tariffs? Income and Benefits Other Things That Matter What Do You...

Broadband Guides July 15th, 2024

Affordable Internet: Understanding Broadband Social Tariffs

Content in this article What are broadband social tariffs? Benefits of Broadband Social Tariffs Save Money Use Important Services Be Part of the Online World Providers Offering Broadband Social...

Broadband Guides June 17th, 2024

Broadband Outages: What to Do When Your Internet Goes Down

Content in this article What Are Broadband Outages and How Do They Affect Users? What Are the Common Causes of Broadband Outages? How Often Do Broadband Outages Occur in...

Broadband Guides April 15th, 2024

126 Tips to Boost Your Home Broadband Speed in the UK

Content in this article What is my current broadband speed? How do I choose the right broadband plan for my needs? What router settings can I change to improve...

Broadband Guides April 5th, 2024

ADSL, Cable & Fibre : What’s The Main Difference?

Content in this article Adsl Vs Cable Vs Fibre: Your Guide To The Most Common Types Of Broadband In The Uk How Many Types Of Broadband Are There? Which...

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