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Here you can find various broadband guides, tips and tricks on how to get the best broadband packages and deals. You can also read about broadband suppliers, routers and specifications within our broadband guides.


Broadband Guides June 29, 2022

Supplier in the spotlight – Shell Energy

Content in this article How good is Shell Energy broadband? What are the advantages of Shell Energy broadband? What are the disadvantages of Shell Energy broadband? What can I...

Broadband Guides June 30, 2022

Broadband Supplier In The Spotlight: Virgin Media

Content in this article Half A Century Of Virgin History A Popular Provider Virgin Media Broadband Speeds A Wide Range Of Deals Project Lightning A Commitment To Making A...

Broadband Guides June 28, 2022

Broadband supplier in the spotlight: BT

Content in this article The difference between BT, Openreach and PlusNet Broadband access Is BT Broadband any good? What is BT broadband speed? BT Broadband and TV packages PlusNet...

Broadband Guides May 24, 2022

How do I choose the best broadband in my area?

Content in this article So, where do you start? It can be beneficial to begin by considering these three things: Connection Speed Packages and Costs Contract Length Will broadband...

Broadband Guides May 19, 2022

Does it really matter which broadband provider I choose?

Content in this article Choosing the right broadband provider What kind of broadband user are you? No downgrade options Considering the price of your broadband Thinking about broadband speed...

Broadband Guides May 18, 2022

What is the best broadband deal for me?

Content in this article Every Household Is Different Combination Packages Considering All Family Members Factor The Cost Into Your Budget Check The Availability For Your Address Always Think Smart...

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