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Here you can find various broadband guides, tips and tricks on how to get the best broadband packages and deals. You can also read about broadband suppliers, routers and specifications within our broadband guides.


Broadband Guides December 14, 2022

Top Hyperoptic TV and Broadband Deals

Content in this article What can I expect from Hyperoptic broadband and TV services? What do Hyperoptic broadband contracts look like? Is line rental included with Hyperoptic packages? What...

Broadband Guides February 28, 2023

Fibre to the premises – can I get it and what’s involved?

Content in this article What Is fibre to the premises? What makes broadband fibre to the premises so fast? Can I get fibre to the premises? Who offers fibre...

Broadband Guides March 6, 2023

Supplier in the spotlight – Plusnet

Content in this article Plusnet broadband review – an introduction to Plusnet Why do customers choose Plusnet? Plusnet broadband packages Current Plusnet broadband deals Are there any broadband-only packages...

Broadband Guides November 3, 2022

The challenges of broadband in rural areas of UK – why are internet speeds slower?

Content in this article What is broadband in a nutshell for the UK consumers? Types of broadband available in rural locations Fibre broadband ADSL broadband (sometime known as standard...

Broadband Guides November 1, 2022

10 Strategies to Improve Broadband Speeds in Rural Areas of the UK

Content in this article Ensure There’s No Physical Limitation to Your Speed Switch to a Different ISP Try a wired Ethernet connection Install a mesh network Change your router...

Broadband Guides October 10, 2022

What Is Full Fibre Broadband?

Content in this article The Evolution Of Broadband Internet Access What Is Full Fibre Broadband? Full Fibre Broadband Means Faster Speeds The UK Full Fibre Roll-Out Can I Access...

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