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Business Energy Guides November 12, 2021

How to Make a Commercial Building More Energy Efficient

Unlike households, commercial customers aren’t protected by the energy price cap, so many business owners are left wondering how to make their commercial building more energy efficient. In general,...

Business Energy Guides October 1, 2021

Where to Find Business Energy Savings as Prices Rise

Energy prices are set to rise from 1st October — that’s less than 5 days away. It’s all over the news and many businesses are worried about the coming...

Business Energy Guides November 25, 2020

2021 energy changes that could impact your business

From the 1st of January 2021, the UK will have left the EU. This, alongside some other incoming government regulations, will have an impact on your business from 2021...

Business Energy Guides November 25, 2020

The most energy-efficient businesses in the UK

What makes an energy-efficient business? ‘Efficiency’ is defined by the Cambridge Dictionary as “the good use of time and energy in a way that does not waste any”. But...

Business Energy Guides August 20, 2020

Business relocation guide

If your business doesn’t consider moving from time to time you are either very lucky or doing something wrong. In the UK, rents, rates and property prices are major...

Business Energy Guides July 31, 2020

Do Businesses pay less for energy?

Yes, on average businesses usually save a penny per kWh. Businesses benefit from economies of scale with their energy provider. The more you use, the cheaper it becomes. We...

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