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Free Digital for 12monthswhen you switch with us
Up to
40% OFF
cinema tickets
50% OFF
the total food bill
or 2 for 1
Up to
60% OFF
Up to
50% OFF
Days Out

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Energy Saving

Switching energy suppliers only takes 4 minutes and you can save up to £578* off your energy bills

Dual fuel energy tariffs

Dual fuel energy tariffs are one of the cheapest energy tariffs for your gas and electricity.

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Economy 7 Energy Tariffs

Economy 7 is one of the energy efficient tariffs provided by UK electricity suppliers.

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Fixed Price Energy

Switching your gas and electricity supplier will allow you to bring your bills down.

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Energy Saving Grants

Energy saving grants are funded by the government and are available to individuals making energy saving improvements to their home.

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What is Free Price Compare?

Free Price Compare is a free, independent and impartial price comparison service. We help consumers compare gas and electricity prices which see them save money upon switching.

What should I do with my existing supplier before switching?

You should cancel your direct debit to your old supplier after the final payment has been processed. Sometimes energy suppliers charge you incorrectly so you can avoid this by cancelling your direct debit.

How long will my switch take?

The whole switch process takes around 5 weeks to complete including the 2 weeks cooling off period. You will be informed of your exact switch date by your new supplier.

How do we get paid?

For our service, we get remunerated with an introduction fee from the energy supplier which is most beneficial to your requirements. We get this small fixed fee once your application to switch is successfully completed.

Quickly compare your energy and save up to £578*





    Why Use Free Price Compare?

    • 100% free for consumers
    • Independent and Impartial comparison service
    • 4 step user-friendly process for finding the best deals
    • We bring the most economical deals from more than 30 energy suppliers including the Big Six
    • You can cancel your energy switch within 14 days
    • We’ll find the best energy deals from the tariffs available in the market so you won’t need to go supplier to supplier.
    • Switching energy supplier only takes 4 minutes and you can save up to £578* off your energy bill.
  • Guides

  • Dual fuel energy tariffs

    Dual fuel energy tariffs are one of the cheaper energy tariffs for your gas and electricity. When you sign-up for your gas and electricity

    Read More [+]

    Economy 7 Energy Tariffs

    Economy 7 is one of the energy tariffs provided by UK electricity suppliers and the prices for an economy 7 meter varies according to

    Read More [+]

    Fixed Price Energy

    Switching your gas and electricity supplier will allow you to bring your bills down and consequently save you lots of money

    Read More [+]

    Switching your home electricity

    Switching your gas and electricity supplier will allow you to bring your bills down and consequently save you lots of money

    Read More [+]

    How can I reduce my electricity and gas bills?

    We compare all UK energy suppliers to provide you with a great electricity and gas comparison service. Our service is FREE, IMPARTIAL

    Read More [+]

    Energy Saving Grants

    If you are thinking of making an energy saving improvement to your home, then you may be eligible for government grants to help fund the cost.

    Read More [+]
  • Suppliers

  • British Gas

    British Gas is the largest supplier for domestic gas and electricity. The parent company is Centrica Group which merged with British Gas in 1997 and the company also operated under...

    EDF Energy

    EDF Energy is also one of the ‘Big Six’ energy suppliers with electricity supply being generated from numerous different sources such as power plants, wind farms and other traditional methods.

    E.ON Energy

    E.ON was formally known as Powergen, when the company got created in 1990. The takeover by E.ON in 2002 led to the company name being changed in 2007. E.ON is...


    Npower is a gas and electricity energy supplier to 3.1 million customers in the UK. It first began as National Power in 1990 when the privatisation of the Central Electricity...

    Scottish Power

    Scottish Power has a large distribution network which serves 5.6 million domestic customers in the UK. It was first formed in 1990 after the privatisation of the Scottish electricity industry...


    SSE is part of the ‘Big Six’ and it is the parent company to SSE Atlantic, SSE SWALEC, SSE Scottish Hydro and SSE Southern Electric. They are the largest distribution...

    SSE Atlantic

    SSE Atlantic is a supplier of both electricity and gas, it was bought out by SSE in 2004 and it provides its services in the regions of Midlands, East Midlands,...

    The Co-operative Energy

    The Co-operative Energy is founded by a regional co-operative but it is very much a national energy business covering the UK.


    EBICO was founded in 1998 and it is a not-for-profit gas and electricity supplier. Their unit price for gas and electricity is exactly the same regardless of your usage.


    Ecotricity looks to find and build new renewable sources to generate energy. The more customers the company has, the more they invest into obtaining sustainable energy.

    First Utility

    First Utility was founded in 2008 and the supplier is growing in size. It is one of the largest independent suppliers of electricity and gas making it a strong contender...

    Flow Energy

    Flow Energy offers simplicity with one fixed rate tariff which is only available on direct debit with paperless billing to keep costs as low as possible.

    Good energy

    Good energy is an award winner for green energy supply as it sources energy from water, wind and the sun. The pricing is also competitive as they challenge the ‘Big...

    Green Energy

    Green Energy UK offers three tariffs: still, sparkling and Tap. The sparkling tariff is 100% renewable, using sources such as solar, hydro, wind and organic waste material.


    LoCO2 is a family-run renewable energy supplier with a low-carbon footprint.

    M&S Energy

    M&S Energy are backed by SSE, offering electricity and gas plans made available via SSE.

    OVO Energy

    OVO Energy is an independent supplier offering cheaper and greener energy. Their objective is to build the UKs most trusted energy company.

    Sainsbury’s Energy

    Sainsbury’s Energy is in a partnership with British Gas where by customers can get nectar points for shopping in Sainsbury stores etc.

    SSE Scottish Hydro

    SSE Scottish Hydro is part of the SSE Group. It was formed in December 1998 after the merger of Scottish Hydro Electric and Southern Electric. The group also includes SSE...

    SSE Southern Electric

    SSE Southern Electric is part of the SSE Group. It was formed in December 1998 after the merger of Scottish Hydro Electric and Southern Electric.

    Spark Energy

    Spark Energy used to focus on landlords but now has energy tariffs for the whole domestic market.

    SSE Swalec

    SSE Swalec is part of the SSE Group which is the largest distribution network in the UK. It was formed in December 1998 after the merger of Scottish Hydro Electric...

    Utility Warehouse

    Utility Warehouse is a small supplier in the UK and it aims to provide different utilities in the UK.


    Utilita is a leading provider of pay-as-you-go energy using smart meter technology. Extra Energy is a relatively new supplier with a vision to induce efficiency which can be passed on...


    Gnergy is a community energy supplier providing both gas and electricity services. They aim to drive their success based on customer satisfaction and hence the majority of their tariffs allow...

    Zog energy

    Zog energy aims to provide transparency in their tariff options and looks to keep their costs at bay. They are invested in cloud computing and efficient customer management systems to...

    GB Energy Supply

    GB Energy Supply is a new company established in 2014, providing energy and gas supply to the UK home market.

    Better Energy

    Better Energy Supply Ltd is an independent energy company licensed to provide electricity and gas services to the UK market.


    Daligas is a private company founded in the UK with a goal to achieve trust and satisfaction. They are head quartered in London.

    Woodland Trust Energy

    Woodland Trust Energy works alongside OVO energy to provide cheaper and greener energy solutions. For every customer that switches to the Woodland Trust Energy, OVO donate to the trust to...

    iSupply Energy

    ISupplyEnergy is a new electricity supplier in the UK; they are based in Dorset on the South Coast of England.

    Oink Energy

    Oink Energy entered the energy market in September 2014 and is quite a new supplier of gas and electricity in the UK. The independent supplier promised a simple energy deal...

    Green Star Energy

    Formed in July 2013, the company has been an independent supplier of gas and electricity. It supplies energy for domestic usage. It was previously called Pioneer energy and is part...

    Extra Energy

    Extra Energy is an England based gas and electricity supplier. It has been a new entrant in the energy market with April 2014 being its foundation year.

    Bulb Energy

    A new entrant in the gas and electricity energy suppliers, Bulb has been founded in 2015. It supplies dual-fuel in England, Scotland and Wales.

    Bristol Energy

    One of the newly formed companies, Bristol Energy supplies gas and electricity to the domestic sector of the British energy market. It has been the latest entrant with 2016 being...
  • Tariff

  • Npower

    • Pre Pay Fix October 2018 v2
    • Online Price Fix April 2018
    • Pre Pay Fix March 2018
    • Standard

    Green Star Energy

    • Rate Saver 12 Month Fixed 3703 Paper billing
    • Rate Saver 12 Month Fixed 3703 Paperless Billing

    Extra Energy

    • Variable Price v1 (Prepayment)
    • Fresh Fixed Price March 2018 v1
    • Fresh Fixed Price Feb 2018 v1
    • Clear Fixed Price Feb 2020 v1

    First: Utility

    • First Fixed April 2019 v6 plus
    • First Fixed March 2019 v5 plus
    • First Variable (Prepayment)
    • Home Services Fixed May 2018 Full Service

    EDF Energy

    • Blue+Fixed Prepay November 2017
    • Blue+Fixed Prepay October 2017
    • Standard
    • Blue+Heating Protect Apr19

    British Gas

    • HomeEnergy FreeTime (Sun) May 2018
    • HomeEnergy FreeTime (Sat) May 2018
    • HomeEnergy Capped May 2018
    • HomeEnergy Fixed Mar 2019

    Ovo Energy

    • Smart Pay As You Go Energy (All Online)
    • 2 Year Fixed Energy
    • 2 Year Fixed Energy (All Online)
    • Greener Energy Fixed


    • Online
    • Super Saver
    • Fixed March 2018
    • Standard Variable tariff
    • Fixed December 2017 V3

    Scottish Power

    • Online Fix & Save April 2018
    • Online Fixed Saver April 2018 v3
    • Help Beat Cancer Fixed Price Apr 2019 v2 Online


    • Fix 2020 Paper billing
    • Fix 2020 Paperless billing
    • Fix & Shop v3 Paperless billing
    • Fix & Shop v3 Fixed Paper billing

    Sainsbury’s Energy

    • Price Promise March 2018
    • Fix & Reward May 2018
    • Price Promise March 2018
    • Fixed Price February 2018

    Go Effortless Energy

    • November 2016 v2
    • June 2016 v2
    • June 2016 v1
    • April 2016 v1

    iSupply Energy

    • iPrepay Variable
    • iFix 18-Month Sep18
    • iFix 12-Month Apr18
    • iFix 12-Month Mar18

    Zog Energy

    • Mercury 12
    • Mercury 24
    • Saturn 12
    • Mercury 12

    M&S Energy

    • M&S 2 Year Fixed Paper billing
    • M&S 2 Year Fixed Paperless billing
    • 1 Year Fixed
    • Fix & More Mar 17

    The Co-operative Energy

    • Green Pioneer Prepayment (PPM)
    • Green Pioneer Quarterly billing (PORB)
    • Green Pioneer(MDD)
    • Co-op Online Fix Apr 18 Paper Bills


    • daligas One Standard Economy 17
    • daligas One Fix Economy 17
    • Daligas One Standard Saver 17
    • Daligas One Fixed Saver 17

    GB Energy Supply

    • GB Online February 2018
    • Premium Energy Saver
    • Fixed 12 Topaz with Fixed 12 Crystal
    • Fixed 12 Topaz

    So Energy

    • So Hippo
    • So Hedgehog
    • So Gorilla
    • So Gopher
    • So Giraffe

    Robin Hood Energy

    • Gas & Elec Tariff
    • Prime V7
    • Prime v6
    • Prime v5

    Places for People Energy

    • Together - February 2018 - fixed 44 Paperless
    • Fixed 2gether - October 2018 O18-2 Paper billing

    Flow Energy

    • Switched On (Fixed April 18)
    • Connect 14 (Fixed April 18)
    • Connect 13 (Fixed January 18)
    • Flow Energy – Connect 7

    Bristol Energy

    • 1 Year Fix Issue 11 Paper Billing
    • 1 Year Fix Issue 11 Paperless Billing
    • 1 Year Fix Issue 10 Paper Billing
    • 1 Year Fix Issue 10 Paperless Billing

    E.on Energy

    • E.ON Saver Fixed 1 Year v8
    • Fixed 2 Year v10 Paperless Billing
    • Fixed 2 Year v10 Paper Billing
    • Energy Plan with Prepayment
    • E.ON Saver Fixed 1 Year v7

    Better Energy

    • Postal Fixed 2 Apr19
    • Online Fixed 2 Apr19
    • Postal Fixed 1 Apr18
    • Online Fixed 1 Apr18

    Economy Energy

    • Evergreen Capped (Eco7)
    • Evergreen Capped
    • Smartpay 2017 (v1)
    • Direct Saver 2017 (v3)

    Bulb Energy

    • Green Electricity + Gas
    • New Prices
    • Old Prices

    Octopus Energy

    • Super Green Octopus
    • Green Octopus
    • Flexible Octopus
    • Octopus 12M Fixed

    Cardiff Energy

    • Savemore PrePay Variable
    • Savemore DD Variable
    • Savemore PrePay Fixed v8
    • Savemore DD Fixed v8

    Avro Energy

    • Simple Energy
    • Simple and Bright
    • Simple and Spring
    • Simple and Switch
    • Simple and Savvy

    Affect Energy

    • Fixed Until March 2018 v3
    • Fixed Until March 2018 v2
    • Price Promise March 2018
    • Fixed Until February 2018

    Green Network Energy

    • GNE 12 Month Fixed Family Green V3
    • GNE 12 Month Fixed Family V3
    • The Italian Touch V2 Green Fix
    • The Italian Touch V2 GNE Fix

    White Rose Energy

    • Flat Capped V3 Paper Bill
    • Flat Capped V3

    LoCO2 Energy

    • Planet Fixed Direct 2
    • Planet Fixed 9
    • Planet Tariff Price increased
    • New Prices

    Entice Energy

    • Energy-free fix v5
    • Energy-free fix v4
    • Energy-free fix
    • Energy-free fix

    Utility Warehouse

    • Double Gold Fixed Price v13
    • Double Gold Fixed Price v12
    • Double Gold Fixed Price v11

    Engie Energy

    • Green Fixed Sept 18 Paper Billing
    • Green Fixed Sept 18 Paperless
    • ENGIE Fixed Sept 18 Paper Billing
    • ENGIE Fixed Sept 18 Paperless

    Toto Energy

    • Change (%)
    • Change (£)
    • New Prices
    • Old Prices
    • TOTO Discount Variable Saver

    The Energy Deal

    • The Energy Deal (Afford v2) Paper Bill
    • The Energy Deal (Afford v2)

    Brighter World Energy

    • Brighter World Everyday Paper Bill
    • Brighter World Everyday
    • Brighter World Together v4 Paper Bill
    • Brighter World Together v4

    Iresa Energy

    • IRESA Flex4 12month Fixed Direct Debit
    • IRESA Flex1 Prepayment
    • IRESA Flex2 12month Fixed Direct Debit
    • IRESA Flex1 12month Fixed Direct Debit

    Future Energy

    • Future Variable Tracker
    • Future 17 Spring Variable
    • Future 17 Spring Fixed
    • Future Living + Fixed
    • Future Comfort

    Gen4U Energy

    Tonik Energy

    • Positive Energy v2
    • Life Energy

    Spark Energy

    • Spark Protected (June 2018)
    • Move-In Saver 1
    • Saver Fixed April 2018
    • Saver Fixed March 2018
    • Tenant Saver Fixed March 2017

    Good Energy

    • Good Energy & Gas+

    PFP Energy

    • Together - June 2018 - fixed 48 Paper Billing
    • Together - June 2018 - fixed 48 Paperless Billing

    Ebico Energy

    • Ebico Zero
    • Ebico PrePay

    Enstroga Energy

    • Energy for Life
    • Winter Warmer
    • Winter Warmer
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* 10% of customers switching their gas and electricity tariffs with Free Price Compare between 1st March and 31st March 2016 saved £578 or more and took less then 4 minutes to switch. Survey of over 500+ switches. From July 2014 - 28/12/16, we saved our utility customers £2,217,794.