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What type of travel insurance do I need?

Alongside getting a good bang for your buck, having the right level of cover is very important. Some of the main features to lookout for include -

  • Emergency assistance
  • Personal liability
  • Medical cover
  • Cancellation of planned holidays
  • Legal assistance
  • Scheduled airline failure
  • Stolen, lost or damaged baggage
Do I need to have a travel insurance policy?

Travel insurance is not a mandatory requirement, but in the event the worst happens you will be responsible for all the emergency expenses such as, medical costs and repatriation charges.

Am I able to get a family travel insurance policy?

Yes, it is possible to get travel insurance cover for the whole family but you should read the terms and conditions of the policy to ensure you have the right level of cover for your loved ones.

It's time to compare travel insurance

While you are travelling, travel insurance can provide cover for any unexpected medical expenses, flight cancellations and delays, lost or stolen baggage and personal liability, the type of travel insurance cover you require will depend on your personal needs and country you are visiting. You can choose from multiple trips, single trip or a travel policy for backpacking holiday.

When should I get travel insurance?

You should not wait until the day before or the week before travelling to take out travel insurance, you should compare travel insurance as soon as you book your trip and take out a policy then, this can then cover you against a wide range of eventualities but most importantly it can cover you if you need to cancel because of a medical reason and if the travel company goes into any difficulties.

Why should you take out travel insurance?

Accident can happen while you are travelling around the world. A travel insurance policy can provide cover for the cost of a medical emergency and treatment; it also provides protection for loss or damage of personal possessions.

If you are ill or injured while you are abroad, it can be very expensive and complicated and the prices are very high for medical treatment, a number of overseas hospitals also limit the care they give you if they can not see proof that you pay for the treatment.

Compare travel insurance hassle free

  • Cover type Choose cover type from annual multi trip, single trip or long stay cover
  • Who is being insured Travelling alone or with your family?
  • Additional cover add-ons extra add-ons such as winter sports or a cruise cover
  • Your personal details Your name, address, age and contact details
  • Medical history You will be required to answer a few questions about your medical history

What is covered by travel insurance?

  • Medical expenses It covers the cost of you visiting a hospital or a doctor while you are abroad and the treatment given.
  • Damaged, stolen or lost possessionsProvides protection for your belongings and luggage, there will typically a limit for the amount of cash or a single item limit, but imagine the cost to replace the contents of your suitcase should it go missing.
  • Personal liability If you injure someone else or damage property accidently
  • Repatriation For medical emergencies or a treatment and you need to be brought back to the UK because you can not get a standard charter flight
  • Delays and cancellations If your fight / holiday is cancelled or delayed, you can reclaim costs

What it not covered by travel insurance?

  • Pre-existing medical conditions You need to declare any pre-existing conditions and you may require specialist travel insurance to cover these. Whilst this may be expensive, it will be a lot cheaper than having to personally pay for the treatment overseas. The insurer will check your medical history prior to any payouts, so if you have withheld information initially it will invalidate the cover and you will have to pay the medical bills.
  • Adventurous and dangerous sports Sports such as climbing Kilimanjaro or winter sports not covered under typical travel cover but it is very easy to add extras onto the travel insurance to get these covered.
  • Some destinations If the UK government has given the advice to avoiding travelling to a country, you may not be covered.
  • Alcohol related claims You are not allowed to claim for any injuries caused by alcohol or drugs
  • Terrorism and Natural disasters Standard travel insurance covers don't cover acts of terrorism and natural disasters

Do I need travel insurance in the EU countries?

Yes, you still need to have travel insurance to be fully covered. An EHIC (European Health Insurance Card) allows you to take advantage of state health care for free within EU economic area (also known as EEA). However, it doesn't provide the same benefits as travel insurance cover. EHIC won't provide cover for non-urgent medical treatment, medical repatriation, and it will not provide cover for lost or stolen possessions. EHIC usually covers emergency medical requirements. Also, when the UK leaves the EU it is widely expected that this benefit will no longer be available.

How to get a cheaper travel insurance cover?

  • 1. Annual premium If you are travelling regularly, a multi trip cover can work out cheaper
  • 2. Combine family cover Insure your family under the same policy to reduce travel insurance cost
  • 3. Check if you are already covered Check if you are already covered with your bank or credit card (if you pay a monthly fee of over £10 for you account you could well have travel insurance so double check this)
  • 4. Higher voluntary cover Higher access can help you further reduce cost of your travel cover (but don't set it at an amount that puts you off putting a claim in)
  • 5. Cover the destination you are going to visit Only cover the destinations you are going to travel, many policies are for parts of Europe, the whole of Europe, most parts of the world (typically excludes USA) and the whole of the world (including USA)
  • 6. Personal belongings cover Check your home and gadget insure to see if your belongings are covered for outside of the home / country
  • 7. Package holiday Some package holidays come with travel insurance but only book a package holiday from an ATOL protected company
  • 8. Compare travel insurance with us Compare over 21 travel insurance providers with us for your peace of mind

Type of travel insurance policies

Single trip cover

Provides cover for only one destination for up to 21 consecutive days. You can choose single trip cover from worldwide or European cover, depending on your travel schedule and needs. You can add additional cover if required with single trip cover, such as skiing activity cover.

Annual travel cover

If you are a regular traveller then an annual cover could work out cheaper option for you. It provides protection for multiple trips over a year. If you are only going to travel couple of times in the year then it can be costly option.

Winter sports cover

You are required to add winter sports cover if you are planning to do any winter activities or skiing. You will need to pay bit more to get this cover added to your travel policy which can depend on what you are planning to do.

Pre-existing medical conditions

Any pre-existing conditions need to be notified to insurer otherwise they won't cover you. If you get ill or you're existing conditions gets worse while you are away and haven not notified insurer, they will not help with repatriation or any related medical costs.

Worldwide cover

There are two different types when it comes to choosing worldwide cover. Including and excluding Canada, America and the Caribbean. Medical treatment and care is expensive in these countries which is why it can put up your travel costs.

Families and groups cover

One travel cover for the whole family under the same policy. Getting travel insurance for the whole family can be cheaper than multiple single travel insurance policies cover unless someone has pre-existing medical conditions.

Cruise travel cover

As the name suggests, it provides cover while you are on cruses. It will provide you protection for missed boats and cabin confinements. If you are planning to go on a cruise holiday then you should think of taking out cruise travel cover.

Senior travel cover

Only few insurers provide quotes for seniors making it's slightly harder but not impossible to get travel insurance, equally there are specialist companies that only offer senior travel insurance so it is best to compare them all in one place. Most of the travel insurance providers add an upper age limit conditions on the policies so you need to compare travel insurance quotes to get the best policy in the shortest amount of time rather than apply to 5 or 6 companies separately.

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