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Key Points

  • iD Mobile offers cheap SIM only plans with loads of data, minutes, and texts
  • Plans start from just £6 per month, all with unlimited calls and texts
  • Customers get reliable 4G and fast 5G coverage from the Three network, reaching 99.8% of the UK
  • Flexible 30-day, 12-month, and 24-month contracts to suit any budget or commitment
  • Perks like data rollover, bill capping, and inclusive roaming in 50 destinations give extra value

Why Choose an iD Mobile SIM?

  • Keep your current phone and number - just pop in a new iD SIM and you're good to go
  • No need to shell out for a pricey handset, so you can save big on your monthly bill
  • Enjoy fast and reliable speeds on Three's network, which covers 99.8% of the UK population
  • Benefit from a host of perks like data rollover, bill capping, and inclusive roaming
  • All on a flexible 1-month, 12-month or 24-month plan to suit your needs and budget

With iD Mobile, you're in control. Keep your phone, keep your number, keep more money in your pocket.

Why Choose an iD Mobile SIM

Network Coverage and Speed

iD Mobile runs on Three's extensive network infrastructure So you can expect reliable 4G and rapid 5G coverage across the UK In fact, independent tests from Speedtest Intelligence show iD Mobile download speeds averaging an impressive 24.1Mbps That's fast enough to stream HD video, play online games, and download large files without breaking a sweat And with 99.8% population coverage, you can stay connected almost anywhere - from big cities to remote rural areas

Roaming Abroad

All iD Mobile plans come with inclusive roaming in 50 destinations at no extra cost That means you can use your UK allowances of data, minutes and texts while travelling In places like the USA, Australia, and most of Europe Without the usual bill shock or pricey roaming charges to worry about

It's the perfect way for jetsetters and business travellers to stay connected abroad

Data Rollover

Don't let your unused data go to waste! iD Mobile's data rollover feature lets you keep what you paid for Any data you don't use one month rolls over into the next month Giving you a second chance to make the most of your allowance Ideal if your data usage varies from month to month Or if you want to save up data for a binge-worthy new series or big trip abroad

Bill Capping

iD mobile customers can use iD Mobile's bill capping tool to simply set desired monthly spending limit in the iD Mobile app If you hit that cap, your data will stop working for the rest of the billing cycle Preventing out-of-plan charges from adding up You can set the cap as low as £0 for total peace of mind Or give yourself some extra breathing room - it's up to you!

Cheap Plans with Generous Allowances

iD Mobile has some of the cheapest SIM only deals out there, especially on larger data plans. For example:

  • 10GB data, unlimited minutes and texts for £6 a month
  • Unlimited data from £16 a month (cheaper than EE, Vodafone, O2)
  • All plans include unlimited UK calls and texts

Useful Perks and Benefits

iD Mobile plans come with perks that offer real value and convenience, such as:

  • Data rollover: Keep unused data for an extra month
  • Bill capping: Set a spending limit to avoid surprise charges
  • Inclusive roaming: Use UK allowances in 50 destinations abroad

Compare Three SIM Only Plans

With generous data allowances, unlimited minutes and texts, and plenty of juicy extras, Three's SIM only plans offer incredible value for money.

Finding Your Ideal iD Mobile SIM Deal

1-Month Rolling SIM Deals

  • Ultimate flexibility - change or cancel anytime with just 30 days' notice
  • Ideal for commitment-phobes or anyone who likes to shop around for the latest deals
  • Plans start at just £6 per month for 4GB data
  • Go all the way up to unlimited data for £20 per month

12-Month SIM Contracts

  • Cheaper monthly rates vs 30-day plans, so you can save even more
  • A great option if you're happy with your plan and want to lock in a low price for a year
  • 12-month deals start from as little as £6 per month
  • Get up to unlimited data from just £16 per month

24-Month SIM Plans

  • iD Mobile's best value plans for the most budget-friendly monthly rates
  • Commit to two years and be rewarded with the cheapest prices on big data deals
  • 24-month plans also start at only £6 per month
  • Or splash out on unlimited data for just £16 per month

All iD Mobile SIM plans come with unlimited texts and calling minutes So you'll never have to ration your chats or worry about out-of-plan fees You can also set your own spending caps to avoid any nasty bill surprises No matter which plan length or data allowance you choose, you're in control. We recommend that you read small text files / mobile network contract to avoid any nasty surprises.

How iD Mobile Compares to Other Networks

How iD Mobile Compares to Other Networks

  • iD Mobile is consistently one of the cheapest networks, especially for high data SIM only plans:
  • iD's £16 unlimited data SIM is £3-£10 cheaper than other major networks
  • 10GB is £6 on iD Mobile vs £10+ on comparable providers

Budget networks like GiffGaff are close on price, but lack iD Mobile's extras like inclusive roaming and data rollover. iD Mobile offers a winning combo of low prices, good coverage, and useful perks.

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Joining iD Mobile

Keeping Your Number

Want to keep your existing mobile number? No worries - iD Mobile makes it a easy

Once you've ordered and received your new iD SIM, simply request a PAC code (also commonly known as PAC authorisation code) from your old network

Give that code to iD Mobile's friendly customer service team They'll handle porting your number across, usually within 1 working day So you can keep your old mobile number. We also recommend to check SIM card sizes (Small size SIM, Standard SIM) to avoid any SIM compatible phone issues.

Will I Need to Pass a Credit Check?

Yes, all of iD Mobile's SIM only deals are technically pay-monthly plans So you will need to pass a credit check in order to join the network If you have a poor credit history, you may need to look at pay-as-you-go options instead But for most users, iD's credit checks are quick, easy and nothing to worry about You'll know if you're approved within minutes of submitting your application

What About 5G?

iD Mobile piggybacks on Three's network, which offers the UK's fastest 5G speeds With average downloads clocking in at a blistering 231Mbps according to Speedtest Intelligence That's rapid enough to download an entire HD movie in under 2 minutes!

Best of all, 5G comes as standard on all iD Mobile plans So as long as you have a 5G-capable device, you can enjoy next-gen speeds at no extra cost Just remember to double-check that 5G is available in your area before signing up

Using Your iD Mobile SIM

iD Mobile APN Settings

To get your new iD Mobile SIM working in your phone, you'll need to enter the correct APN settings These are the little bits of text that tell your phone how to connect to the mobile network For iD Mobile, the details you need are:

  • APN: id
  • Username: [leave this blank]
  • Password: [leave this blank]

Don't worry if this sounds a bit technical - in most cases, your phone will automatically detect the right settings And iD Mobile also offers simple step-by-step instructions on their website or app So even if you're not a tech whiz, you'll be up and running in no time

The iD Mobile App

Make sure to download the free iD Mobile app from the App Store or Google Play It's a handy tool for monitoring your monthly usage, checking your bills, and managing your account You can also use the app to order data add-ons if you're running low Or tweak your bill cap settings to avoid any unexpected overage fees With the app, you're always in control of your plan and spending

Upgrading or Cancelling Your Plan

Need more data? No problem. With iD Mobile you can change to a higher allowance anytime Just log in to the app or your online account, pick your new plan, and you're all set Want to cancel completely? Give iD Mobile 30 days' notice and you're free to go You won't be charged any pesky early termination fees on 30-day or 12-month SIMs But 24-month plans may incur a fee depending on how much of the contract is left

Managing Data Usage

If you're on a limited data plan, the iD Mobile app makes it easy to stay on top of your usage You can check how much data you've used and how much you have left for the month The app will also warn you if you're getting close to your allowance Giving you plenty of time to either ease off the Netflix binges or add more data Plus with iD's bill capping and data rollover features, you're in full control of your data spend

Using Your iD Mobile SIM


A SIM only deal just includes a SIM card with an allowance of data, minutes and texts. You'll need your own unlocked phone to use it. SIM only plans are cheaper than deals with a new phone.

Choose a SIM only deal on iD Mobile's website and sign up. They'll send you a free Multi SIM that fits any phone. You'll just need to pass a quick credit check during signup.

Yes, you can use your iD SIM in old phone, new phones, tablets, dongles and other devices. Just be aware that streaming and tethering from your SIM will eat into your data allowance quickly. To avoid extra charges, make sure data usage stays within your plan's limits.

iD Mobile SIMs are 'combi-SIMs', so they include Standard, Micro and Nano sizes in one card. Just pop out the size that fits your device - most modern phones use a Nano. Check your phone's specs if you're unsure.

Most credit checks are a 'soft' search that won't impact your credit score or show up to other providers. So unless you fail the check outright, there's usually nothing to worry about. Even then, a single failed check is unlikely to damage your overall credit file.

The cheapest iD Mobile SIM deal is currently £6 per month for 4GB data and unlimited minutes and texts on a 1-month or 12-month contract. That's plenty for light browsing, social media and the odd bit of streaming. You can often find limited-time offers around popular times like Black Friday too, making it the best SIM deal for those on a budget.

iD Mobile and GiffGaff both offer great value SIM only deals, but there are a few differences:

  • iD Mobile uses Three's network, GiffGaff uses O2
  • iD offers more contract options (30 days, 12 months, 24 months)
  • iD has perks like data rollover and bill capping
  • GiffGaff offers more low-data goody-bag options
  • Coverage and speeds will depend on where you live and work

Overall, iD Mobile pulls ahead for users who want cheap big data plans, need good coverage, and like the flexibility of 30-day plans with no credit check. But if you're a very light user or want a traditional pay-as-you-go setup, GiffGaff is also a strong choice.

iD Mobile offers a variety of monthly contracts that cater to different needs, including pay monthly phone contracts and more flexible plans without long-term commitments, ideal for new customers who prefer not to be tied down. This flexibility ensures a better shopping experience, allowing you to choose a contract length that suits your lifestyle.

As a mobile virtual network operator, iD Mobile leverages the UK's best network infrastructure to provide extensive coverage across the country. This ensures that whether you're using your mobile phone for regular usage or during travel, you'll receive reliable service.

Yes, iD Mobile offers specialised software through the iD app, where customers can track their monthly allowance of minutes and data. This tool is especially useful for managing your unused data allowance, helping you make the most out of your monthly sims.

New customers switching to iD Mobile will receive a new SIM card that fits any sim card tray size, making it compatible with a wide range of phones. Additionally, new sim cards come with free data offers and are designed to ensure a smooth transition with full UK coverage.

iD Mobile’s fair usage policy is designed to prevent unexpected charges and ensure all customers enjoy a consistent and fair service. If you exceed your monthly set amount of data, the app will alert you, helping manage your usage according to the terms of your monthly contract.

While specific offers like free Apple Music aren't always available, iD Mobile periodically includes special features such as free text messages or data bonuses. These promotions are often tailored to enhance the user experience, so keeping an eye on current offers through the iD Mobile site is beneficial.

For new customers, setting up your device involves inserting your new sim card into the sim card tray, following the instructions in the user manual, and configuring network settings to match iD Mobile’s requirements. This ensures your device remains compatible and functions optimally on the network.

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