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Key Highlights

  • Asda Mobile offers competitive and flexible SIM only deals on the reliable Vodafone network
  • Choose from a variety of pay monthly and pay-as-you-go plans with generous data allowances
  • Enjoy benefits like data rollover, inclusive EU roaming, and Asda Rewards cashback
  • Easy to switch and keep your existing number, with no credit check required
  • Excellent coverage and speeds, plus helpful UK-based customer support
Compare Asda Mobile SIM Only Deals

What Are the Different Types of Asda Mobile SIM Only Plans?

Asda Mobile provides a range of SIM only plans to suit different needs and budgets:

  1. Pay Monthly Bundles: These plans offer a set allowance of data, minutes, and texts for a fixed monthly cost. Bundles start from just £5 per month and come with 4G data speeds and 99% UK population coverage on the UK's best network according to the latest RootMetrics award.
  2. Pay-As-You-Go (PAYG): With PAYG, you only pay for what you use. Top up your credit and enjoy rates like 4p per minute, 4p per text to UK mobiles, and 4p per MB of data usage. It's ideal for light or occasional mobile users.
  3. Data Only Plans: If you mainly need mobile data for tablets or dongles, Asda Mobile offers 30-day data SIM plans with up to 50GB of 4G data per month, perfect for personal use on the go.

All Asda Mobile plans use the Vodafone network, which has 99% population coverage across the national mobile networks. Whether you're a light user or a data-hungry streamer, there's an Asda Mobile SIM card plan to fit your needs.

How Do Asda Mobile Monthly and Pay-As-You-Go Plans Compare?

Asda Mobile's pay monthly bundles and PAYG plans offer different benefits depending on your usage and preferences:

Pay Monthly Bundles:

  • Fixed allowance of data, minutes, and texts each month
  • Lower rates and better value for regular mobile users
  • Unused data rolls over to the next month, giving you extra data
  • Ideal for predictable usage and easier budgeting


  • No fixed allowances or expiry - simply top up and use as needed
  • Slightly higher per-unit rates than bundles
  • Greater flexibility and control over spending
  • Perfect for very light or occasional mobile use

Both types of plans offer 99% UK coverage, 4G data speeds, free EU roaming (subject to full terms of the Europe Zone), and the ability to earn Asda Rewards cashback. You can also keep your existing number when switching to either type of plan.

What Are the Benefits of Asda Mobile SIM Only Deals?

Asda Mobile SIM only plans come with several perks and benefits:

  1. Affordability: With plans starting from just £5 per month, Asda Mobile offers some of the most competitive prices on the market. Perfect for budget-conscious users who want a low monthly cost without a big upfront cost.
  2. Flexibility: Choose from 30-day phone contracts or PAYG plans, with no long-term commitments or credit checks required. Ideal for those who want the freedom to change their plan or provider as needed.
  3. Data Rollover: On pay monthly bundles, any unused data automatically rolls over to the next month, so you never lose the data you've paid for. Great for months where your data usage varies.
  4. Inclusive EU Roaming: All Asda Mobile plans include free roaming across 36 European destinations, so you can use your UK allowances abroad at no extra cost. Perfect for holidays or business trips in the EEA.
  5. Asda Rewards: Earn cashback on your monthly plan or top-ups with the Asda Rewards loyalty scheme. Spend your cashback on groceries, fuel, George clothing, or Asda Mobile.
  6. Vodafone Coverage: Enjoy reliable 4G coverage for 99% of the UK population on the Vodafone network, with 5G in selected areas. Benefit from fast data speeds for streaming, gaming, and browsing on the go.
  7. Keep Your Number: Easily transfer your existing mobile number to Asda Mobile at no extra cost. Maintain a single contact number to save your friends and family from having to update their records.

These benefits make Asda Mobile an attractive choice for cost-conscious mobile users who want a simple, flexible, and rewarding SIM only deal.

How Does Asda Mobile Compare with Other Mobile Providers

How Does Asda Mobile Compare with Other Mobile Providers?

Asda Mobile stacks up well against other UK mobile networks and virtual operators:

  • Price: Asda Mobile consistently ranks among the cheapest providers for SIM only deals, especially for lower data allowances. Their pay monthly plans offer great value compared to major networks.
  • Network Coverage: Using Vodafone's network, Asda Mobile offers similar coverage and speeds to major providers like EE, O2, and Three. Ideal for 4G and 5G capable devices like the latest iPhones and Samsung Galaxies.
  • Flexibility: Asda Mobile's mix of 30-day bundles and PAYG plans offers greater flexibility than providers that only offer long contracts. Perfect for users who want the freedom to switch plans or networks.
  • Perks: While some networks have perks like free streaming or entertainment passes, Asda Mobile keeps prices low while still offering valued benefits like data rollover and supermarket cashback.
  • Customer Service: Asda Mobile's UK-based support team earns high marks for friendliness and responsiveness, on par with or better than some larger networks. Get help via phone, live chat, email, or social media.

How Can I Switch to Asda Mobile and Keep My Number?

Switching to Asda Mobile and bringing your number is quick and easy:

  1. Order your free SIM from the Asda Mobile website or pick one up in-store, then choose your plan. The SIM should arrive within 2 working days.
  2. Request a PAC (Porting Authorisation Code) from your current provider by texting 'PAC' to 65075. They must provide your code within 60 seconds.
  3. When your Asda Mobile SIM card arrives, insert it into your unlocked phone. Online or via text, enter the PAC you received and text it to Asda Mobile's special code along with your chosen plan.
  4. Asda Mobile will schedule the switch and transfer your number, which usually happens the next working day. Your old plan and service will cancel automatically.

There are no upfront costs or hidden fees to keep your number - the entire PAC porting process is free. You can continue to use your old SIM until the transfer completes, ensuring uninterrupted service. Asda Mobile handles all the technicalities without fuss or disruption.

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What Is the Network Coverage and Performance of Asda Mobile?

Asda Mobile operates on Vodafone's robust network, which means wide coverage and fast speeds:

  • 4G Coverage: Vodafone 4G reaches over 99% of the UK population, providing fast and reliable data service in most areas. Great for everyday browsing, streaming, and social media.
  • 3G Coverage: In places without 4G, Vodafone's 3G network covers 99.9% of the population. Calls, texts, and basic data work seamlessly on 3G - ideal for lighter or rural mobile use.
  • 5G Coverage: Vodafone's expanding 5G network is available to Asda Mobile users with a 5G-ready phone and plan in over 100 towns and cities. Enjoy lightning-fast downloads and ultra-low latency.

Independent tests from RootMetrics rank Vodafone highly for speed and reliability:

  • Download Speeds: Vodafone averages 22-25 Mbps on 4G, allowing smooth HD video and quick downloading. 5G can boost this to 150+ Mbps for near-instant access.
  • Upload Speeds: Typical 4G upload speeds of 10-15 Mbps enable fast sharing and cloud backups. 5G can reach 30+ Mbps for seamless high-res uploads.
  • Latency: Vodafone's network latency of 30-40ms provides responsive gaming, video calling, and web surfing. 5G lowers this to 10-20ms for real-time interactivity.

Asda Mobile customers benefit from the full performance of Vodafone's leading network. Coverage is strong across the UK, with 4G and 5G available in many areas. Speeds are fast enough to tackle data-intensive tasks with ease, whether on the latest iPhone or Android device.

What Do Customers Say About Asda Mobile SIM Only Deals?

Asda Mobile earns largely positive reviews from customers, who praise the network's low prices, flexible plans, and straightforward service:

  • Affordability: Many users highlight Asda Mobile's competitive SIM only pricing, especially for lighter data allowances. The low monthly cost and lack of upfront fees make it popular with budget-conscious consumers.
  • Reliable Coverage: Customers frequently mention solid Vodafone coverage, with service that works well across the UK for calls, texts, and data. Ideal for both urban and rural mobile use.
  • Easy Setup: Reviewers describe a simple switching and number porting process, even when moving from another provider. SIM cards arrive promptly and activation is painless.
  • Good Support: Asda Mobile's UK-based customer service team earns plaudits for friendliness and efficiency. Issues are resolved quickly via phone, live chat, or web form.
  • Rewarding Loyalty: The tie-in with Asda Rewards delights many shoppers, who appreciate earning cashback on their grocery spend and mobile top-ups.

Complaints tend to focus on specific account issues rather than widespread problems. Some express a desire for even larger data plans or family account options. A few miss extras like visual voicemail or WiFi calling.

But the overall customer consensus is highly favourable. Users value Asda Mobile's simple, low-cost, no-contract approach to SIM only service. The backing of Vodafone's network and Asda's trusted brand seals the deal for many.

What Do Customers Say About Asda Mobile SIM Only Deals

How Does Asda Mobile Handle Data Rollover?

Asda Mobile's data rollover policy helps you get the most from your monthly data allowance:

  • Automatic Rollover: Any data you don't use in a month automatically rolls over to the next month, as long as you stay on the same or higher bundle. No need to activate or request rollover.
  • 30-Day Window: Your rolled-over data is available for the next 30 days. You need to use it the following month, or it expires after that. Gives you extra time to make use of your unused megabytes.
  • Applied First: When you have rollover data, it's used before your standard monthly bundle allowance. This gives you more time to use your regular data and reduces the risk of wasted megabytes.
  • Rollover Limit: You can roll over up to 100% of your monthly bundle data amount. Any extra unused data is lost, so try to choose an allowance that matches your needs.

So if your bundle comes with 10GB per month and you only use 8GB this month, 2GB rolls over to next month. You'll then have 12GB total to use - the 2GB rolled over, plus your usual 10GB. But if you rolled over data previously and had, say, 15GB to use this month, you can still only roll a max of 10GB into next month.

Data rollover is a valuable perk if your data usage varies from month to month. It ensures you don't waste data you've paid for, without having to actively manage add-ons or changes. A nice benefit, if not quite as generous as some providers that let you stockpile data longer.

Are There Any Extra Charges with Asda Mobile Plans?

Asda Mobile keeps pricing transparent and strives to include all your main usage in your monthly bundle or PAYG credit. But there are a few cases where you might see extra charges:

  • Out-of-Plan Usage: If you exceed your monthly bundle allowances for minutes, texts, or data, you'll pay standard PAYG rates for the excess usage until your next monthly renewal date.
  • International Calls/Texts: Calling or texting abroad from the UK will incur additional per-minute or per-text charges that vary by country. Consider an international add-on for better rates.
  • Premium Services: Calling premium rate numbers like those starting 09, 118, or 0871 will cost extra. The exact charges are set by the service provider, not Asda Mobile.
  • Non-EU Roaming: Using your phone outside the UK and the covered European roaming zone will generate roaming charges based on your destination. Look into Asda's discounted roaming bundles for savings.
  • Late Payments: For pay monthly bundles, if your automatic payment fails due to insufficient funds, you may be charged a late payment fee by your bank or card issuer.
Are There Any Extra Charges with Asda Mobile Plans

Aside from these scenarios, Asda Mobile doesn't impose sneaky extras like activation fees, line rental, or itemised billing. They also don't currently enforce speed restrictions or hard data caps, even if you use up all your bundled data - you'll just pay the standard PAYG rate for further use that month.

To avoid bill shock, you can check your usage and manage your account 24/7 through the Asda Mobile site or app. You'll also get text alerts when you approach or hit your bundle limits, so you can adjust your usage or plan as needed.

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5G SIM only deals enable users to access a new SIM card for their 5G-compatible devices, providing data, minutes, and texts without the need to purchase a new phone.

Managing Your Asda Mobile Account

With Asda Mobile, it's easy to stay on top of your mobile spending and usage via your online account or app. Your personal dashboard puts key management tools at your fingertips:

  • Online Account: Log in anytime at to view your plan details, allowances, and remaining balance. Perfect for tracking your usage and costs.
  • Asda Mobile App: Download the free iOS or Android app to manage your account on the go. Check your balance, view bills, make payments, and access help - all from your smartphone.
  • Balance Updates: Get free text alerts with your current usage and balance details, or check anytime online or with a quick short code. Helps you avoid unexpected charges.
  • Payments: For pay monthly bundles, securely store a credit or debit card for automatic payments, or make manual one-off payments. Multiple ways to pay your bill.
  • Plan Changes: Switch between monthly bundles at any time, as long as you're not in a long contract for your plan. Changes usually take effect at your next renewal date.
  • Store Locator: Use the online store finder to locate your nearest Asda for in-person assistance or to buy top-up vouchers. Hundreds of locations across the UK.
  • Help Centre: Visit the online knowledge base for step-by-step guides on common account topics like checking usage, changing plans, or updating payment info.

Managing your Asda Mobile service is simple and intuitive. The website and app let you monitor costs, make payments, and update details quickly and securely. Plus, with convenient text alerts and reminders, you'll always know where you stand.

Getting Help from Asda Mobile's UK-Based Customer Support

Need a hand with your Asda Mobile account or service? Their UK-based customer care team is ready to assist. Here are your support options:

  • Online Help: The support site at has detailed articles on topics from getting started to troubleshooting. A great first stop for common queries.
  • Live Chat: Get instant online help from a real agent on the Asda Mobile site. Ideal for quick questions or urgent issues, with no waiting on hold.
  • Phone Support: Call 2732 free from your Asda Mobile SIM, or 0808 006 2732 from any phone. Speak directly to a friendly, knowledgeable support rep.
  • Email Support: Send a secure message through your online account or app for a prompt response, usually within 24 hours. Handy for less urgent issues.
  • Social Media: Tweet @AsdaMobileHelp for speedy public or DM support. The team is quick to reply and happy to help.
  • In-Store Help: Visit the mobile counter at larger Asda stores for face-to-face assistance with your account, SIM, or phone. Great for hands-on help.

Asda Mobile's support team is available from 8am to 8pm on weekdays and 9am to 6pm on weekends, so you can get help when you need it. They're known for their friendly, jargon-free service and efficient issue resolution. The site also has a handy chatbot for 24/7 answers to basic questions.

Using Your Asda Mobile SIM Abroad

All Asda Mobile plans work internationally, but roaming rates and terms vary depending on your plan type and destination:

  • EU Roaming: On monthly bundles or PAYG, you can use your UK allowances of minutes, texts, and data in 36 European destinations at no extra cost. Enjoy your plan abroad, subject to a 25GB monthly data cap.
  • Worldwide Roaming: Outside the EU, you can use your Asda Mobile SIM, but you'll pay international roaming rates that vary by country. These PAYG rates are often much higher than domestic charges.
  • Roaming Bundles: For popular destinations like the USA, Australia, and UAE, Asda Mobile offers discounted roaming add-ons. Get an allowance of minutes, texts, and data to use abroad for a fixed daily or monthly fee, usually cheaper than standard roaming rates.
  • WiFi Calling: Asda Mobile supports WiFi Calling on compatible devices. Make and receive calls and texts over WiFi abroad, using your UK allowances instead of roaming charges (where available).
Using Your Asda Mobile SIM Abroad

Before travelling, always check Asda Mobile's roaming rates for your destination. Consider buying a roaming add-on if you plan to use your phone heavily while away. The Asda Mobile app makes it easy to track your roaming usage in real-time.

Remember to enable roaming on your account before your trip to avoid service interruptions. You can activate roaming easily in your online account or app. And double-check that your device is unlocked and compatible with networks at your destination.

Asda Mobile's Flexible SIM Only Contract Terms

Asda Mobile offers two main types of SIM only plans, each with different contract terms:

  • 30-Day Bundles: These plans auto-renew every 30 days, but you're not tied to a long-term deal. Change your allowances or cancel anytime with 30 days' notice - great for flexibility.
  • Pay-As-You-Go: With PAYG, there's no contract or commitment at all. Top up your credit as needed and it never expires as long as you use your SIM at least once every 270 days.

Asda Mobile's SIM contracts are designed for maximum flexibility and minimum commitment. There's no credit check for either plan type, and you're not locked in for an extended period. You're free to switch plans or providers whenever it suits you (though bundle changes may take up to 30 days).

Keep in mind, while the SIM plans have no fixed contract, any phone you buy from Asda Mobile on finance is subject to a separate credit agreement. Always check the specific terms of any handset plan before committing.

Overall, Asda Mobile's 30-day and PAYG terms keep things clear and simple. No worries about being stuck in an expensive plan or facing big exit fees. With Asda, you have the freedom to change or cancel as needed.

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How Asda Mobile Handles Roaming Charges?

Asda Mobile takes a straightforward approach to roaming charges, with transparent pricing and policies for using your SIM abroad:

  • EU Roaming: All Asda Mobile plans include free roaming in 36 European destinations. Use your UK allowances of calls, texts, and data at no extra cost, subject to a 25GB monthly fair usage limit.
  • International Roaming: Outside the EU, Asda Mobile charges pay-as-you-go rates for roaming that vary by country. These charges are usually much higher than domestic rates, especially for data.
  • Roaming Add-ons: For popular destinations like the USA, Australia, and UAE, Asda Mobile offers discounted roaming bundles. Get a set allowance of minutes, texts, and data to use abroad for a fixed price, often cheaper than standard PAYG roaming rates.
  • Roaming Data Cap: Asda Mobile automatically caps your monthly data roaming spend at £51 (ex. VAT) unless you opt out. Helps prevent huge bills from accidental or excessive roaming data usage.
  • Usage Alerts: When roaming, you'll receive text notifications when you reach 80% and 100% of your data allowance. Keeps you informed of your usage and spending.
  • Easy Management: Check roaming costs for different countries and manage your roaming settings quickly in your Asda Mobile online account or app.

To use your Asda Mobile SIM abroad, first enable international roaming in your account. Check the roaming rates for your destination before travelling, so you know the potential costs. Consider adding a roaming bundle if you expect to use your SIM extensively while away.

With Asda Mobile's clear roaming terms and pricing, you can stay connected on your travels without fear of shocking charges. The built-in spend caps and usage alerts help you control your roaming costs, while the discounted bundles offer added value in many popular destinations.

Asda Mobile's 5G SIM Only Plans

As of 2024, Asda Mobile offers 5G service on all its SIM only plans, provided you have a 5G-ready device and are in a 5G coverage area.

5G is the latest mobile network technology, delivering significantly faster speeds and lower latency than 4G. With an Asda Mobile 5G SIM, you can enjoy benefits like:

  • Faster Downloads: 5G can provide average download speeds over 150 Mbps, with peak speeds exceeding 1 Gbps. Download an HD movie in under a minute or stream in 4K without buffering.
  • Quicker Uploads: Typical 5G upload speeds of 30-50 Mbps let you share high-res photos and videos in seconds, perfect for social media and cloud storage. Ideal for content creators on the go.
  • Lower Latency: 5G reduces network response times to just 10-20ms, enabling near-instant interactions for gaming, VR, and real-time apps. Enjoy lag-free video calls and online gaming.
  • Greater Capacity: 5G can support more devices and higher data traffic in busy areas, meaning a smoother, more reliable connection even in crowded places. Stay connected in stadiums, festivals, or city centres.
Asda Mobile's 5G SIM Only Plans

To access Asda Mobile's 5G, you'll need a 5G-capable device and a 5G-ready SIM. All of Asda's SIMs support 5G by default, so you just need a 5G phone or tablet and to be in a 5G coverage area.

Asda Mobile's 5G service uses Vodafone's 5G network, which currently reaches over 100 towns and cities across the UK. Coverage is expanding fast, but is still most common in urban areas and larger towns.

There's no extra cost for 5G on Asda Mobile - it's included as standard on all plans at no additional charge. Whether you're on a low-data bundle or an unlimited plan, you can enjoy the benefits of 5G at no premium (with a 5G device).

As 5G becomes more widespread, it's a valuable feature to have on a SIM plan. Asda Mobile's 5G service keeps you ready for the next generation of mobile technology and experiences.

Asda Mobile SIM Only FAQs

Asda Mobile SIM only deals offer several key benefits:

  • Affordable plans with generous allowances and competitive pricing
  • Flexible 30-day contracts or no-commitment PAYG options
  • 99% UK population coverage on Vodafone's reliable network

Unlimited data plans available for heavy users

  • Perks like data rollover, inclusive EU roaming, and Asda Rewards cashback
  • 5G at no extra cost on all plans (with a 5G device and coverage)

Getting a free Asda Mobile SIM is easy:

  • Order your free SIM online at (delivery takes 1-2 working days)
  • Pick up a free SIM in-store at Asda Mobile counters or from the free SIM dispenser
  • When your SIM arrives, simply activate it online or by text, and choose your plan
  • There's no charge for the SIM itself, and no obligation to top up or purchase a plan

Yes, it's easy to keep your existing mobile number when moving to Asda Mobile:

  • Request a PAC (Porting Authorisation Code) from your current provider by texting 'PAC' to 65075
  • When your Asda Mobile SIM arrives, activate it online or by text
  • Provide your PAC to Asda Mobile, and they'll take care of transferring your number (usually within 1 working day)
  • There's no charge to transfer your number, and your old service will automatically cancel once the transfer is complete

Asda Mobile uses Vodafone's extensive network, which offers:

  • 99% 4G population coverage across the UK
  • Average 4G download speeds of 20-30 Mbps (with 5G speeds of 100-200 Mbps)
  • Reliable indoor and outdoor coverage in rural and urban areas
  • 5G in 100+ towns and cities (and expanding), with a 5G device and plan
  • Vodafone's network has won several awards for speed, reliability, and performance

Asda Mobile plans have no upfront costs - the SIM itself is free, with no delivery or activation fees. However, there are a few cases where you might incur extra charges:

  • If you exceed your monthly allowances, you'll pay standard PAYG rates for the extra usage
  • Calling premium rate numbers (like those starting 09) or making international calls will cost extra
  • Using your phone outside the UK and inclusive EU destinations will incur roaming charges (unless you buy a roaming add-on)
  • Late payment fees may apply if your monthly payment is rejected due to insufficient funds

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