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We have put together various energy guides on how to find the best electricity and gas tariffs in your area. You can read our different energy guides to better understand supplier energy bills, energy supplier information, supplier’s fuel mix and more. You can also read about how easily you can compare prices, switch energy suppliers and save on your energy bills.


Home Energy Guides May 21st, 2024

Energy Bills Set to Drop 7% in July 2024

Content in this article What’s Driving the Predicted 7% Drop in Energy Bills? How Will the July 2024 Price Cap Reduction Impact UK Households? What Is the Ofgem Price...

Home Energy Guides April 12th, 2024

250 Energy Saving Tips for Your UK Home: Cut Bills Now

Content in this article How can you save energy with efficient lighting? What are the best ways to save energy with appliances? How can you optimise heating and cooling...

Home Energy Guides March 27th, 2024

Switching Energy Suppliers: A Smart, Stable, Saving Guide

Content in this article The UK Energy Market in 2024 The UK Energy Price Cap Unit Prices and Standing Charges for Electricity and Gas, 1st January – 30th June...

Home Energy Guides March 11th, 2024

How to Find the Cheapest Energy Supplier in the UK

Content in this article Understanding the UK Energy Market: Key Factors Affecting Prices Wholesale Energy Costs Network Costs Environmental and Social Obligations Operating Costs and Profit Margins Comparing the...

Home Energy Guides March 8th, 2024

10 Ways to Reduce Your Energy Bills in 2024

Content in this article Embrace Smart Thermostats for Optimal Comfort and Savings Upgrade to Energy-Efficient Double or Triple Glazed Windows Invest in High-Quality Wall and Loft Insulation Choose Energy-Efficient...

uk energy prices 7 factors behind the high costs
Home Energy Guides March 7th, 2024

UK Energy Prices: 7 Factors Behind the High Costs

Content in this article 1. The Post-Pandemic Surge in Energy Demand Global Energy Demand Growth Forecast The Uneven Global Recovery and Energy Demand The Role of Pent-Up Consumer Demand...

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