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We have put together various energy guides on how to find the best electricity and gas tariffs in your area. You can read our different energy guides to better understand supplier energy bills, energy supplier information, supplier’s fuel mix and more. You can also read about how easily you can compare prices, switch energy suppliers and save on your energy bills.


Home Energy Guides July 6, 2016

Know Your Energy Supplier: Npower

Npower originally known as RWE npower plc is an energy generator and supplier for domestic and commercial...

Home Energy Guides June 25, 2018

Trick to save £200 for Loyal British Gas Customers

Many energy customers are loyal to their energy company and 60% of customers are sticking with the...

Home Energy Guides September 18, 2020

Know Your Energy Supplier: Sainsbury’s Energy

Sainsbury’s Energy want to brighten up your day with their gas and electricity deals. Let’s take a look and see how good their offer is. Who is Sainsbury’s Energy?...

Home Energy Guides September 18, 2020

Know Your Energy Supplier: Green Energy UK

Green Energy UK’s aim is to be a ‘business with a difference’, with commitments to raise the profile and usage of green electricity in the UK, whilst also attempting...

Home Energy Guides August 20, 2020

What boiler should I get?

Three main factors should determine your choice of a boiler. They are the fuel, the technology, and your existing plumbing. Consider the last of these first. If you already...

Home Energy Guides August 20, 2020

The cheapest way to heat a room / house? …With Science

The age old battleground across in many homes throughout the country is the thermostat. Most people subscribe to one of two general schools of thought: the leavers and the...

Home Energy Guides August 20, 2020

Warm Home Discount

What is the warm home discount? The warm home discount is a scheme to give eligible people a one off discount on their electricity bill. You may qualify for...

Home Energy Guides August 11, 2020

Know Your Energy Supplier: Bulb

A new entrant in the gas and electricity energy suppliers, Bulb has been founded in 2015. It supplies dual-fuel in England, Scotland and Wales. The best part about the...

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