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Sky broadband explained

Sky's history goes back to 1989, when Rupert Murdoch launched Sky television PLC which set out to compete with terrestrial channels. in 1990 Sky television merged with its rival British Satellite Broadcasting to form British Sky Broadcasting which was more commonly abbreviated to BSKYB.

In 2005 Sky made the foray in to the broadband, and due to spectacular growth has become the second biggest provider of broadband services in the UK, narrowly behind BT.

The Key benefits of a Sky packages are:

  • Triple play bundle (broadband, phone and TV)
  • Access to over 600 plus channels including over 250 plus freeview channels
  • Flexible premium TV channels available on a rolling basis
  • On Demand box sets with access to 500 titles
  • Netflix available as part of a package deal
  • Available to watch certain services on a PC, Mac, iPad, Android tablets and mobile phones with the Sky Go app
  • Sky internet is available to 98.5% of the UK population
Sky broadband explained

What broadband packages are there?

Sky uses the Openreach network, which covers 98.5% of UK households and businesses. For consumers looking for fibre optic, Openreach covers 95% of the UK market. So long as you're able to get an Openreach line, you'll be able to have Sky broadband.

Sky sells broadband-only packages as well as packages that bundle up TV, phone and broadband and Sky also offers the option to add Sky Broadband Boost and Wi-Fi Guarantee, which gives consumers guarantees that if the Wi-Fi is not reliable in every room, they are entitled to receive compensation.

Sky Essential broadband

  • Average download speed of 11 Mbps
  • 18 month minimum terms contract
  • Sky broadband hub included
  • Unlimited data allowance
  • Sky broadband shield protection included
  • 3 Mbps WiFi guarantee in every room

Sky Superfast broadband

  • Average download speed of 59 Mbps
  • 18 month minimum terms contract
  • Sky broadband hub included
  • Unlimited data allowance
  • Sky broadband shield protection included
  • 3 Mbps WiFi guarantee in every room

What other services you can get from Sky home broadband offering?

Sky Sports packages / channels  Yes
BT Sports / BT Sports app Yes
TV channels Yes (Uses SkyQ TV box)
Fibre optic broadband service Yes
ADSL broadband service Yes
Mobile phone deals and packages Yes
Call package options Yes
International calls Yes - on selected countries and add -on
What is Sky TV and broadband deal in brief

What is Sky TV and broadband deal in brief?

Sky is unrivalled when it comes to TV channels, by adding Sky's Entertainment Pack, which gives consumers access to over 300 channels including 2 of the most popular channels, Sky One and the exclusive Sky Atlantic.

For movie buffs, Sky has ‘Sky Cinema’ which is a set of 11 premium movie channels broken down to specific genres like. horror, family, comedy etc.

Sky has invested heavily in live sports broadcasting, and has exclusive content not available on other Channels in the UK. You can choose to have one sports channel, or if you like a variety of sports, you can take all 9.

Sky TV is delivered through Sky Q set-top box, which features on-demand TV as well as catch up TV. it also has up to 2TB of storage which allows you to record up to 350 hours of your best HD programs.

What is Sky’s broadband and phone deal?

For customers looking to have Sky broadband and phone services, there are a variety of options available. The standard option includes unlimited evening and weekend calls, with calls outside these hours charged at a per-minute rate. Other add-ons available for a small monthly fee include upgrading your Sky Talk Plan to any time and International Calling services.

What is Sky’s TV, phone and broadband deal?

Sky's triple play deal includes phone, broadband, and TV. The basic package includes access to over 300 channels, unlimited evening and weekend calls and broadband. Further add-ons like anytime calls or premium channels are available for an additional monthly fee. Moreover, you have the option to opt for Sky Cinema and Sky Sports both of which offer 11 dedicated channels each. You will get a Sky Q set-top box with any Sky TV deal, which will enable you to record up to five hundred hours of live TV.

What do Sky offer to safeguard performance?

Ofcom have a voluntary code of practice for broadband providers which Sky has signed up to. This means you're given an estimate of the average broadband speed you will receive before you sign up and a minimum performance guarantee, which entitles you to cancel your contract if a firm is unable to resolve your issue within 30-days without paying a penalty. If you're looking for fast, reliable broadband, Sky broadband offers a widely-available part-fibre broadband connection. This means that instead of traditional copper phone lines, most of the connection is serviced by fibre cables, which offer faster broadband and cause fewer connection issues.

For added peace of mind, Sky offers customers the option to add Sky's Broadband Boost for £5 a month. This service will mean your line is regularly monitored for problems, with priority engineer service and Sky's Wi-Fi Guarantee, which ensures you receive strong broadband signals throughout your house or you receive compensation. In addition, with the flexible engineer visits provided by Sky Broadband Boost, you can have the assurance that any technical issues will be promptly addressed and resolved by skilled professionals.

What are Sky’s broadband offerings?

Sky offers broadband through an ADSL line, consumers looking for faster broadband, will have the option to choose the super-fast full fibre broadband.

Sky Essential Broadband

Sky's basic broadband offering is trademarked as Sky Essential, where customers are expected to receive an average speed of 11 Mbps over an ADSL line. This speed is suitable for customers with light users of the internet.

Sky Superfast Broadband

Sky superfast package customers will receive an average speed of 59 Mbps, this would be suitable for larger households where users may want to stream movies or online gaming without the hassle of it slowing down.

What is a good broadband speed for me?

The right broadband speed would depend on what you use the internet for. If your usage is categorised as light, which includes browsing, reading emails, or just looking at Facebook, an ADSL connection of 11 mbps should be adequate. If, however, the internet will be used by multiple devices, large file downloading, streaming HD quality video, or playing high-quality online games, then a fibre optic connection would be more reliable connection.

Broadband speed for general browsing and light usage

A speed of 1.5Mbps is all that's required to browse websites, Facebook and even YouTube but you will have to expect occasional buffering (with ADSL connections). For YouTube videos of higher quality the minimum speed will be between 2.5Mbps to 4Mbps

Broadband speed for streaming

For streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon a recommended minimum speed of 3 Mbps for standard definition and for HD content its 5 Mbps the BBC iPlayer has similar requirements. If you want to stream smoothly in 4K ultra high-definition, you'll need a minimum speed of 25 Mbps. For Youtube videos of higher resolution of 720p, the minimum advised connection speed is 2.5Mbps, and Full HD (1080p) the minimum connection speed is 4Mbps

Broadband speed for gaming

For gamers, as the files are large, sometimes in excess of 100gb, the recommended minimum download speed will be over 30 Mbps.

It is worth remembering the more users you have sharing a connection, the speed experienced will be slower than when compared to one person using the internet.

Broadband speed for gaming

What speed is Sky Broadband in my area?

Openreach ADSL network covers more than 98.5 percent of the UK, but there may still be some locations where the service is unavailable. Exact speeds will also differ depending on a user's location, with a variety of factors contributing to the different broadband speeds experienced by users.

To know the expected speed for broadband in your area, please call Free Price Compare’s friendly team of advisers on 0800 977 5741.

Sky uses Openreach network’s fibre optic connections, so, as a result 95% of UK households will be able to have Sky Superfast Fibre Broadband. Sky will give you an approximate speed for fibre broadband connection but this could vary depending on the location of your home. To determine the broadband speed in your area, you can use our broadband postcode checker, which will let you know what offers are available and the speeds you can expect.

What is the process of setting up Sky in the home?

Setting up Sky broadband couldn't be easier, all you need to do is plug the router into the phone socket the power cable into the router and turn it on, and you're ready to go.

The customers that have chosen to have a TV package included, will be required to schedule an engineer visit to install all the various equipment.

Is there a set up fee?

Yes, Sky do charge insulation and set up fees, which ranges from £19.95 to £39.95 and this would depend on the package you're signing up for.

What is the Sky broadband installation time?

If you already have an Openreach landline, it should take around two weeks to switch your service to Sky. However, if you are getting broadband for the first time or need a landline installed, it may take up to three weeks.

Sky switch existing landline customers to ADSL broadband service in around two weeks from the point of application. for new broadband customers requiring a new line, the process can take around 3 weeks.

Sky fibre installation

Customer wanting to switch from ADSL internet line to a fibre connection see a quicker installation time, this process takes about 7 days.

What is Sky Q Hub?

Sky’s router is also a set-top TV box, which Sky have named Sky Q Hub. It operates on the less congested and more advanced 5GHz spectrum which will mean users will experience far better internet performances than if they had been on the 2.5GHz spectrum.

How do you set up Sky Q Hub?

Setting up a Sky Q box is fairly straightforward and with instructions and power cables all contained within the pack. For customers wanting TV with their broadband will need to arrange an engineer visit

How do you compare Sky deals?

If you are looking to compare the various Sky broadband deals, there is no better place than Free Price Compare, which will give you the best broadband, TV and phone deals in the UK. If you prefer to speak to someone than our freephone number is 0800 977 5741 available from Monday to Saturday 8am to 9pm. Sky’s exclusive deals are available to large numbers of UK homes.

What is Sky broadband customer service like?

Sky have comprehensive lists of FAQs which should resolve most queries, however, if you prefer more direct forms of communications, you can contact Sky on the phone, by Facebook Messenger, email, or even text messaging. The telephone number for Sky customer service is 0333 7591 018 with lines open from 7am to 11pm, every day of the week.

Sky broadband download and upload speed analysis including peak time hours

Download Speed Upload Speed
Plan Speed Maximum 24 hours 8pm-10pm Minimum Maximum 24 hours 8pm-10pm Minimum
ADSL2+ 11.1-13.2 Mbps 10.8-12.8 Mbps 10.7-12.7 Mbps 9.4-11.3 Mbps 0.8-0.9 Mbps 0.8-0.9 Mbps 0.8-0.9 Mbps 0.7-0.8 Mbps
36 Mbps FTTC 33.1-34.9 Mbps 32.3-34.2 Mbps 32.0-34.0 Mbps 29.0-31.1 Mbps 7.9-8.4 Mbps 7.8-8.4 Mbps 7.8-8.4 Mbps 7.5-8.1 Mbps
63 Mbps FTTC 57.5-62.2 Mbps 56.3-61.0 Mbps 55.9-60.7 Mbps 51.1-55.9 Mbps 15.2-16.5 Mbps 15.1-16.4 Mbps 15.1-16.4 Mbps 14.6-15.9 Mbps

Comparing Sky Broadband Hubs: Which One Is Right for You?

When signing up for a Sky Broadband package, you'll receive a Sky Broadband Hub that connects your devices to the internet. Over the years, Sky has released several models of broadband hubs, each with different features and capabilities.

Sky Broadband Hub Comparison Table

Router Model Sky Max Hub Sky Broadband Hub Sky Q Hub Sky Hub
Model Number SR213 SR203 ER115 SR102
Release Year 2023 2019 2018 2013
WiFi Standard WiFi 6 (802.11ax) WiFi 5 (802.11ac) WiFi 5 (802.11ac) WiFi 4 (802.11n)
Frequency Bands Dual-Band Dual-Band Dual-Band Single-Band (2.4GHz)
Antennas 8 8 5 2
Ethernet Ports 4 4 2 4
Security WPA3 WPA2 WPA2 -
Intelligent Mesh Yes Yes No No
Typical Use All Sky Broadband Plans All Sky Broadband Plans Sky Q TV Customers Legacy Plans

Which Sky Broadband Hub Is Best for High-Speed Internet?

If you're looking for the best performance and fastest speeds, the Sky Max Hub is the top choice. Released in 2023, this router supports the latest WiFi 6 standard, offering faster speeds, lower latency, and improved performance compared to its predecessors. With 8 antennas and intelligent mesh capabilities, the Sky Max Hub provides excellent wireless coverage throughout your home, making it ideal for households with multiple connected devices and high-speed internet plans.

How Do the Older Sky Broadband Hubs Compare to the Latest Models?

The Sky Broadband Hub (2019) and Sky Q Hub (2018) are older models that support WiFi 5 (802.11ac). While they still offer good performance for most households, they lack the advanced features and capabilities of the Sky Max Hub. The Sky Broadband Hub has 8 antennas and intelligent mesh technology, making it a suitable choice for most current Sky Broadband plans.

The Sky Hub (SR102), released in 2013, is the oldest model in the comparison. It only supports the older WiFi 4 (802.11n) standard and operates on a single 2.4GHz band, which may not provide the speed and coverage required for modern households with multiple devices. This router is only suitable for legacy plans.

What Sets the Latest Sky Broadband Hubs Apart from Previous Generations?

The Sky Max Hub stands out for its support of the latest WiFi 6 standard and enhanced security features, including WPA3 encryption. WiFi 6 offers faster speeds, lower latency, and better performance in households with multiple connected devices compared to the older WiFi 4 and WiFi 5 standards used in previous generations.

Additionally, the Sky Max Hub and Sky Broadband Hub feature intelligent mesh technology, which helps to improve wireless coverage and performance throughout your home. This technology is not available in older models like the Sky Q Hub and Sky Hub (SR102).

What Are the Differences Between Sky TV Boxes?

Sky offers various TV boxes to suit different viewing preferences and needs. Here's a comparison table highlighting the key features and specifications of the Sky TV boxes:

Feature Sky Glass Sky Q Sky Stream Sky+ HD
Release Year 2021 2016 2022 2010
Type Smart TV Set-top box Streaming device Set-top box
Storage - 1TB or 2TB - 1TB or 2TB
Tuners - 4 or 8 - 2
4K Support Yes Yes Yes No
HDR Support Yes (HDR10, HLG) Yes (HDR10, HLG) Yes (HDR10, HLG) No
Voice Control Yes Yes Yes No
Apps Netflix, Disney+, Prime Video, etc. Netflix, Disney+, Prime Video, etc. Netflix, Disney+, Prime Video, etc. -
Recording Cloud DVR Yes (to internal storage) No Yes (to internal storage)
Connectivity HDMI, Ethernet, Wi-Fi HDMI, Ethernet, Wi-Fi HDMI, Ethernet, Wi-Fi HDMI, Ethernet
Remote Voice Remote Voice Remote Voice Remote Standard Remote

Which Sky TV Box Is Best for 4K and HDR Content?

If you're looking for the best viewing experience with 4K and HDR support, the Sky Glass, Sky Q, and Sky Stream are all excellent choices. These boxes support 4K resolution and HDR formats like HDR10 and HLG, ensuring stunning picture quality with compatible content and displays. The older Sky+ HD box does not offer 4K or HDR support.

How Do the Storage and Recording Capabilities Differ Among Sky TV Boxes?

The Sky Q box comes with built-in storage options of either 1TB or 2TB, allowing you to record and store content directly on the device. The Sky+ HD box also offers 1TB or 2TB storage for recording. In contrast, the Sky Glass and Sky Stream do not have internal storage. However, the Sky Glass offers a cloud DVR feature, enabling you to record and store content remotely.

What Are the Differences Between Sky TV Boxes

What Are the Differences in Connectivity and Remote Control Features?

All the Sky TV boxes offer HDMI and Ethernet connectivity, ensuring easy connection to your TV and home network. The Sky Glass, Sky Q, and Sky Stream also support Wi-Fi connectivity for added flexibility.

The Sky Glass, Sky Q, and Sky Stream come with voice remote controls, allowing you to easily navigate the interface, search for content, and control your viewing experience using voice commands. The older Sky+ HD box comes with a standard remote without voice control capabilities.

Which Sky TV Box Is Best for Streaming Apps?

The Sky Glass, Sky Q, and Sky Stream all offer access to popular streaming apps like Netflix, Disney+, and Prime Video. This allows you to enjoy a wide range of on-demand content alongside your Sky TV subscription. The Sky+ HD box does not have built-in streaming app support.

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