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Gas Meter Reading and kWh Conversion Tool

April 17th, 2020

In order to get low-cost energy bills, you should send accurate meter readings to your home energy supplier.  This can be easily done with smart meters however, many households in the UK still use the imperial meters. Find here, our highly reliable and effective Gas meter reading to kWh conversion tool. The tool helps you to know the kWh of gas used and evaluate your home energy bill to verify its accuracy.

If you want to convert gas usage in kWh then the first thing you should know is the exact gas meter reading. Let us tell you how you can take precise gas meter reading!

Imperial Gas Meter (Ft3)

There is a big section of UK households that uses imperial gas meters while a considerable number uses the Metric gas meter.

If you are using the age old metric meters then you must know that it uses the cubic feet as the unit of measuring gas usage. Therefore, you will find that your meter will have ‘cubit feet’ or ‘f3’ written over it.

While taking the reading, you should keep in mind to ignore any red dials and when the needle is between two numbers then choose the lower one.

All you have to do is enter your gas meter reading in the “Number of Units” textbox and select the option of ft3 (x100) and hit the Calculate button. The conversion tool will suggest you the exact kWh value in the Result textbox.

You should check your home energy bill to verify if the usage is same as that mentioned in the bill. If not then call your home energy supplier and query them regarding the details of the bill.

Metric Gas Meter (M3):


Now the meter reading instructions for all those who use metric meters! In these meters, the gas is measured in cubic meters and you will find the symbol M3, which is the unit for the gas measurement. Again, ignore the figures given in the red blocks.

You must be aware that electricity is measured in kWh while gas can be measured as per the units stated on your machine as well as in kWh.

Depending on the gas meter used, there can be a big confusion in your gas bill or dual fuel bill if you don’t know how to take the meter readings. To avoid this confusion, we present a Gas unit to kWh converter which will give you exact amount of gas used in kWh.

All you have to do is enter your gas meter reading in the “Number of Units” textbox and select the option of m3 and hit the Calculate button. The conversion tool will suggest you the exact kWh value in the Result textbox.

Gas Units to kWh converter:

Your gas usage in kWh is say XXX kWh

Our gas to kWh conversion tool will help you verify whether your gas tariff provider is delivering accurate gas bills or not.

Please note that this page acts just as a tool and it is recommended to cross check the final figure by calculating through simple Maths.

Metric formula: (No. of cubic metres x Correction Factor x Calorific Value) / 3.6

Imperial formula: (Hundreds of cubic feet x 2.83 x Correction Factor x Calorific Value) / 3.6

To conclude, our Gas to kWh conversion tool helps you to verify whether your gas and electricity supplier is offering your correct bills or not. This is an easy way to check the efficiency of your gas tariff provider and if you are not satisfied with the bills then you can compare UK energy companies and switch to a cheaper energy supplier.

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