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Domestic Energy News

New statistics from trade association, RenewableUK, shed light on the increasingly important role of renewable energy in modern life. Although it is often unclear whether the government supports clean energy, it is nevertheless showing itself as a market player in generating electricity for British homes, offices and factories. Statistics covering the second quarter of 2015, […]

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Ofgem has warned Scottish Power that it could face a sales ban unless it improves customer service. The company has to improve its customer service in the next three months, if it doesn’t, Ofgem will ban it from all proactive sales activities. Ofgem wants the company to improve on the following 3 key areas: call […]

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Energy secretary says lack of turbines will raise consumer bills and Tory ideological stance is putting off investors The Conservative party’s opposition to onshore wind turbines risks undermining the creation of British jobs since new data showed 15,400 people are now employed in the wind power industry, warns energy secretary Ed Davey. While wind supplied […]

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RenewableUK confirmed the highest amount of electricity generated in a single day by wind power. Official figures showed that the 7th Dec had an average of 7.315GW of energy produced by the various wind farms suggesting 43% of homes were powered by wind. To add research by Accent for the Energy Institute and New Power […]

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In a recent report from British Gas, it has emerged that certain cities are more capable of saving energy, and certain cities also have a better understanding of the ways in which they can cut down on their energy bills. According to the new survey, Cardiff, with a population upwards of 860,000 people and the […]

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After the inclusion of the BBC’s Watchdog programme, and a separate Ofgem investigation, Spark Energy has been fined £250,000 for failing to handle customer complaints well enough. Spark Energy looks to be taking the intervention by the energy regulatory board positively, viewing this as an opportunity to fundamentally change the way they do business and […]

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