Nigg Port Plan: All Systems Go for Global Energy Group

November 16th, 2014
Nigg Port Plan: All Systems Go for Global Energy Group

The Scottish government has formally had an application from Global Energy Group to create a brand new harbour at Nigg on the Cromarty Firth.

The proposal has been criticised by Cromarty Firth Port Authority (CFPA).

Concerns have been raised by CFPA, which operates a harbour at Invergordon, that the new harbour would have control of a significant section of firth’s main access.

Sites operated by Global Energy at Nigg and Invergordon can be supported by the facility.

On the shores of the firth, the energy industry service firm owns the Nigg fabrication yard.

An order to grant its various different powers of control and management of a port at Nigg has been applied for by the company to the Scottish minister.

“This application is further testimony of our commitment to our work in the Cromarty Firth’’ said the Group chairman Roy MacGregor.

“Having invested heavily in both Invergordon and Nigg, we are keen to maximise the opportunities to grow our business in both areas.”

Cruise liners

The local community and stakeholders have been included in the discussions of plans by Global Energy said Mr MacGregor and “tried to be as open as we can with them, listening and, wherever possible, acting on their thoughts and comments”.

“This application is all about trying to ensure we have the right management and controls in place for the port of Nigg and the Cromarty Firth.” he added.

The harbour revision order has gone out to public consultation.

The firth’s long established port at Invergordon is operated by CFPA.

Cruise liners and the North Sea oil and gas industry are served by Invergordon and the Cromarty Firth .

CFPA chief executive Bob Buskie said, his 40-year-old organisation was a trust set up by an act of parliament and served as custodians for the firth, earlier this month.

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