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Broadband FAQs

Are you aware…?

If you need unlimited broadband, there is a difference between this and what you might really require, which is ‘truly unlimited’ broadband.

Satellite: the internet feed is beamed to a satellite dish at your property

Can I get wireless Broadband?

When your Broadband service is installed, you have an option of taking advantage of wireless broadband for which you will need a wireless router.

A router will enable you to access the internet without any wires or cabling from anywhere within the router’s range, and from any wi-fi enabled device.

How do I know which Broadband packages are available in my area?

Enter your postcode when you go through out process for obtaining a quote and you can be shown the various options available to you.

What does line rental mean?

Line rental is the fee you need to pay to your internet service provider which then provides the Broadband cable.

What is the meaning of a first-year cost?

This relates to the cost of your first year of having a broadband package, regardless of short-term introductory offers. You will be able to see the prices next to your options when you go through the Free Price Compare’s quote process.

Life Insurance FAQs

Why should I take out life insurance?

If you have a life insurance policy, in the event of your death, your family will be financially provided for. Read more information about this in the beginner’s guide to life insurance.

If I already have a life insurance policy, is it best to shop around?

If you have an existing life assurance policy, you may benefit by looking at comparison quotes and changing your provider. This is called re-broking. Before you do so, be aware that age will be taken into major consideration when calculating premiums; the older you are, the more at risk of death you are, and the higher your premiums. Therefore you may not find a cheaper deal than your existing one.

Is life assurance identical to life insurance?

The terms are often used to mean the same thing although there is a difference: life insurance pays out if something happens to you, whereas life assurance pays out when it does.

What is term life insurance?

Term cover provides a lump sum payout if you die during the course of the policy; it is the most well-known insurance cover.

What is the meaning of whole of life insurance?

This can sometimes be referred to as life assurance as it is guaranteed to provide a payout when you die. Whole of life cover is more expensive than term cover as it carries the guarantee.

Home Insurance FAQs

Is home insurance really necessary?

Taking out adequate Home insurance offers protection for your property and its contents. You can take out buildings insurance, contents insurance or both. See our beginners’ guide to home insurance.

What is the definition of buildings insurance?

Buildings insurance offers protection for the permanent structure of your home and any fixtures and fittings that are permanent and not free standing; this might include fitted furniture, including kitchens and sanitary ware.

You will not be able to get a mortgage unless you have proper home insurance cover. Even if you are the sole owner of the property, you will need suitable protection for your investment or real estate.

What does contents insurance mean?

When you take out contents insurance it means your personal possessions and valuables are covered against accidents, theft and loss.

Can I buy a joint buildings and contents policy?

If you need both buildings and contents insurance buying a joint policy will almost certainly be the cheapest and most convenient way to insure both. You must first take into account factors such as whether you own or rent the property and what you are looking to benefit from home insurance.

How should I work out the cost of rebuilding my home?

The rebuild value of your home is different from the market value if you were to put it up for sale. You can get a quote on our site and it will give you a choice of entering your own cost for rebuilding or getting an estimate; either way you can get help from a calculator on the Building Cost Information Service website.

Mobile FAQs

What to check before finalizing a mobile deal?

Is your mobile is just for talking? Certainly not. Today your mobile phone is your shopping market, connect to your friends on social media, your point for news, personal instructor for health and many more thing. So pick the right phones with right plan needs to list out your purpose against the features and cost.

Why you need to switch your mobile or tariffs?

Latest technologies making mobile phones smarter and do you like to stay as it is? Definitely not! And many factors affect the price tariffs for text, calls and internets so by switching you can save money or you can have more benefits.

Will I retain the number?

Yes, Number portability is available while switching to other network so you can switch to other network without changing your number. While switching tariffs within same network, also your number remain the same.

What is contract based mobile phones?

Contract based mobile phones are cheaper for heavy mobile users. Sometime you can get a mobile free with high usage tariffs. In contract based mobile phones, to switch between networks you need porting authorising code handed over to new operator to retain your old number. Keep in mind that you need to switch before your current contract expires to retain the number.

How to choose home phone supplier?

It depends on your usage. You should consider the package’s monthly cost, line rental cost, calling rate etc. Some packages includes the line rental cost while some not.

Money FAQs

Is it a good idea to take out a loan?

If you want to borrow money from a bank, building society or other source, it is called a loan; you will have to pay interest on your repayments and be at risk of debt if you cannot manage to pay back each month. Find out more in our beginners’ guide to loans.

What is the amount I should borrow?

It depends on what you need the money for but as a general guideline, it’s wiser to borrow only the amount you think will cover your needs. Sometimes though, if you borrow a large sum you may be charged a lower rate of interest and it’s worth shopping around.

How should I best calculate what my loan will cost?

The APR (annual percentage rate) is not the only figure to consider. Look at your monthly repayments and also the Total Amount Repayable (TAR), which includes fees and charges and will therefore reflect a more accurate figure.

What does a secured loan mean?

When a loan is secured against an asset it is called a secured loan; this is usually your home and it sometimes referred to as a homeowner loan.

Loans are frequently between £25,000 and £100,000 with variable interest rates. It is important to double check you can meet your monthly repayment amount or you could be at risk of losing your home.

What is a personal loan?

This type of loan is not secured against a property or any other asset. On a personal loan you can usually only borrow a maximum amount of £25,000; there tends to be a fixed interest rate.

Travel FAQs

Are you aware…?

An airline will usually charge between 5 and 15 different prices for the same seat over its shelf life

If you fly late at night or early morning it can mean routes are less crowded.

When do flight prices change?

When booked in advance, prices will be lower; as the plane fills up prices will rise. Conversely, as the departure date draws nearer, airlines usually lower prices significantly in order to fill empty space.

What is the best time to book a flight?

It is generally thought that exactly 21 days prior to departure is the optimum time to book for the cheapest prices. Individual circumstances will vary, but airlines may count their empty seats and lower prices accordingly within this 3 week window of time.

It is worth noting that it is often mid-week when airlines begin shifting remaining seats for upcoming flights; Tuesday or Wednesday afternoon may be the best times to book.

Is there a time of day when it is cheapest to fly?

Flying late at night or early morning often mean less crowded routes; however, you may pay for this with lengthier airport stays or arriving after, or before, hotel check-in.

During off-peak times, airlines need to maintain a schedule; if you can arrange for your trip to be mid-week, you may get a cheaper, and quieter, flight.

Will stopovers and connecting flights save me money?

Making lengthy stopovers and connections can radically lower your air fares. However, you may waste more time on the travel time or waiting around in an airport when you would otherwise have been on holiday.

Energy FAQs

Should I switch my supplier?

If you wish to switch your energy supplier it is a very simple process; it may save you a fair sum of money in the long term; switching supplier can encourage healthy competition and fair play in the energy market too.

What do I have to do in order to switch my supplier?

All you need to do is enter your postcode and details of your current energy usage. If you don’t know your energy usage and have no bill to look at, use our simple energy calculator to get an estimate.

Do all available tariffs show up?

You have the option to see all the tariffs you can switch to on the market or those listed on Freepricecompare; it’s very easy to switch between the two.

Is there a commission payable to you if I switch energy through you?

Yes, this is normally the case; however there will be no difference in the price you pay if you went directly to the supplier as you will avoid their cost of advertising and provision of service.

What does dual fuel mean?

When gas and electricity are provided by the same supplier, it is known as dual fuel tariffs. This type of tariff is usually the best option, but you can have the option of switching gas or electricity separately; it is always possible that you could find a cheaper price this way.

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