How can I reduce my electricity and gas bills?

March 24th, 2017
How can I reduce my electricity and gas bills?

Are you looking to reduce your electricity and gas bill?

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You can start reducing your energy bills by entering your postcode and clicking the
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At, finding a cheap electricity and gas deal is really quick and
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Cheap electricity and gas suppliers – Compare cheap electricity and gas supplier

To compare cheap electricity and gas supplier you will need the following information,

  • Your postcode,
  • Your electricity and gas usage in kWh or your current spend on bills,
  • Are you happy to pay via Direct Debit?
  • Monthly bill / quarterly bill,

We compare all UK

Electricity and gas suppliers

To offer you the full electricity and gas comparison options. Our price comparison
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Cheapest electricity and gas supplier

As well as the cheapest electricity and gas tariff, once you have filled in the required
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Reduce your electricity and gas bills and switch online

Once you have found the cheapest electricity and gas deal and are happy to switch,
select the relevant deal and fill in your details. Typically, we will require your full name, your address and your
bank details to set-up the direct debit instructions. Switching with is really easy, simple and
can all be done online. Once you have switched, your new supplier will contact you to verify the details and to
confirm the contract start date.

Compare and see how much you can save on your energy bills

Electricity and gas bill payments occupy a big chunk of our monthly budget. In a country
like the UK, a big amount of energy is used to keep the home warm. Along with heating, there are many reasons for
getting a whopping energy bill. gives some easy yet effective tips to cut down your gas and electricity bills. Find them below!

Effective tips to cut down electricity and gas bills:

Compare and switch service provider: Do you remember the last time when
you switched your electricity supplier? If you have not switched to a new supplier lately then you must consider it
as the first option. Compare energy suppliers across the UK and choose the one that offers the cheapest energy

Believe it or not but there is a huge gap between the standard variable tariff you pay
and the cheapest fixed deals available in the energy market. If you forget switching energy suppliers then there are
high chances of paying over the odds. Thus, switching energy suppliers is the first step towards
cost cutting on your energy bills.

Switch to online payment methods: Electronic payment method makes way
for big savings. You can actually save 50 to 70 pounds on your energy bills by choosing the online payment method.
Say no to cash or cheque payment methods. A simple change like payment mode can bring surprisingly good savings. Try
and see it for yourself!

Prevent heat loss: In the UK, most of the energy is used in creating a
warm place. Nearly two third of your energy bill comes from electricity and gas used for heating the house. This can
be reduced by taking measures to prevent heat loss. Little things like turning down the thermostat by a degree helps
a big deal. You can keep period gaps between two heating times.

For example, while you are out of your home, let it cool down and heat it once
you arrive. The key is not to forget switching off the room heaters. Instead of heating the entire house, just be
selective in warming up rooms that are currently in use. These methods will have a huge impact on reducing your
energy bills.

Create a draught proof space: Blocking air gaps in windows, doors,
walls, floorboards and pipe joints would also prove to be highly effective. Insulation with foam strips and
adhesives will reduce heat loss by a big margin. This will in turn reduce the amount of electricity or gas required
for extra heating required to keep the space warm. So, this season go for a DIY or hire a professional to insulate
your home.

Keep a habit of energy conservation: Change those old habits that
result in wastage of energy. Also, developing energy conserving habits would be a much wiser decision that would
reap long term benefits. Some changes like switching to LED lights, filling up washing machine or dish washers
before turning them on, turning off lights when not in use, shorter showers and switching off the stand-by devices
would result in saving lots of energy and much reduced energy bills.

Gas units to kWh converter

This ranges from 37.5 to 43.0, and is set by National Grid for each distribution zone. Use 39.3 default for a rough answer.
*Check your latest bill for the exact value*


Your estimated number of kilowatt-hours used will be displayed here.

Apply the above mentioned techniques in your day to day life and you will see a drastic
reduction in your energy bills.

Compare and see how much you can save on your energy bills

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