British Power Supply

March 24th, 2017
British Power Supply

British Power Supply – Comparison Of Six Biggest Power Companies In UK

The largest suppliers of energy in Britain are known as the “Big Six”, as they supply electricity and gas to almost every house. Namely, they are British Gas, EDF Energy, E.ON, NPower, Scottish Power,and SSE.These companies are the oldest suppliers of energy since the privatisation of the energy sector in 1990.

Although the energy sector has almost been monopolised by these companies, many new companies have entered the market since 1997 to offer real competition to these companies. You are able to find the best choice for you by comparing the “Big Six” companies against the new entrants in the market. To make sure that you get the best deal for home energy and commercial energy supply, a clear concept on the prices and comparison of services can be found on

British gas is one of the leading suppliers of electricity and gas in the U.K with over 20 million subscribers. They are a subordinate company of Centrica, acompany based in the UK with headquarters located in Windsor. Centrica bought British Gas in 1997 to add to its list of energy companies. They also own Scottish Gas and Direct Energy in Scotland and North America respectively.

EDF Energy is owned by a French company known as EDF SA. It is one of the leading electricity producing companies in the UK asit supplies electricity and gas to over 5.7 million residences.


Eon is the leading producer of combined power and heat. Currently it is serving over 5.3 million homes and businesses across the UK. It was formerly known as Powergen before it was bought by E ON AG, a German company, in 2002.

NPower :

Npower supplies electricity and gas to 6.5 million customers across the UK, and hence, forms part of the “Big Six” energy companies. In was previously known as National Powers and it was eventually purchased by a German company called RWE AG in May 2002.

Scottish Power:

Scottish Power has 5.2 million customers across the UK and it is the smallest energy supplier among the big 6. It is also a subordinate of a Spanish based company called Iberdrola.


With 9.6 million consumers, SSE is ranked at number two among the big 6. It is the largest producer of power from reusable resources. Formerly known as Scottish Hydro Electric, it operates under various brand names across the UK and other regions. It was initially registered in Scotland.

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