Know Your Energy Supplier: ScottishPower

July 6th, 2016
Know Your Energy Supplier: ScottishPower


One of the big names in the ‘Big Six’ energy companies, ScottishPower is one of the biggest energy suppliers for the domestic market in the United Kingdom. It has a huge customer base of nearly 5.6 million people who opt for its gas and energy supply services. With excellent tariffs, support centres and high quality service, the company attracts many British customers to choose its services.

Scottish Power: Company Details

The company was formed in 1990 when the government decided to privatise the Scottish electricity industry. As per the plan, the English and Welsh electricity industry was divided into 12 separate companies. ScottishPower was formed from South of Scotland Electricity Board. The year 1995 saw the acquisition of Manweb, which was a regional supplier by the giant ScottishPower.

Both Scottish Power and ScottishPower are same. The space does not make any difference in the name of the company. So, no need to get confused. It uses the following types of fuel:

    • Coal – 59%

    • Natural Gas – 25.6%

    • Renewable resources – 12.9% (Wind, Hydro and Solar Power)

    • Nuclear – 1.3%

    • Other – 1.2%

Scottish Power and Philanthropy:

The energy giant has been involved with the noble cause of Cancer research. It had single handily raised a huge amount of £8 million for charity. It has suggested a scheme to its fixed tariff customers. According to it, the customer can choose the Help Beat Cancer associated tariff which will make the supplier donate money on behalf of the customer. The donation will be on a monthly basis and will continue as long as the customer chooses the fixed tariff.

Scottish Power and Customer Satisfaction:

The company can boast of 66% satisfied customer across the United Kingdom and Scotland. This data is as per the survey done in 2015.

Scottish Power and Price Rise Changes:

The company announced a price cut of 5.4% which was supposed to be in effect from the 15th March 2016.

It also announced a price cut of 4.8% in January 2015, with effect from February 2015. The cut was announced so that every household can save at least £33 per year.

In October 2016, the company announced a price rise of 8.6% with effect from 6 December 2013. This rise in prices resulted in an average increase of £112 for each customer.

In January 2014, the company reduced its prices by 3.3% to support the Government’s initiative of reducing levies. It took effect from the same month.

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