Know Your Energy Supplier: SSE

July 6th, 2016
Know Your Energy Supplier: SSE

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Headquartered at Perth Scotland, the energy giant SSE has operations across the United Kingdom and Ireland. Formerly known as Scottish and Southern Energy Plc, the company has been a leading generator and supplier of gas and electricity. It also provides services like gas storage, E&P, metering and more. It plays a dominating role in the UK’s energy market and has been an integral part of the ‘Big Six’ energy suppliers.

The company was formed in December 1998 and was formed as a single unit by merging Scottish Hydro Electric and Southern Electric. The company provides gas and electricity to 8.21 million customers (domestic and commercial) over the largest distribution network, which crosses England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales. SSE is also very considerate about its customers and offers tickets through its reward programme.

SSE energy customer service rating

New RatingOld Rating
5-star reviews5-star reviews

The results of an independent survey done by YouGov suggests that nearly 74% customers were happy by the services of SSE in the year 2015. The company has a huge customer base that vouch for its services and support.

SSE energy tariffs and prices

Tariff NameTariff typeCancellation feeAnnual Avg cost 
SSE – Online Energy v5 Paperless BillingFixed Tariff£60.00£909.53 Compare now
SSE – SSE 2 Year Fix v4Fixed TariffN.A£1,062.35 Compare now
SSE – SSE 1 Year Fix v2Fixed TariffNA£1,041.57 Compare now
SSE – Online Energy v4Fixed Tariff£60.00£884.28 Compare now

SSE Fuel mix vs UK fuel mix

SSE historical Fuel mix

Energy Source20192018201720162015
CO2 Emission289 g/kWh310 g/kWh298 g/kWh380 g/kWh398 g/kWh
Nuclear Waste0.00030 g/kWh0.00031 g/kWh0.00038 g/kWh0.00047 g/kWh0.00023 g/kWh

Energy price increases and decreases

Price changes in 2020

Price reduced by 1% – In line with OFGEM energy price cap, SSE announced price drop by 1% in February 2020.

Price changes in 2019

Price reduced by 6% – SSE dropped the price for 2 million customers on their standard variable tariff by 6% to comply with OFGEM price cap level in August 2019.

Price increase by 10% – A 10% energy price increase was announced by SSE in February 2019 which was in effect from 01/04/2020.

Price changes in 2018

Price increase by 6.7% – SSE announced that prices would increase for gas by 5.7% and electricity by 7.7% which was an average rise of 6.7% for customers on the standard variable tariff in May 2018.

Price changes in 2017

Price increase by 7% to 14.9% – SSE announced price rises in early 2017 for various electricity tariffs by 7% to 14.9% which affected around 4 million customers.

What type of energy tariffs offered by SSE for the UK households?

  • SSE variable energy tariff – SSE can decide to change your standing charge and unit rate for kilowatt hour that you use.
  • SSE fixed rate tariff – SSE will not change your unit rate and standing charges throughout the length of agreed contract. Your Direct debit may change if you use more or less energy.
  • SSE pay as you go tariff – SSE will supply a key or a card which you can top up in order to use energy. If your top up runs out, you want be able to use any energy.
  • SSE dual fuel tariff – It means SSE supplying both gas and electricity to you and will only receive one energy bill. Dual fuel tariff can be cheaper as SSE gives some discount for taking out a dual fuel tariff with them.

Complaint handling and customer service

Reporting period in Q/YQ4 2019Q3 2019Q2 2019Q1 2019Q4 2018
Total complaints received125,244140,563135,061148,957143,866
Received per 100k customer accounts22392470235125582427
Total Complaints resolved121,608137,876135,412145,483144,800
Resolved per 100k customer accounts21742423235724982442
Resolved within 48 hours78.3%81.5%79.9%80.8%78%
Resolved within 8 weeks96%96.2%96%96%95.9%

Top 5 complaint reasons in percentages

ReasonsMeteringBillingCustomer servicePaymentsChange of supplier
Q4 201918%23%10%18%8%
Q3 2019     
Q2 201920%30%11%14%6%
Q1 201922%31%10%15%5%
Q4 201831%35%14%5%7%

Top 5 complaint reasons in percentages (Q4 2019)

Customer service – 38.8%

Bills and meter readings – 22.8%

Payments – 13.8%

My prices – 3.7%

Meter installation – 6.5%

How to contact SSE?

Register a complaint by visiting this web page,

Contact No: 0345 070 7373

If your complaint doesn’t resolve in time, you can contact Head of customer service team.

Email: [email protected]

Contact No: 0345 071 9853


Post: PO Box 7506, Perth PH1 3QR

Ombudsman Services: Energy


Contact No: 0330 440 1624

Compare SSE business energy for work place

Whether you are a small, medium or a large business premises, SSE will supply energy to your workplace.

What does SSE energy offer for businesses?

  • Smart meters for your workplace
  • Renewable energy options
  • Foxed, tracking, fully flexible and green business energy tariff options
  • New energy connections
  • Micro business support

Get in touch with SSE business

Call: 0345725256

Online form – get in touch by filling online form

Emergency Gas: 0800111999

Emergency Electricity: 105

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