Know Your Energy Supplier: Ebico

July 6th, 2016
Know Your Energy Supplier: Ebico


Founded in 1998, Ebico is a not-for-profit energy supplier based in the United Kingdom. It supplies both gas and electricity and every unit of energy costs the same. There are neither extra charges for extreme usage of energy nor discounts for people who pay through direct debit. The company uses the money generated from energy supply for projects that work on eradicating fuel poverty.

Ebico formation details:

Ethically sound, the company works by creating tailor made plans for its wide range of customers. It provides energy to more than 60,000 households in the UK. The company has a social mission which they accomplish with the help of their licensed partner SSE, which provides energy and services to Ebico. Ebico does not generate energy but has partnered with SSE for it.

The fuel mix through which Ebico gets energy is:

    • 37% Renewable

    • 31% coal

    • 27% natural gas

    • 3% nuclear

    • 2% other

Ebico and customer satisfaction levels:

The company has many satisfied customers across the UK. Percentage wise there are nearly 76% satisfied customers who like the energy supply and services of Ebico.

Why Ebico?

    • Not-for-profit energy supplier

    • Supports social and environment conservation goals

    • Supports eradication of fuel poverty

    • It supplies energy with simple tariff structure and one flat rate

    • Energy is supplied at one unit rate for any amount of energy used

    • It does not charge exit fees or hidden charges

    • Beneficial for prepayment meter customers

Ebico and the price rise scenario:

It increased its price by 9.8% in November 2013. It made this announcement with a promise that the prices will be capped until Autumn 2014.

It made a 10% increase in energy prices in December 2012. The company made a 1% higher increase than its licensed partner SSE.

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