Ebico Energy Cancellation Fees

February 2nd, 2017
Ebico Energy Cancellation Fees

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Sr. NoTariffsGas Cancellation feeElectricity Cancellation feeAdditional informationCancellation fee/special terms end date
1Ebico Evergreen (from 18.05.18)NoneNoneN/AN/A
5EquiGas&EquiPower (from 2007) Removed 27.02.17NoneNoneN/AN/A
6Ebico Night-Owl (from ) Removed 08.05.18NoneNoneN/AN/A
7Ebico Night-Owl v2 (from 08.05.18)£30£30N/A12 months from supply date
8Ebico PrePay (from 30.01.17) Price changed on 01.04.17NoneNoneN/AN/A
9Ebico Prime Fixed (from 04.07.17) Removed 27.11.17£30£30N/A12 months from supply date
10Ebico Prime Fixed 12 (from 27.11.17)£30£30N/A12 months from supply date
11Ebico Prime Fixed 18 (from 08.02.18)£30£30N/A18 months from supply date
12Ebico Zero (from 28.02.17) Price Changed on 1st March 2018 & email received on 17.01.18NoneNoneN/AN/A

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Compare and see how much you can save on your energy bills

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