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Compare business energy prices and switch providers without the hassle or the headache.

Renewing your business energy can be complicated (and expensive). can help compare business utility prices and save oodles off your next energy bills.

Sticking with the same supplier can lead to hiked rates of over 150% and more. Knock hundreds (and more) off your next bills by making the switch with our independent, impartial and completely free UK business energy comparison service.

We also offer a price guarantee: We’ll beat your initial renewal energy quote or give you £1000 cashback.

Switch in just three easy steps

We make things simple and seamless, so you can focus on what matters.


Give us a call

Getting started is easy. Call us on 0203 9159 094, request a callback or send us your bill. Then we’ll get to work on finding you the best business energy deals out there.


Tell us about your business

Finding a great deal from business energy suppliers isn’t just about cheap business energy rates. To find you the right business gas and electric for your needs, we’ll find out more about your company so we can offer you the best solution.

Want a smart meter? Need everything online? Going green? Got a favourite supplier? We’ll take all these things into account to find you the best match.


Now, leave the rest to us!

Now, it’s time to put your feet up, because we’ve got you covered from here. With access to pricing for the entire market, including the Big Six energy suppliers, we’ll get to work and compare business electricity plans and gas prices for businesses of all sizes. We understand that finding the best business energy plans in terms of price for business customers may not always be the best fit for your business and its needs. We’ll leave no stone unturned in finding you the best deal!

Then we’ll help you switch your business energy. Don’t worry. We’ll take care of all that tedious paperwork too so you can get back to what matters: running your business.

Step 1: Assess Your Business Energy Needs

  • Start by conducting a thorough evaluation of your business's energy requirements. Identify the types of energy you need (electricity, gas, or both), the quantity of energy required, and the specific usage patterns.
  • Take into account factors like peak usage times, energy-saving initiatives, and any future growth projections. A comprehensive understanding of your energy needs is essential for the switching process.

Step 2: Research and Identify Potential Commercial Energy Suppliers

  • Begin your research to discover potential energy suppliers or providers. Utilise resources such as online directories, and industry associations, or seek recommendations from other businesses in your sector.
  • Create a shortlist of potential suppliers based on their reputation, reliability, and their ability to cater to your specific energy needs. Consider geographical proximity, as it can impact pricing and service quality.

Step 3: Request Business Gas and Electric prices

  • Contact the shortlisted energy suppliers and request detailed quotes. Provide them with precise information about your energy requirements, including consumption patterns, meter data, and any green energy preferences.
  • Ask for a transparent breakdown of costs, including unit rates, standing charges, and any additional fees. Clarify payment terms and inquire about contract lengths or flexibility.

Step 4: Compare and Evaluate Commercial Energy Prices and Quotes

  • Once you receive quotes from different energy suppliers, create a structured comparison chart or document to facilitate an easy side-by-side evaluation.
  • Consider not only the cost but also the supplier's reputation, track record, and their commitment to renewable energy if that is a priority for your business. Pay attention to contract terms, including exit fees and notice periods.
  • Seek feedback and references from other businesses that have used the same energy suppliers to assess their reliability and customer service.

Compare over 150 business energy tariffs with Free Price Compare

When it comes to finding the cheapest commercial energy prices, we’re all about making your life easy.

As one of the top business energy comparison websites out there, we compare business energy suppliers across the entire market, including the Bix Six and smaller independent suppliers. All we need from you is some information on your current energy supply and your business.

Compare over 150 different business energy quotes with us and save over 40% on your next energy bill (that’s our average, typical saving). Our dedicated account managers are here to guide you every step of the way and find the cheapest business gas and electricity rates for you.

Need more reasons to make the switch with us? Here are just a few:

  • Reviewed over 4000+ times
  • Over 250 000 businesses switched
  • Over 85 million in energy costs saved, so far

Once you’ve switched, we’ll remind you when it’s time to renew and save once again.

Not in your renewal window? That’s ok too. We’ll make sure to get back in touch when it’s time.

Hassle-Free Energy Switching

Keeping the lights means even bigger savings. Here’s how.

When it comes to renewing your business utility contract, things can get complicated.

Energy suppliers love rules, and they’ve got lots of difficult ones, making it hard for you to renew. Often, your supplier will write you a letter up to four months in advance of your renewal date offering new rates.

That’s where we come in.

See, this letter is the start of what’s called your renewal window. If you’re going to switch, now’s your chance to do it! During this stage, has helped 1000s of customers terminate their contract and find a better deal, whether with their current energy supplier or a new one.

  • Watch out!If you choose to roll-over your contract with the same supplier, you could end up paying 150% more than the current market price if you fail to negotiate a new contract.
  • Don’t get caught out.Contact us instead to find out how much you could save by switching over.
  • At, we understand just how time-consuming it is to run a business. When it comes to comparing business electricity and gas prices, there’s little time to spare. So, why not save yourself time, money and effort by simplifying your search today? Our free, impartial and independent service could save you up to £1038 (maybe even more) on your next bills.

Business Energy Tariff Types Explained

Not sure what type of contract you’re currently on? Here are some of the most common ones:

  • Fixed rate business energy – both the business unit rate and standing charges are fixed for the agreed term - they don’t change for the duration of the contract. However, your energy bills can still vary depending on how much you’re consuming.
  • Variable rate business energy – business energy rates and standing charges can go up or down depending on wholesale market prices. In other words, your prices are not fixed. If the market goes up, for instance, you could end up paying more for your energy.
  • Deemed rate business contract – Also known as an ‘out of contract’ business energy tariff, this is one of the priciest contracts to be in. The supplier can change prices whenever they want and can roll you onto another contract. has helped thousands of businesses switch from these kinds of contracts, give us a call to find out more.

  • 28 day business contract – This just means you’re on a 28-day contract. If you’re on this contract, it’s likely because you failed to switch. Within the 28 days, the unit rate can increase or decrease, so if you want to save money, call us on 0203 915 9094 or fill out our form here .
  • Rollover business energy tariff – if your energy supplier sends out a renewal reminder and you don’t agree to new terms, they’ll roll you over automatically for another year. Rollover business energy tariffs are some of the most expensive out there. Compare business energy prices with us instead to switch over once your contract ends.

Business electricity prices for 3 year contract

Energy supplierStanding ChargeUnit Price kWh
Octopus Energy27.3813.67
Dual Energy 26.1913.20
British Gas33.2113.38
Scotish Power 31.1413.16
TotalGP 34.5513.92
Opus 31.0013.72
Npower 24.0914.00

The average Standing charge based on a 3 year contract is at 27.24 pence. The average unit rate based on a 3 year contract is at 13.94 pence.

Energy supplier prices correct as of 17/03/2020 and based on a business electricity meter type

Business gas prices for 3,4 and 5 year contract

RegionUnit rate kWh
3 year 
Standing charge
3 year 
Unit rate kWh
4 year 
Standing charge
4 year 
Unit rate kWh
5 year 
Standing charge
5 year 
East Anglia3.8737.553.8540.383.6440.23
East Midlands3.9037.323.8640.023.6540.10
North East3.9439.273.9543.353.7242.59
North Thames3.9640.143.9444.923.7043.69
North Wales3.9639.223.9543.153.7142.75
North West3.9338.533.9142.363.6741.71
South East3.9940.423.9845.683.7544.32
South Wales3.9238.753.9042.553.6641.82
South West3.9540.623.9645.783.7544.50
West Midlands3.9438.713.9142.593.7041.93

Busines gas prices correct as of 07/05/2020

Changing business energy supplier when moving premises

Relocating your premises is a great opportunity to change energy suppliers and get the best new deal on your gas and electricity; if you don't, you might end up on an expensive deemed rate contract. Let Free Price Compare make your next move hassle-free with our simple step by step process. Switching your business electricity to a new supplier is another advantage of moving premises. By doing so, you can ensure better customer support and find a tariff that suits your needs, such as a green electricity tariff to help meet government targets. With no automatic rollover contracts or exit fees, it's easy to switch your business electricity to a new supplier if you've paid all your outstanding bills. Our award-winning customer service team oversees the whole switching process from start to finish – including all the paperwork! So, you’re free to focus on what you do best – running your business!

  • Take a final meter reading
  • Let your supplier know the date of your move
  • Check your electricity meter for the MPAN number and make a note of it
  • Tell them the address where you'd like them to send the final bill

Now you're ready to make the switch with our business energy comparison quotes:
  • Call us or request a call back
  • Tell us about your business needs and energy requirements
  • Get the best business energy quotes for your business
  • Make the switch and we'll automatically remind you when your renewal date is due

All you need to do now is:

  • Terminate the contract with the existing supplier by email or post using the letter we supply
  • Sign and return the LOA (letter of authority) we send you
  • Wait for your paper contract

How to get an accurate business electricity quote

Want an accurate quote for your business electricity bills? Then look no further than Free Price Compare. Our transparent, honest and impartial advice has helped thousands of businesses make the switch to cheaper business electricity supply. Just follow our easy 4 step switching process to get the best and most accurate quotes for the needs of your business.

Business energy comparison in kWh (Business gas usage and Business electricity usage)

Energy usage can vary per business, to give you a rough guidance of how much your business should be using energy, we have explained below by businesses size.

Business electricity prices compared against usage and Business size
Business size Low end usage (kWh)High end usage (kWh)Daily standing charge Unite price (per kWh)Average annual price
Micro business50001500023p - 29p14.4p - 15.9p£900 - £2,244
Small business150002500023p - 28p14.3p - 15.1p£2,367 - £3,660
Medium business250005000023p - 27p14.3p - 14.7p£3,774 - £7,234
Business gas prices compared against usage and Business size
Business size Low end usage (kWh)High end usage (kWh)Daily standing charge Unite price (per kWh)Average annual price
Micro business50001500019p - 25p5p - 5.1p£400 - £820
Small business150003000019p - 25p4.5p - 5p£820 - £1458
Medium business300005000024p - 25p4.3p - 4.5p£1458 - £2239

How does commercial energy differ from domestic energy?

  • Business energy unit rates are usually cheaper
  • Commercial energy contracts are usually longer
  • No cooling off period for business energy contracts
  • All business contracts are for a single fuel (gas or electric), you can have two contracts with the same supplier but they are not bundled together in a dual fuel tariff like they do with domestic energy

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Useful historical business energy price data

Historic prices of fuels (gas and electricity) purchased by non-domestic consumers in the United Kingdom (excluding the Climate Change Levy)

Business Energy FAQS

As a business, lowering costs makes a lot of sense. When it comes to energy, a company uses a lot more on average than a UK household. That can amount to over 10% of overall costs.

At Free Price Compare, our aim is to get our customers onto the best value tariff. So, we compare hundreds of tariffs across the market to get the right one for your business.

Savings vary, but what we can say with confidence is that we will find a competitive quote. That quote will usually be significantly cheaper than the current renewal offer made by your current supplier.

Our process is very straightforward. Our expertly trained advisers are on hand to make sure each step is undertaken seamlessly. We’ll ask you questions relating to the supply of the business property, all of which can be found directly on your bill. A comparison is then generated. If accepted, our advisers will walk you through the application process.

Call us today on 0203 919 094 to get a quote now.

We can offer contracts that range from one to five years. Generally, the longer the contract, the more expensive it gets. However, a longer contract will give you security against price increases.

Some tariffs come with a free smart meter to help you monitor consumption of your usage.

Green tariffs are increasingly popular for tackling climate change. They’ll often be generated from 100% renewable energy. Though it’s essential to keep in mind, all tariffs include an element of renewable energy.

Charities and not for profit organisations pay 5% VAT and no Climate Change Levy (CCL). That brings the cost down, like for like against commercial organisations.

Introduced in 2001 by the then Government, it is a ‘Green' tax on businesses using energy.

The short answer is yes. As long as your business is run from home and the separation is documented on a VAT Declaration form (between what is domestic and what is commercial usage). For further guidelines, contact HMRC.

Feed-In tariffs are designed for establishments, both commercial and residential, that generate their own electricity. If you are able to sell excess energy to the grid, you’ll get money back.

FITs are separate agreements, and in most cases have no impact on tariffs offered by us. For more information on FITs, visit the Energy Savings Trust website.

No, energy companies are billing companies - their job is to look after the billing side. As a billing company, they're not involved in the generation and distribution of gas and electricity.

Green Energy comes from 100% renewable sources like wind, solar and hydro, whereas Brown Energy has an element that's Green. On average just under 33% of Brown Energy is Green while the rest is produced from fossil fuels like oil, coal and gas.

Your most recent bill will have all the information we need to give you an accurate quote, including:

  • The current supplier
  • Tariff name and end date
  • How much energy is being used (in KWH or cost in pounds)

Don’t have all the information? Our expert advisers can still give you a quote.

The great advantage of a business contract is that we're able to book energy agreements 6-12m before your current contract ends.

If you've just moved into a new property or new business premises, check if you're receiving electricity and the gas supply. If everything is working, ask the estate agent or outgoing tenant who the supplier is. Due to you being a new ‘business mover' with new premises, the supply will be on “Deemed” or “Out of Contract” rates which are very expensive. So how can you make sure your firm isn’t over-charged? Just give us a call on 0203 919 094 to get the best deal for your business's annual consumption.

If your business is eligible for the Energy Bill Discount Scheme (EBDS), the government will apply a discount on your gas and electricity unit prices. This per-unit discount will be applied to business energy bills during the 12 months from April 2023 to March 2024, subject to a maximum discount.

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