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Energy prices are on the rise. And for commercial laundry and dry-cleaning businesses, utility bills make up a considerable share of all total operating expenses.

Between running boilers to heat water or produce steam, to relying on large amounts of electricity to heat and cool your workplace, there’s a lot to consider where energy is concerned. You also have a responsibility to think about running dry-cleaning machines and electric clothes dryers just to keep your business going.

But your energy deal shouldn’t be a last-minute thought, and you should be aware of expensive rollover energy contracts that renew automatically. For small businesses, these can be a major headache, especially if profit margins are tight and your gas and electricity bill suddenly and unexpectedly shoots up.

That means switching to the right energy supplier to keep costs down is key – because choosing the wrong supplier could cost you hundreds on your annual energy bill. The good news is that picking the right small business energy supplier doesn’t have to be paralysing. We’re here to help.

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