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What if I don’t have my van insured?

Under UK motoring legislations, it’s illegal to drive your van without the correct insurance. At the very least you must have third party only van insurance cover.

What are the different types of Van insurance policies?

The 3 main van insurance policy options are -

  • Third party only - is the minimum requirement to insure your van by UK motoring low.
  • Third party fire and theft – provides same covers as third party insurance with added cover of damage due to fire and in case of theft of your van.
  • Comprehensive insurance- it’s the highest level of van insurance cover a motorist can take out as it provides full cover to you and others involved in the accident.
What are the key differences between private and business van insurance?
  • Private van insurance - provides a cover for the van which you use for social reasons like family outing, shopping and other personal activities.
  • Business van insurance - provides a cover for the van which you may use for business purposes such as delivering goods, transporting other tools…etc.
Is it possible to take out temporary (short term) van insurance?

Yes, it is possible to take out a temporary van insurance policy for a pre-specified duration. Temporary cover normally runs for a fixed period such as one day to one month.

Van Insurance Frequently asked questions

Yes. You are legally required to possess valid van insurance. In most cases possession of a van will be an important part of your business or self-employment. Getting the correct policy, most suited to your individual needs is vital. Read more about the support you can obtain in our beginners’ guide to van insurance.

There are 3 main types of van insurance cover: comprehensive, third party fire and theft or third party only; you can decide between a commercial or private policy with any of these levels of cover. There is another policy called telematics policies which is beginning to gain popularity and appear more widely in the market.

Commercial van insurance, sometimes referred to as business van insurance, allows you to use your van for your trade or profession; this may mean for delivery of materials or for carrying tools and equipment. When you take out private van insurance you can only use your van for social reasons such as seeing friends or family.

  • Social or non-business use
  • Transportation of materials or tools
  • Transporting hired goods in return for a fee
  • Haulage or charging for carriage of goods.

A number of factors which contribute towards your policy price are the value of your vehicle, its speed and performance and security systems. If you wish you can choose to have a voluntary excess on top of any compulsory excess, similar to car insurance, and this might lower your premium.

It’s important to inform your insurance company of any modifications to your vehicle as this could affect your premium; if you withhold such information, you may find your policy invalidated.

Your no claims bonus or NCD will only be applicable for a single van

A vehicle known as a pick-up will need van insurance. You will need to disclose if your pick-up is for private or commercial use.

It is wise to check your V5 log book to find the answer to this or if you need further clarification, speak directly to your insurer. You can get further help from our guide: what to look out for.

Your no claims bonus will only be applicable for a single van; it cannot be applied to an additional van or another vehicle. However, your NCB can be transferred to another van, in the same way you can transfer it from car to car.

Some insurance companies offer discounted premiums or may permit a reflection of your NCB on a second van. It is wise to check with individual insurers and ask about any incentives.

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