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SIM Only

SIM only contract or SIMO are where your contract only involves a SIM card and not a phone, you receive minutes, texts and data as part of the contract.

A SIM only contract offers you a lot more flexibility than a standard contract because you are not tied into 2 or 3 year contracts (unless you want to be). A SIM only contract is typically 1 month to 12 months and will be cheaper than a standard contract too.

If you are happy with your existing handset or you have bought a new handset outright the a SIM only contracts gives you everything you need and added flexibility, because you are not paying off the handset cost as part of your contract the monthly cost is considerably reduced for the same minutes, texts and data.

If you already have the handset you want to use, all you need is to know what size SIM you need so that it will fit in the SIM reader and you are good to go.

SIM only is great if you want to keep your existing contract because you are no longer paying the handset charge of the contract so you get the same benefits but at a greatly reduced rate.

SIM only Frequently asked questions

Because you are not receiving a new handset as part of the contract. When you take a traditional contract with a new handset the handset cost is split over the term of the contract which is why you pay different amounts for the same contract with different handsets. If you are happy with your handset you should change to SIM only because your existing contract will likely remain the same price even though you have paid off the phone so you are wasting money.

No, as part of the contract the SIM card and delivery is free to you, all you pay for is the selected contract.

Yes, you will need a PAC (porting authority code) which you can get from texting ‘PAC’ to 65075 and you will receive a text message back with your code. It is best to do this before your current contract ends and then when you receive your new SIM card contact your new supplier and give them the code and your existing telephone number and they will do everything for you.

Yes, as 5G becomes more common networks are releasing 5G SIM cards so look out for these deals.

Yes, you are still contracted as normal to a network so they will offer a variety of benefits to you, it is usually best to download their app to know exactly what is offer that month.

SIM only gives a flexibility on the contract length that you don’t get with a handset deal, you can get a deal from 30 days to 12 months and in some cases 24 months but we wouldn’t recommend this in case anything happens to your handset.

If you don’t want a new handset or you prefer to purchase them outright then 100% SIM only is a great deal for you, or if your contract has expired and the new phone you want is 4 months from release then it is a great way to reduce your bill for these months and then switch to a new contract when the new phone is out that you want.

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