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BT Business Broadband: The Best Deals for Your Business

BT Business offers various broadband packages, specifically for businesses of every size. A reliable internet connection is critical in this digital age, and BT understands the importance of it. Therefore, they provide customised packages to fulfil business requirements. We will discuss the best deals that BT Business offers, emphasising their features and benefits that make them the ideal option for businesses.

Exploring the Right BT Business Broadband Deals For You

When it comes to business broadband, BT Business Broadband stands out as a reliable and trusted provider. Their commitment to delivering quality service is evident in the exclusive offers they provide for new customers. But what factors should you consider when choosing the best broadband service for your business? Let's delve into the details.

Exploring the Right BT Business Broadband Deals For You

Overview of the Best Deals

BT Business Broadband takes rare occasions of fixed line fault seriously, providing peace of mind and an extra layer of connectivity through hybrid backup systems and takeaway systems. Additionally, their personal care system ensures that any concerns or issues you may have are promptly addressed, guaranteeing reliable service from the service start date. BT Business Broadband offers an array of attractive deals, but what makes them the best? One important consideration is the guarantee period, which ensures your business gets the service it deserves from the start of your service. Knowing the maximum stable speed of your broadband connection, including fixed line fault, is also crucial, as it directly impacts your business's online performance. It is worth noting that the Complete Wi-Fi Guarantee will only cover the main building at your site, but will not cover any Broadband faults or any outbuildings or additinal buildings or sites, so this needs to be a consideration based on your sites layout. If your Complete Wi-Fi fails to provide a strong signal to your main building, BT may send you up to five additional Wi-Fi Discs to maximise the range. In case of any issues or failure to resolve the issues, you can cancel the Complete Wi-Fi add-on during the guarantee period and claim a refund of up to a maximum of 6 months' previous charges for the Complete Wi-Fi add-on but there will be some exceptions to this so always check your contract.

Key Features of the Best Deals

When it comes to business broadband, the devil is in the details. The key features of the best BT Business Broadband deals, including the location visit, make all the difference in the quality of service your business will receive. Consider the minimum contract term, which factors into your long-term commitment. Actual broadband speeds, dependent on a number of factors such as distance from the exchange, equipment, the quality of your line, and the number of people using the broadband connection simultaneously, play a significant role in ensuring your online operations run smoothly, including the download speed and the minimum guaranteed access line speed (MGAL). The unlimited UK calls offer is an invaluable inclusion, allowing your business to communicate effectively. Managing your broadband service is made easier with the mobile app, offering convenience and control. Don't overlook the estimate of the upload speed, as this directly impacts the efficiency of your business operations. At the end of this minimum contract term, you will pay the full standard price.

The BT Business Broadband Packages For You

Looking for the best BT Business Broadband deals? Here's an overview of their packages. These packages are designed to meet your business needs, with dependable internet and hassle-free browsing. For UK businesses, there are two main types of broadband: superfast and ultrafast fibre service. In each type, there is a basic and feature-rich version to cater for your specific requirements, such as the ability to handle online orders and previous orders. BT Business Broadband is an excellent choice for any size of business, whether you’re a small business that requires broadband for simple emails, video conferencing and browsing or a larger one that takes on things like online orders, BT Business has a broadband product to meet your needs. Customers can choose between standard ADSL and 2 Fibre speeds, giving you options for any need and any budget.


Broadband Types – Superfast and Ultrafast Options

  • Superfast Broadband: Provides internet speeds of up to 76Mbps, making it suitable for smaller businesses that engage in moderate online activities.
  • Ultrafast Broadband: Offers lightning-fast speeds of up to 900Mbps, making it the perfect choice for businesses that have high data usage or heavily rely on online operations.

BT Business Phone Lines

  • BT Business provides flexible landline services that allow businesses to set up standard phone lines, enabling them to handle multiple customer interactions at the same time.
  • The additional functionalities comprise of call redirects that are automatic and the ability to make three-way calls.
  • BT Business offers a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) service that boosts communication efficiency for users who require ultrafast speeds.

Mobile Solutions – Business Mobile SIMs and Phones

  • BT Mobile network provides a comprehensive range of mobile communication solutions, including SIM cards, tablets, and mobile phones.
  • Businesses have the option to either purchase new devices or upgrade their current ones.
  • Furthermore, BT Mobile offers Square's contactless card readers, facilitating convenient acceptance of mobile phone payments.

Leased Lines and Bespoke Solutions for Larger Businesses

  • BT Business provides customised leased line solutions for large businesses or corporations.
  • These lines offer incredibly fast speed ranges from 50Mbps to 10Gbps and are suitable for businesses with a significant number of employees.
  • Although they are more expensive than standard fiber packages, they provide exclusive, high-speed connectivity.

Collaboration Tools

  • BT Business provides a range of collaboration tools that are designed to improve teamwork and productivity.
  • These tools encompass RCS Business messaging, Cisco Webex for audio/video conferencing, and cloud storage via Microsoft 365.

Please note, BT Business broadband does not include TV bundle options like BT Sport, unlike BT's home broadband offerings.

Inclusive Features

One of the standout features of BT Business Broadband is the hybrid backup system, providing an extra layer of connectivity to keep your business online, even in the rare event of fixed line failure. Additionally, BT Business Broadband customers can benefit from cloud voice express services, enabling efficient business communication. The business peak time guarantee ensures reliable service, regardless of the time of day. The foundation of faster connectivity for your business lies in the next generation full fibre broadband technology, which uses fibre optic cabling instead of copper. This technology empowers businesses with much faster and more reliable connectivity, allowing for seamless sharing of huge files. The street cabinet, an often overlooked aspect, plays a crucial role in delivering reliable broadband service. Next generation broadband technology is available in three main types for businesses: fibre to the cabinet (FTTC), fibre to the premises (FTTP), and a more dedicated solution called a leased line.

Exclusive Offers for Business Customers

BT Business Broadband goes the extra mile to cater exclusively to business customers, offering a range of services tailored to your specific needs. Their leased line service, for example, provides dedicated connectivity for your business, guaranteeing reliable internet access. Need connectivity across multiple sites? BT Business Broadband allows you to add extra sites to your broadband service, ensuring connectivity no matter where your business operates. Optic cabling offers faster and more reliable internet service, giving your business an edge in the digital world. The local exchange visit service ensures the swift installation of your broadband service, minimising downtime. Moreover, the electronic point of sale system integration is an exclusive business feature that streamlines your operations, making day-to-day tasks more efficient. If you require an additional line for your business, BT Business Broadband offers a new line service for a £125 charge or a reactivation of an existing line for £20. Switching your line to BT from another supplier is also free of charge. Please note that depending on your site and subject to any survey, you may incur excess construction charges. For more information, refer to Section 45, Part 1 of the BT Price List found at When you sign up to Cloud Voice Express, your existing BT PSTN service will terminate and that contract comes to an end. Once your existing services are terminated, BT may not be able to re-instate your PSTN service on the same commercial terms as you may previously have had so you will need to renegotiate. It is worth noting that Cloud Voice Express does not guarantee the ability to make calls to emergency services at all times, however you will also get calling features included in the package which used to cost extra with traditional phone lines. You can take your digital phone line with you when you move meaning you will be able to keep the same phone number and use the same phones - you’d simply need to inform BT when and where you move to.

Improve Your Business Communications with BT Business Landline Packages

Improve Your Business Communications with BT Business Landline Packages

BT Business offers a wide variety of landline solutions to meet the specific communication requirements of businesses in the UK. You have the option to select either a traditional phone line, which ensures reliability, or a cloud-hosted digital line, which provides greater flexibility and cost savings.

Select Your Service Level

  • BT Business provides three levels of service: Value, Standard, and Featureline.
  • The Value Phone Line option ensures that any faults will be repaired within two working days. On the other hand, both the Standard Phone Line and Featureline guarantee a repair time of one working day.
  • By committing to a 24-month contract, customers can enhance the Value and Standard lines with unlimited UK and international calls.

Customise with Extra Calling Features

  • Customise your business phone line by adding extra features that are available for a fee.
  • These options consist of Call Sign, which allows you to set unique ring tones, reminder calls, call barring, three-way calling for conferences, ring back, and call diversion.
  • By incorporating more features into your package, you can maximise cost-effectiveness.

Complimentary Standard Features

  • BT Business offers a range of features that are included in the package without any additional charges, ensuring a complete communication solution.
  • These features consist of BT 1471, which allows you to identify the most recent caller, BT Answer 1571 for an answering service, and caller display for incoming calls.

Understanding the BT Business Smart Hub

To further enhance your business connectivity, BT Business Broadband offers the BT Business Smart Hub, a powerful hub designed specifically for business customers. Let's explore the unique features of this smart hub and the value it adds to your business operations.

Unique Features of the Smart Hub

The BT Business Smart Hub offers a range of features that set it apart from traditional broadband routers. One of the key features is the cloud voice services, enabling efficient business communication. In the rare event of fixed line failure, the smart hub's hybrid backup system ensures reliable connectivity, minimising the impact on your business. With the smart hub's next day replacement service, you can rest assured that downtime will be minimal, keeping your business running smoothly. The mobile speeds of the smart hub guarantee seamless connectivity, even on the go, ensuring your business is always connected. Additionally, the smart hub comes with a guarantee period, providing peace of mind and uninterrupted service.

The Value it Adds to Your Business

The BT Business Smart Hub adds tremendous value to your business operations. The guarantee period ensures the quality of service, giving your business the reliable connectivity it needs. In the rare event of fixed line failure, the smart hub's fixed line failure support system kicks in, minimising service disruptions and keeping your business online. The personal care system of the smart hub ensures that any concerns or issues are promptly addressed, guaranteeing your business receives the attention it deserves. Moreover, the electronic point of sale system integration feature of the smart hub streamlines your business operations, making day-to-day tasks more efficient. And with the mobile app, managing your broadband service has never been easier, putting control at your fingertips.

Why Should Your Business Consider BT Broadband?

BT Business Broadband is a great option for your business. They have dependable connectivity designed specifically for businesses. They offer inclusive features, a smart hub, and promotions that make their service worthwhile. To make an informed choice, consider factors such as broadband speeds, contract terms, and exclusive business offerings. BT Business Broadband keeps your business reliable and efficient. With customised features that fit your budget, BT is a well-known UK telecoms provider.

Why Should Your Business Consider BT Broadband

Phone Line Options: Traditional or Digital

  • Traditional phone lines are renowned for their dependability and utilise physical wires.
  • Digital phone lines, on the other hand, function through cloud computing. They provide similar functionalities as traditional lines but come with lower setup expenses and enhanced adaptability. However, it is worth noting that they might be marginally less reliable compared to traditional lines.

Static IP Addresses

  • Take your BT Business broadband to the next level by adding a static IP address, perfect for efficiently hosting dependable in-house servers.

4G Assure for Uninterrupted Connectivity

  • If there is a fault with 5G, BT broadband will automatically switch to 4G mobile broadband, guaranteeing uninterrupted internet access.

Robust Cybersecurity Measures

  • Protect your devices, such as Macs, PCs, smartphones, and tablets, by using McAfee antivirus software.
  • Enhance your security with Acronis's encrypted cloud backup and take advantage of its benefits.

24/7 Enhanced IT Support

  • Enjoy 24/7 access to a specialised support team located in the UK, providing a level of service comparable to having an internal IT department.

Access to Digital Services

  • Make use of various digital services, such as multi-channel marketing platforms and domain registration.

Exclusive Partner Offers

  • Take advantage of exclusive perks such as receiving 2% cashback when using a Barclaycard and enjoying a 15% discount on membership with the Federation of Small Business.

Lifelong Consistency with Your Business Number

  • With Cloud Voice Express, you can keep your business number indefinitely, even if you decide to change service providers. This guarantees that your customers can easily reach you without any inconvenience.

Effective Call Filtering

  • Easily prevent unwanted calls by utilising BT's frequently updated blacklist.

Ultrafast Broadband Option

  • BT's role as a pioneer in providing high-speed broadband is evident in the experience of speeds reaching up to 900Mbps.

How does BT Business Broadband compare to other business broadband providers?

BT Business Broadband distinguishes itself from other providers of business broadband with its dependable performance, high-speed connectivity, and extensive network coverage. Offering a comprehensive solution that caters to businesses of all sizes, BT Business Broadband combines exceptional customer service and competitive pricing to deliver an outstanding package and handles customers details and data according to their privacy policy.

Is there a difference between BT Business Broadband and residential broadband?

BTBusiness Broadband is designed for businesses, while residential broadband is for personal use at home. It provides high-speed connectivity and digital services like domain registration and marketing platforms to enhance your online presence. You can also get cashback offers and discounts on memberships with partners like the Chamber of Commerce.

BTBusiness Broadband surpasses residential broadband in speed, offering up to 900Mbps for seamless online activities and cloud-based operations. Additionally, they provide advanced security features such as firewalls, malware protection, and VPN capabilities to safeguard sensitive data, along with proactive support from their business customer service.

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