Cookie Policy

Cookie Policy

RBH LONDON LTD and FREE PRICE COMPARE UTILITIES LTD T/A (“Free Price Compare”, “we” or “us” or “our”) use cookies and other similar technologies in the operation of our website.

What are cookies?

A cookie is a piece of information (a small text file) that a website puts on your computer/ device the first time you visit a site so it can remember something about your device or you at a later date.

We use cookies to differentiate you from other website users of our website (including when you surf third party websites). This helps us to provide you with a good user experience when you browse our website. We also use cookies and similar technologies to show you more tailored ads, including ads on other websites. By using our website, you agree to our use of cookies.

Typically, cookies only contain two pieces of data: a unique user ID and a site name. You can find more information about cookies by visiting and . The cookies on our website are either set by us or by trusted third party technology partners and fall into the following categories: Cookies are also set by third parties on the Website or these are set by us using the third parties cookie code. More information about cookies placed by third parties and how to restrict or block their cookies can be accessed by following the link to their website.

Use of Cookies on Our Website

Our website employs five distinct categories of cookies, with four aligning with the guidelines set by the International Chamber of Commerce UK for cookie use.

Categories of Cookies We Use:

  • Strictly Necessary
  • Performance
  • Functionality
  • Marketing

Among these, we utilise both 'Session Cookies' and 'Persistent Cookies'. Session Cookies are temporary, existing only during your website visit and removed upon departure. Persistent Cookies remain on your device until they expire or are manually deleted. The majority of these cookies are 'First Party Cookies', managed by, but we also use 'Third Party Cookies' from our approved partners. These are often used for incorporating features from other sites, like images, social media interactions, or advertisements.

Strictly Necessary Cookies

Essential for website functionality, these cookies enable navigation and access to secure site areas. Their absence would compromise website use, including:

  • Providing quotes and account information
  • Web request authentication and verification
  • Securing input data against unauthorised access

Performance Cookies

These cookies gather anonymous data on site use, such as frequently visited pages or error messages, helping us enhance website functionality. While they don't identify users personally, some are managed by third parties, detailed within our policy. Uses include:

  • Aggregating information for service improvement
  • Understanding website interaction for customisation
  • Assessing advertising effectiveness
Third partyDescription
Google AnalyticsCollects analytical information about how you / user uses the site so that we can improve our site.

Functionality Cookies

Functionality Cookies offer enhanced services or remember your preferences for a personalised experience without using the data for advertising on other websites. They are used for:

  • Storing chosen preferences for site customisation
  • Providing integrated live chat support
Third partyDescription
TwitterSocial media integration
FacebookSocial media integration on
TwitterSocial media integration on
PinterestSocial media integration on
LInkedinSocial media integration on collection and management platform
Has offerTechnology to measure, analyse, and optimise performance

Marketing Cookies

Marketing Cookies track your website activities, including pages visited, links followed, and visit timing, along with your IP address and device ID. Selected and approved marketing partners use these cookies for targeted advertising based on your browsing activity. They enable the delivery of relevant adverts across different websites, including follow-up adverts encouraging actions like obtaining a quote. Control of these cookies lies with our providers, who also manage the data they collect.

While these cookies don't capture form input data, we may share encrypted information like your email address, IP address, and purchase or reward claim status with our providers. This data helps in:

  • Enhancing website interaction understanding
  • Evaluating third-party website advertising effectiveness
  • Content tailoring for marketing emails, with your consent
  • Triggering specific service communications

Our commitment is to a transparent and responsible cookie use strategy to improve your website experience and ensure the relevance and effectiveness of our advertising efforts.

Third partyDescription
Google AdsTracks performance of advertising campaigns on Google AdWords.
Facebook AdsTracks performance of advertising campaigns on Facebook Ads.
Twitter AdsTracks performance of advertising campaigns on Twitter Ads.
Microsoft AdsTracks performance of advertising campaigns on Microsoft ads.

Behavioural Advertising Explained

We work with trusted and carefully checked companies who might also put cookies on your computer or device when you visit our website. These cookies are used for "behavioural advertising" or "remarketing." This means they help show you ads or offers that are relevant to what you seem interested in. If you don't want to see these types of ads, you can visit the Network Advertising Initiative website to find out how to opt out and get more information.

How to Manage Your Cookies

You can control your cookie settings by clicking the "manage your cookies" link at the bottom of our website.

Stopping Cookies on Your Devices

You can also prevent cookies from being installed on your computer or mobile device by changing your web browser settings to either accept or reject them. Below, we've provided instructions for managing your cookie preferences in different web browsers:

For Microsoft Edge Browser Users:

  • On Windows, choose Tools, then Internet Options, click the Privacy tab, and select your preferred settings – Cookie setting policy
  • On iOS, go to Mobile Settings, select Microsoft Edge, scroll to Privacy & Security, and choose your cookie settings.
  • On Android, tap the menu icon, go to Settings, then Site permissions under Advanced, and select Cookies to set your preferences.

For Mozilla Firefox Users:

  • Choose Preferences from the Edit menu, select Privacy & Security, then Cookies, and adjust your settings – Cookie setting policy

For Apple Safari Users:

  • Choose Preferences from the Safari menu, select the Security tab, and adjust your cookie settings – Cookie setting policy
  • Note: Safari is not available on Android.

For Google Chrome Users:

  • Click the spanner icon on the browser toolbar, go to Settings, click Show advanced settings, in the Privacy section, click the Content Settings button, and adjust your cookie settings - Google Chrome cookie settings policy

Please note, if you restrict certain cookies, you might find it harder to use our price comparison tools and other services on our website.

Third-Party Cookies and Content Sharing with Added Platforms

Our website works alongside Third Parties to offer you certain services and to help provide tailored advertising and other content to our visitors. Some cookies from these Third Parties are critical for our website to function.

Below is a list of Third Parties we collaborate with. These parties may track your visit to our site, the pages you've explored, and the links you've clicked on. We use this data to make our website and the ads you see more relevant to your interests. Without these cookies, you won't receive our targeted advertising on different websites.

Third partyDescription
TwitterTwitter is a platform for social interaction and sharing. It uses cookies to evaluate ad performance and deliver targeted marketing on Twitter. Privacy contact - Twitter Privacy Policy
FacebookFacebook is a social media and networking service. It uses cookies for ad performance measurement and targeted marketing on Facebook. Privacy contact - Facebook Data Policy
Google AdsGoogle Ads uses cookies to assess our paid ads' performance and to offer targeted marketing on Google Ads. Privacy contact - Google Ads Privacy
YahooYahoo, an advertising platform, uses cookies for targeted marketing on Yahoo Search. Privacy contact - Yahoo Privacy
BingBing, a search advertising platform, uses cookies for targeted marketing on Bing Search. Privacy contact - Microsoft Privacy Statement
AwinAwin is an affiliate marketing network using cookies to track visits from end devices on advertiser and publisher sites. Privacy contact - Awin Privacy Policy
CloudflareCloudflare uses cookies for network optimisation, traffic management, and protection against malicious traffic. Privacy contact - Cloudflare Privacy Policy
CriteoCriteo enables targeted advertising based on previous website visits or interactions. Privacy contact – Criteo Customer Contact
HotjarHotjar uses cookies for enabling customer feedback and understanding website usage. Privacy contact - Hotjar Privacy
YouTubeYouTube uses cookies to understand video performance and viewer preferences, offering a personalised viewing experience. Privacy contact - YouTube (Google) Privacy Policy
TikTokTikTok uses cookies for ad measurement, performance, and targeted advertising within its platform. Privacy contact - TikTok Privacy Policy

Fraud Prevention Measures on Our Website

Our website employs first-party and third-party cookies as part of our security strategy to guard against fraud and misuse, as well as to detect unusual online activities. Some of these cookies may be created using Flash technology. While we generally advise against it, you have the option to control Flash cookies by using the Adobe Flash Player Settings Manager. This feature allows you to either disable Flash cookies altogether or restrict their use to certain websites. To access this tool, simply right-click on any Flash content you see in your browser and choose 'Settings' or 'Global Settings' from the menu that appears.

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