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No matter how big your premises are, or how much electricity it uses, you’ll always want to get the best commercial energy deal to keep your restaurant ticking over.

As a restaurant owner, you might consider saving on your energy bill by switching all the lights off after a shift, keeping your fridges and dishwashers in good condition, reducing hot water consumption, or getting your staff involved in your energy-saving endeavours.

But making small changes to your attitude towards energy is only one part of the puzzle. To ensure there’s never a compromise between the prices you pay and your restaurant’s energy efficiency, it’s important to shop around and compare prices.

In fact, sticking with the same energy supplier can lead to rate hikes of over 150% and more. Renewing your business energy doesn’t have to be complicated, and better yet, might save you a quid or two in the process. The team at are here to help.

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4000+ reviews