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As more and more green targets are imposed on the medical and dental sector, and as energy bills continue to climb, it’s never been more important to conduct business energy cost comparisons or change business energy supplier altogether.

If you’re a professional dental practice owner, it’s only fair if you’re wondering how you can reduce your energy consumption to meet green regulations while keeping your energy costs down.

We understand that this can be a challenge given the amount of high-tech dental equipment you constantly use every day. But, even some of the simplest changes in your practice can save significant amounts of money and energy.

One of the most effective changes to make to save energy is to switch any halogen bulbs to LED light bulbs, which typically use up to 75% less energy. But that’s only part of the solution.

You can knock hundreds of pounds off your future gas and electricity bills by making the switch with our independent, impartial, and completely free UK business energy cost comparison service.

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