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Energy providers use our fear of losing heating or hot water to charge a premium price for boiler breakdown cover. And while some of the big six energy suppliers try to sell their own cover at inflated prices, you don't need to go with your energy provider to cover your boiler.

Whether you’re just looking for cheap boiler insurance, or want full cover with no excess, there’s a range of options for all budgets.

You can cover the costs of servicing and repairing your boiler or heating system for a monthly or annual fee: call-outs, parts and labour costs can all be included, depending on the type of cover you choose.

What is boiler care?

Your boiler is an important part of your home, if your boiler breaks down, you will have no heating or hot water which can be stressful and expensive to fix.

Having boiler cover means a qualified gas safe engineer will come out whenever your boiler breaks down, and you will be covered for the cost of the below:

  • Engineer call outs
  • Parts
  • Labour
  • Replacement boilers
  • Annual Service*

Having boiler care can remove the hassle and stress from having to look after your boiler and central heating system.

Who needs to take out boiler and central heating cover?

If you own your own home, you can cover your boiler or heating system to ensure you aren't hit with a large bill if anything happens to go wrong.

If you rent a property any cover should be taken out by your landlord.

  • There is a total of 23 million homes in the UK
  • 115,000,000 boiler breakdowns are reported in the UK every year
  • 8,280,000 people have boiler cover in the UK

*Report by uSwitch

Why do you need boiler care?

Boilers most commonly breakdown in the winter months after being turned off all summer, meaning you will be faced with an unexpected bill around Christmas time which can already be very expensive. An engineer will charge around £60 just to visit your property and will charge additional labour for very hour they are there.

  • The "brains" of your boiler - a printed circuit board – £277
  • A new fan - £240
  • Gas valve - £219.
  • A new water pump - £211
  • Diverter valve - £191
  • Pressure relief valve - £102
  • Ignition system - £109

*The Sun

As you can see, a boiler repair could cost you up to £300, if you need more than one repair a year it gets expensive. Adding an annual boiler service and consider leaking, blocked pipes, pest infestations and electrical faults £16.99 per month

Boiler Service

Having your boiler serviced annually is very important, it will ensure the boiler is safe to use, energy efficient and working properly and ensure your plan is still valid.

Our £16.99 plan includes a FREE annual boiler service worth £90 from a gas safe engineer.

Types of cover

Whether you’re just looking for cheap boiler insurance or want full cover which includes home emergency and an annual boiler service with no excess, there’s a range of options for all budgets.

You can cover the costs of servicing and repairing your boiler or heating system for a monthly or annual fee: call-outs, parts and labour costs are all included with every plan.

Some plans are for boilers only and will not cover your central heating and controls, others will but won’t cover your plumbing and drainage so it is very important to understand what you are buying before going ahead.

It is also worth noting that boiler care plans are for gas boilers only.

What is home emergency care?

Home emergency plans are a great addition to your boiler care, providing further peace of mind that perils such as blocked pipes and water leaks are covered. With a 24/7 emergency helpline, you can ensure your whole home is covered in any emergency situation!

  • Internal and external plumbing and drainage – Water leaks and blocked pipes.
  • Home electrics
  • Pest infestations

Why is it different to your home insurance?

Home emergency cover typically covers events such as blocked drains or electrical failure. It's different from a standard home insurance policy which only covers damage to your home and belongings. The emergency aspect is key here, our boiler cover partner can get an engineer to you within 2 hours, if you claim under your normal home insurance this can turn into days.

What counts as an emergency?

It’s important to read the terms and conditions before purchasing a home emergency plan and understand what counts as an ‘emergency’. It is likely to mean the total loss of a service such as central heating or hot water, rather than issues with heating controls or weak water pressure.

A home emergency is normally something that does one or more of the following:

  • Makes your home uninhabitable
  • Will cause permanent damage to your home
  • Causes a risk to your health and wellbeing
  • Makes your home unsafe

Will I have to pay excess to make a claim?

All Boiler Cover providers offer a broad range of products and most have an excess to pay to get an engineer out. Some providers hide the excess within the terms and conditions, so always read the small print carefully.

What can't be covered?

There are often exemptions to boiler and heating cover, you should always check your terms and conditions carefully to make sure the plan is right for you.

Boiler Care does not cover the below,

  • Pre-existing faults
  • Mobile homes, bedsits, commercial premises and HMO’s
  • Boilers not serviced annually by a gas safe engineer
  • Repairs to boilers within manufacturer’s warranty
  • Boilers over 15 years old
  • Non-emergency repairs *Excluding boilers
  • Repairs in the first 30-days of the plan start date
  • Any excess payments in order to raise a request
  • Sludge in your central heating system
  • Non gas boilers – Electric, Oil, LPG, AGA Rayburn and back boilers.

Boiler cover is important if you want to protect you and your family from the nasty consequences of a boiler breakdown. Your boiler is responsible for heating the water for washing up and your showers as well heating you’re your home. You deserve the best heating supply, even when your gas boiler or central heating boiler stops working, to ensure you stay warm and cosy at home, find out what the best boiler cover actually means and where you can get it from.

Even if you have home emergency cover included in your home insurance policy, this is very limited and is not a long-term solution. Some plans will make you pay an excess to claim, and if repair costs exceed the cover limit, you will have to pay extra. Many companies will not even provide an annual boiler service and If your boiler is very old, some companies will not cover it.

Boiler breakdown cover

Boiler cover protects you and your home in case of an emergency involving your gas boiler. Your household depends on the boiler for hot water and heating. Boiler repairs and even an annual service are not cheap but are 100% essential, and finding a trusted qualified installer is often a bit of a hassle.

Homeowners and tenants

Homeowners should seriously consider boiler cover because they are responsible for boiler replacement, servicing, and repair costs.

Home insurance does not include cover for boilers, you have to pay extra so its worth checking what’s around before committing.

Home insurance does not cover an annual boiler service, which goes a long way towards preventing the inconvenience and expense of an unexpected boiler breakdown. An annual boiler service makes sure the boiler is gas safe and energy efficient.

Tenants don’t need to worry about boiler cover because the landlord is legally obligated to ensure the boiler, radiators, heating system and plumbing are regularly serviced by qualified technicians. In fact, rental properties need to have yearly gas safety checks done and tenants are entitled to copies of the reports.

If you are a tenant you should talk to your landlord to see if they have boiler cover. For your peace of mind, they should have boiler cover in place, ensure it is maintained and they should know how long any boiler service will take.

Why do boilers break down?

In addition to the age of the boiler and a lack of regular maintenance, here are some common causes of boiler malfunction over time:

  • Because the pipes that move condensation away from the boiler installation run outside the home, cold weather can freeze and burst the pipes.
  • Turning off your boiler over a long period of time, such as in the summer, causes issues once the weather gets cold again - especially when it comes to pumps and valves seizing up. Combi boilers are also vulnerable to this.
  • Boilers lose efficiency when water pressure is low, which leads to increased wear and tear for many parts. If you have a gas boiler, you need to be especially careful with this issue.
  • Over time, pipes in heating systems corrode and build up sludge deposits and sediments that affect water flow, which impacts how well your boiler runs.

What boiler care covers

Each policy will vary in what is covered but here are the main parts that you should be looking out for.

  • Call-out fees, parts and labour are taken care of by boiler cover in case of breakdown. The boiler control parts are also included.
  • Round-the-clock, 24 hour helplines available 365 days a year.
  • Annual scheduled service

Boiler cover does not kick in immediately after purchase. There is an initial cool-off period designed to dissuade people from taking advantage of services offered without commitment to a minimum period of coverage.

Am I responsible for boiler maintenance?

If you own your home, the short answer is that yes, you are indeed responsible for routine boiler maintenance. In the case of major malfunction, your boiler cover actually kicks in and you won’t get rejected from trying to buy last-minute (or late) cover.

When you are dealing with home or car insurance companies, you must be able to show that your insured items are maintained regularly to remain covered. That is to say this expectation is standard for all kinds of insurance, whether it be home, car, or boiler cover, you can prove this by having a boiler service.

Is there an excess I must pay?

Most of the boiler cover plans out there have a £50 excess, this means that for any claim they have to pay £50 before an engineer even inspects the boiler.

Gas Safe Register

It is essential that anyone who services your boiler has Gas Safe Register certification to ensure that they can fix all manner of boiler ailments from combustion issues due to a badly installed flue, or valve failures. These are common types of malfunctions that could lead to carbon monoxide poisoning if left unchecked.

The Gas Safe Register has superseded the previous CORGI scheme since 2009. Its purpose is to ensure that every boiler and heating engineer is good at their job and strictly follows health and safety regulations.

Any issues requiring gas or heating repair should always be dealt with by a certified engineer. Under no circumstances should you or an unqualified person attempt any repairs, even if it’s just the heater or thermostat. Aside from the obvious safety issues, if you have a newer boiler any unauthorised repair will void the warranty.

Boiler Repair Cost without boiler cover

Without boiler cover, repairs start out at anywhere between £200 and £300 for something as basic as fixing the heat exchanger. However, repair costs are difficult to predict accurately, because the age and design of the boiler have as much of an impact on cost as which part of the boiler has malfunctioned.

Older boilers are more difficult, and pricier, to repair because parts are harder to find. On top of that, labour costs usually start out at around £60 an hour. Many contractors will have a call-out fee, meaning that a minimum fee needs to be paid for the service no matter the issue.

Regular service, which can prevent serious issues down the line also costs anywhere between £75 and £100. We haven’t even talked about boilers that cannot be repaired and need to be replaced which easily pushes costs into thousands of pounds.

When taking all these potential expenses into account, paying around a £10 - £20 a month for a working boiler seems more than reasonable.

What could be wrong with my boiler?

These are some of the most common boiler problems experienced by households across the UK:

  • 1. No Heat or Hot Water. This is typically due to an issue with boiler pressure or your thermostat. You may have a broken diaphragm, airlock or valve that needs to be a replaced.
  • 2. Leaking and Dripping. Your boiler may be leaking water due to a broken internal component, such as a pressure valve or pump seal. Either the pressure is too high or a component has corroded and needs replacing. Dripping water could pose a serious health hazard in the kitchen where you have electrical appliances on the worktops.
  • 3. Rumbling noise. If you hear a strange rumbling or gurgling noise, it’s usually due to a build-up of limescale or sludge in your boiler that has restricted the flow of water within the heat exchanger.
  • 4. Pilot light goes out. If the small blue flame that’s usually kept alight keeps going out, its cause may be a broken thermocouple, a draught or a deposit build-up.

Here just a few of the many benefits you get from boiler cover and annual service:

  • Costs of fees, parts and labour are all taken care of in case of a breakdown.
  • 24 hour helpline available 365 days a year. This 24/7 assistance gives you peace of mind if anything happens someone is on the end of the phone to support you.
  • A Gas Safe Registered engineer will carry out a boiler assessment and gas check. You’ll be guaranteed that the person who enters your home is good at their job and will strictly follow health and safety regulations.
  • A full boiler service check helps to avoid a breakdown occurring.
  • A physical record that certifies your boiler assessment and gas check. Not only will this put you on the right side the law if you ever want to sell your property, but it’s also the best way to catch any problems that may lead to a breakdown.

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