Car Breakdown Cover – Types And Levels

April 19th, 2016
Car Breakdown Cover – Types And Levels

You will never want to be stranded on the roads. It would be a big fuss if your car broke down and betrayed you on the road. Poor machine cannot be blamed for it, but you can certainly arrange for any such unwelcomed situation. If you are travelling long distances on the UK roads, then it becomes essential that you arrange for a breakdown situation.

The best way to do it would be to buy a car breakdown cover. The sooner you buy the cover the better it would be for you. It will not only be a perfect assistance when the car gives up on the road, but would also keep you relaxed and even tempered as you know that the finances for the repair would be managed quite easily.

Find here the different types of breakdown covers:

Standard breakdown cover: It is the easiest way to buy cover for all kinds of car breakdown situations throughout the year. You have to make an upfront annual payment and the cover will provide the payoff for any number of call-outs during the year.

It is most suitable for regular travellers and long distance commuters. Nonetheless, it would not turn out to be the best choice of cover for an old and run down car. Most breakdown companies offer this cover so, check them out and buy the cover early to be better prepared to face unexpected breakdowns.

Pay and claim cover: Here also you have to pay an upfront annual cost. It differs in a manner that for call-outs, the company will send a local recovery service personnel and not their expert engineers. You will have to pay to the local firm and send the receipt to the breakdown company.

The amount of money spent by you would then be refunded by the company. As you have to pay for local mechanics, the cost of repair is much cheaper than the company’s engineers charge. So, if you are looking for a cheaper breakdown cover, this one would be the best bet for you.

Car manufacturer branded cover: Few big names in car manufacturing offer this cover, wherein they cover the breakdown damage of that particular vehicle. They collaborate with a third party breakdown cover provider in which the repair service will be provided by third party people and not their own engineers. Another type of this cover offers repair services by a combination of their own dealer network and a third party provider. This is a safer bet as you will receive a quick repair service without any delay.

Personal breakdown cover: This service focuses on you and thus offers breakdown cover for any car you are sitting in. This is an assured service, whether you are driving the car or are travelling as a passenger in any other vehicle. This is best suited for frequent travellers who choose to drive or travel in more than one car. It is a little expensive cover and so, may not be the best idea if you aim at choosing a cheaper cover.

Car breakdown cover: This is another kind of cover where the vehicle is the priority. It will give pay-outs for the breakdown irrespective of who is driving it. This is the best suited option for a family car which is driven by any member of the family. Definitely not the cheapest option, this cover also facilitates naming of two, three vehicles under one policy.

Various levels of car breakdown cover: Breakdown cover levels vary from one company to another. It also varies in its services.

The following are the most commonly available options:

Vehicle recovery: This is in case of extreme breakdown where there are no chances of roadside repair. This level will pay for towing the vehicle to a garage or your home as well as the actual repair.

Roadside assistance: This cover will provide support when your car gives up anywhere in the UK. So, you are fully covered on any road in the UK, especially at least when you are a quarter of a mile away from home.

Home assistance: You will be entitled to all the services of the cover even if the car breaks down at your home or an area within a quarter of a mile from your home.

Parts and labour cover: It provides the money spent on replacing the parts as well as the labour charges required to fix the car.

Onward travel: This service offers you a courtesy car to reach your destination while your car is being fixed. If needed it arranges for your accommodation while your vehicle is being repaired. Valid across the UK, this cover is certainly an expensive bet. If you can afford, then this level of cover will prevent any kinds of delay or inconvenience during your travel.

European breakdown cover: This one is not just limited to the UK, but offers cover anywhere in Europe. If you frequently travel in other countries of Europe, then this cover is ideal for you. Many breakdown providers will offer you this cover and if you don’t have it now then there are many standard policies which will let you upgrade to this cover. Depending on your area of travel, you can choose this breakdown cover.

How to find a cheaper breakdown cover?

There are different ways to find a cheaper breakdown cover. You need to consider all aspects including the type, the payoff, the premium and discount before buying the cover. Some of the common ways to buy a cheap car breakdown cover are:

Buy it as an add-on with your car insurance policy: While you are insuring the car for accidental damage and other kinds of repair services, you can also ask for a breakdown cover. As an add-on service, it will cost you much less than as a separate cover. You have to check with your car insurance provider whether it offers this cover or not and, if yes then at what cost. When offered at an affordable cost, you should buy this add-on.

Consider buying from small breakdown cover providers: Instead of investing in big branded names for breakdown cover providers, choose the smaller firms that offer you cheaper covers for car break down. This would be much more cost effective when compared to the branded cover providers. To pull the customer, they may offer a good discount as well.

Compare and shop around: You must compare various breakdown cover providers in the UK and look at their offers. Depending on your frequency of travel, distances covered and the budget, you should buy cheap yet absolute cover. Ask your friends about their experiences with their cover providers. Check, talk, think and then choose!

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