Know Your Energy Supplier: Npower

July 6th, 2016
Know Your Energy Supplier: Npower

Compare Npower energy prices and save up to £318*

Npower originally known as RWE npower plc is an energy generator and supplier for domestic and commercial purposes. In 2002, npower was acquired by a German company named RWE and since then it is known as RWE npower plc. It is part of the Big Six energy suppliers and is very popular, they currently produce 10% of electricity used nationally. It has a huge customer base of around 6.5 million customers across the United Kingdom.

It is one of the very few energy companies that has the Carbon Trust Award to its credit. These are awarded to companies who are exceptional at managing energy, water and waste. It uses coal, oil, biomass and natural gas as the fuel for power generation.

Npower customer service rating

New RatingOld Rating
3-star reviews3-star reviews

Why compare Npower energy prices?

Being the baby of RWE Group, the company has some good credit to its side. RWE group belongs to Europe’s largest gas and electricity companies. It supplies electricity to nearly 16 million customers and gas to 8 million customers.

RWE npower is renowned for wind-power and hydro electricity generation.

Npower gas energy tariffs and prices

Tariff NameTariff typeCancellation feeAnnual Avg cost 
npower – Price Fix March 2021 v2Fixed Tariff£60.00£1,018.16 Compare now
npower – Go Green Energy Fix March 2022Fixed Tariff£60.00£1,055.09 Compare now
npower – Price Fix February 2021 (Paperless)Fixed Tariff£60.00£1,100.73 Compare now
npower – Go Green Energy Fix February 2022 (Paperless)Fixed Tariff£60.00£1,125.43 Compare now

Npower Fuel Mix vs UK average Fuel Mix

Npower Fuel Mix vs UK energy fuel mix

Energy Source20192018201720162015
CO2 Emission262 g/kWh308 g/kWh298 g/kWh328 g/kWh527 g/kWh
Nuclear Waste0.00100 g/kWh0.00100 g/kWh0.00079 g/kWh0.00100 g/kWh0.00100 g/kWh

nPower energy price increases and decreases

Price changes in 2020

20/02/2020 – nPower dropped their energy prices for 1 million customers by an average of 1%

Price changes in 2019

10/2019 – On the back of OFGEM price cap announcement, nPower reduced energy price by 6%

Price changes in 2018

06/2018 – nPower increased energy prices by 5.3% for standard variable tariff customers.

Price changes in 2015

The company announced in January 2015 it was to lower prices by 5.1% for its standard tariff customers. It was supposed to be in effect from 16th February.

Price changes in 2013

October 2013 nPower announced a price rise by a whopping 10.4%. The rise was announced for both gas and electricity. Its rates increased with effect from 1st December 2013 and increased the dual fuel customer’s bill by £139 per year.

What type of energy tariffs offered by nPower for the UK households?

  • Variable energy tariff – nPower can decide when to change prices for the energy they supply.
  • Fixed rate tariff – You can agree a price with nPower which stays fixed (standing charge and unit rate) for the terms you agree.
  • Pay as you go tariffs – widely known as prepayment meter tariff and top up meter tariff. You have to pay for your energy before you use it. You’ll get a key or a card from nPower to top up your meter.
  • Dual fuel tariff – you are getting your gas and electricity supply from nPower and one bill for both.

Complaint handling and customer service

Reporting period in Q/YQ4 2019Q3 2019Q2 2019Q1 2019Q4 2018
Total complaints received68,18974,66780,17993,55193,459
Received per 100k customer accounts20662160218824642395
Total Complaints resolved64,50867,62074,78185,14585,691
Resolved per 100k customer accounts19541956204022432196
Resolved within 48 hours55%55.12%52%51%49%
Resolved within 8 weeks90%89%88%88%88%

Top 5 complaint reasons in percentages

Billing and meter readings – 44.37%

Customer service – 25.48%

Metering – 9.23%

Payment – 8.50%

Debt – 5.55%

To log complaint with nPower

Call: 0800 316 9328 (select option 1)

Minicom/textphone: 0800 413 016

Email: [email protected]

Write to nPower: Complaints Team, npower, PO Box 177, Houghton-le-Spring, DH4 9AQ

Emergency number in case of meter fault or gas leak: 0800 111 999

For priority service:

Contact Number: 0800 073 3000 / 0330 100 3000

Customer relations team

Call: 08003169328 (select option 2)

Minicom/textphone: 0800 413 016

Email: [email protected]

Write to: Customer Relations Team, npower, PO Box 177, Houghton-le-Spring, DH4 9AQ

Ombudsman Service

Call: 0330 440 1624* (textphone 0330 440 1600*)

Write: Ombudsman Services: Energy, PO Box 966, Warrington WA4 9DF

Email: [email protected]


Compare nPower business energy

nPower business supplies business energy to large, medium and SME businesses within the UK.

What does nPower offer for businesses?

  • Online account and management
  • Various business energy tariff options
  • Business moving support
  • Long term fixed business energy contract
  • Smart meter for businesses

Why should you get a nPower smart meter for your business?

  • It will help you get accurate business energy bills
  • You can see how much energy is being used by your business
  • It might help you save money for your business

How to contact nPower business?

Live chat: Online chat using their website

Call: 03301008100

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