Know Your Energy Supplier: E.ON Energy

July 6th, 2016
Know Your Energy Supplier: E.ON Energy

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E.ON (also shown as Eon) is an integral part of the “Big six” energy suppliers of the United Kingdom and is one of the world’s largest investor owned power and gas company. Formerly called Powergen until 2007, the company supplies energy for domestic and commercial use. Be it for home or business, E.ON is a reliable name for more than 5 million customers. The company holds the accreditation of being the UK’s second largest electricity generator.

E.ON’s headquarters are in Coventry and the company has several offices and power generation sites across the UK, it also has wind farms and a biomass plant.

E.ON customer service rating

New Rating Old Rating
4-star reviews 4-star reviews

According to a survey, E.ON has a 76% satisfied customers, which proves it has good quality service.

2012 was the year that marked E.ON as the first energy company that offered cash rewards for loyalty to its customers it was also the same year that the company ended the process of unsolicited doorstep selling.

E.ON energy tariffs and prices

Tariff Name Tariff type Cancellation fee Annual Avg cost  
E.ON – Fix Online Exclusive v50 Fixed Tariff £60.00 £873.21 Compare now
E.ON – Fix 1 Year v4 Fixed Tariff £00.00 £1,018.34 Compare now
E.ON – Fix Online v42 Fixed Tariff £60.00 £987.60 Compare now
E.ON – Fix Online Exclusive v49 Fixed Tariff £60.00 £890.60 Compare now

E.ON energy tariffs and prices in April 2020

E.ON Energy fuel mix and UK energy fuel mix chart

Energy Source 2019 2018 2017 2016 2015
Coal 7.2% 9.8% 1.2% 16% 21%
Gas 48.9% 52.3% 90.1% 66% 59%
Nuclear 14.7% 15.9% 1% 1% 2%
Renewable 26.2% 18.7% 7.3% 16% 17%
Other 3.1% 3.3% 0.4% 1% 1%
CO2 Emission 264 g/kWh 300 g/kWh 337 g/kWh 408 g/kWh 418 g/kWh
Nuclear Waste 0.00100 g/kWh 0.00111 g/kWh 0.00007 g/kWh 0.00008 g/kWh 0.00013 g/kWh

E.ON Energy price increases and decreases

Price changes in 2020

Energy price reduction by about 1% – after OFGEM price cap announcement, E.ON energy reduced its standard variable tariff price by about 1%

Price changes in 2019

Energy price reduction – from 01/10/2019, E.ON lowered energy price for1.8 million customers with standard variable tariffs by £77.

Price increase by 10% – E.ON announce price increase by 10% for 1.8 million customers from 01/04/2019.

Price changes in 2018

Price increase by 4.8% – E.ON raised energy prices for its customers by an average of 4.8% which meant energy bills went up by £55 for dual fuel energy tariff customers in August 2018.
April 2018, eon increased daily standing charges for customers who preferred paying energy bills by cash or claques on quarterly basis.

Price changes in 2017

E.ON announced a price increase for gas by 4% and electricity by 14% in march 2017.

Price changes in 2016

The company announced in January 2016 about a 5.1% price cut in its gas supplies. This was brought forth to reduce at least £32 per year from every customer’s energy bill.

Price changes in 2015

In January 2015, the company announced to cut down 3.5% prices for its dual fuel customers. In December 2013, it announced an increase in gas and electricity prices by 3.7%, with effect from 18th January.

What type of energy tariffs are offered by E.ON Energy for the UK households?

  • Variable energy tariff – E.ON can vary your daily standing charge and the price per kWh as and when they prefer.
  • Fixed rate tariff – The unit rate and standing charge will remain fixed for the agreed contract term with E.ON.
  • E.ON pay as you go meter (payg) / Prepayment meter tariff – Sometimes known as a top up meter and you need to pay for your energy by using a key or card before using any energy.
  • Dual fuel tariff – Your gas and electricity supplier is the same supplier and you get one energy bill which shows gas and electricity usage breakdown.
  • Smart Pay As You Go – you can control and top up by using the E.ON app for prepayment smart meter.

Complaint handling and customer service

Reporting period in Q/Y Q4 2019 Q3 2019 Q2 2019 Q1 2019 Q4 2018
Total complaints received 97,907 153,075 157,734 180,108 165,246
Received per 100k customer accounts 1711 2711 2778 3079 2720
Total Complaints resolved 87,166 136,684 140,667 162,200 147,884
Resolved per 100k customer accounts 1531 2420 2478 2773 2432
Resolved within 48 hours 59% 69.06% 72.21% 76.01% 75.58%
Resolved within 8 weeks 89% 92.10% 93.68% 94.96% 95.38%

Top 5 complaint reasons in percentages

Customer service – 66%

Bills and meter readings – 13%

Payments – 8%

My prices – 4%

Prepayment classis metering – 2%

How to contact E.ON energy?

General complaints: 0345 052 0000

Smart Meters: 0345 366 5973

Prepayment: 0345 303 3040

Moving home: 0345 303 3020

Installation: 0800 054 6250

Citizen advice contact details:

Citizens Advice consumer helpline on 03454 04 05 06.


Compare E.ON energy for business

One of the big six business energy suppliers helping small, medium and large businesses around the UK. They provide tailored energy services to manufacturers and major conference centres too.

What does E.ON energy offer for businesses?

  • Fixed energy contract for businesses
  • Multipurchase contract
  • Flexible energy contract
  • Half hourly (00) meter supply
  • Smart meter installations for business customers

Contact E.ON business services:

Online: Website online chat

Email: [email protected]

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