Know Your Energy Supplier: Green Star Energy

July 6th, 2016
Know Your Energy Supplier: Green Star Energy

Green Star Energy:

Formed in July 2013, the company has been an independent supplier of gas and electricity. It supplies energy for domestic usage. It was previously called Pioneer energy and is part of Just Energy Group, which is a supplier of energy in Canada and North America. Green Star Energy claims to provide 100% renewable electricity to its customers.

Sources for its fuel mix for generating electricity are as follows:

    • Renewables – 99.8%

    • Nuclear – 0.03%

    • Natural Gas – 0.07%

    • Coal – 0.08%

    • Other fuels – 0.02%

Green Star Energy Corporate Info:

The company is a branch of Just Energy Group. The parent company is a public traded company supplying energy in Canada and North America. It has been in the energy business for quite a long time that is since 1997. With 1.8 million customers, this company has a wide and satisfied customer base.

Comparatively Green Star Energy is a small supplier but has all the traits of making it big in the UK energy market.

Green Star Energy – Customer satisfaction status:

The company is relatively new and can be judged over a period of time. It has satisfied customers across UK. It is famous amongst customers who want to conserve environment and so opts for green electricity.

Why Green Star Energy?

    • Uses renewable sources of electricity

    • Causes no harm to the environment

    • Affordable energy provider

    • Winner of best energy provider of the year 2016

    • Excellent service

For more details on Green Star Energy tariff and for a fair comparison with other energy providers, just check our website or call us on 02034757476.  you may also like: Green Star Energy Cancellation Fees

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