Pet Insurance and alternative therapies

August 22nd, 2016
Pet Insurance and alternative therapies

Does your pet insurance cover alternative therapies? Find out here!

Alternative therapies are a big way of treating your pet without any side effects. Many pet owners are considering natural remedies to keep their pets up and healthy. According to statistics, 51% of pet parents prefer herbal medicines for their furry babies while 46% choose massage therapy for their snuggle buddies. 36% would opt for acupuncture while only 24% would go for aromatherapy for their pets.

With such a big number of pet owners choosing alternative form of treatments for their pets, there should be some mechanism for covering these expenses in their pet insurance policies. And there are! Yes! Around 96% of the companies offer a cover for alternative remedies for their pets. Surprisingly, not many pet owners know this. Only 21% of the owners are aware that the cover includes complementary therapies.

The pet insurance cover the costs that range between £200 and £10,000. The number of alternative treatments depends on the kind of cover but most of them cover up to seven treatments. Around 20% of parents thought that only expensive policies will cover these remedies while the fact is that budget policies will also pay for these treatments.

You can choose alternative treatments like physiotherapy, homeopathy, acupuncture, hydrotherapy, chiropractic, osteopathy and herbal medicine. These treatments can be used not just for physical ailments but for behavioural issues like stress and other problems. These would be covered in your standard policy and you will need a vet referral for the reimbursement.

Therefore, you can afford any kind of treatment for your pet even on a budgeted pet insurance policy. Again, the worst part is that more than 45% of the pets are not insured and so, their owners may not afford costly treatments. So, all of us should get insurance for our pets.

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