Beware: Fake British Gas Emails May Contain Viruses

August 22nd, 2016
Beware: Fake British Gas Emails May Contain Viruses

News that is spreading like wildfire in the UK energy market is that British Gas mails are injecting viruses in its customer’s PCs. Yes! This time it is the giant energy supplier at the receiving end of this cyber-crime. Hundreds and thousands of British Gas customers are receiving malicious mail which hijacks people’s PCs and then asks for ransom in return for logging them back.

In looks and feel, these mails are superbly authentic as it uses the company’s branding. Sent with a title ‘Your summer gas & electricity bills’ the mail contains payment details and the amount the customer owes to the “gas and electricity supplier”.

Link to view the detailed bill redirects the customers to a website that asks them to download a file. Do not download that file or else your PC will be attacked by the virus and it will be virtually hijacked. You will not be able to come back to your own screen unless you pay a random through an online payment.

Immediate solution suggested by British Gas:

As a prompt action, British Gas has shut down the website linked to the scam. It has also asked customers to forward any phishing email to [email protected]. The energy provider asked its customers that emails sent by it would contain their account number and only such mails should be considered authentic.

The company also asked the customers to give a call to its representatives if they are unsure about any mail received with the label of the company. Also, not to click any links before checking the authenticity of the mail with the company itself.

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