Want To Move Energy Meter? – Check The Process, Possible Solutions And Hurdles

April 24th, 2017
Want To Move Energy Meter? – Check The Process, Possible Solutions And Hurdles

You might have thought of moving the energy meter little closer to your computer room so that sending the online meter readings becomes an easy task for you. Well, moving the meter closer to your PC certainly helps you in getting a quick meter reading and is especially supportive when you want to compare home energy plans online. If the meter is placed near the PC, it becomes easier to compare energy prices from online energy price comparison websites as going all the way to the garage or basement may give you lazy vibes and most of us tend to postpone the task.

Some of the other valid reasons to move your energy meter are:

  • When you are revamping the building or doing any sort of building work.
  • When the meter is placed in such a place that it becomes difficult for you to read or access the meter

Talking about the hurdles, one thing is for sure and that is you cannot move your energy meter by yourself as it is considered an illegal practice. You should always opt for a professional service for displacing the home energy meter. The kind of professional help provided depends on the distance at which you need to move the gas and electricity meter.

If you want to shift it within a 1 meter space than what it currently is, then you need to call your electricity and gas provider and seek their services for displacing the meter. The gas and electricity supplier would reveal the charges for this service and the charges may vary with different UK energy companies.

However, you are bound to take service from your supplier only as if you want it from another supplier then you need to switch to that gas and electricity supplier first. To get an idea you can compare energy companies for their charges to move the energy meters. If you are a priority customer then your gas and electricity provider will do it for free.

Companies offering home energy plans consider the following as priority customers:

  • Anyone who is a pensioner
  • Someone suffering from a long-term illness
  • Disabled people
  • Those on the supplier’s Priority Service Register

When you want to move the energy meter at a distance that is more than 1 meter, you need to contact your local energy distributor and gas transporter. As they are supposed to handle issues related to supplying pipes or cables outside your home, they are the right resource. They would charge you anything between £400 and £1,000, sometimes even more but this solely depends on the amount of work needed to move the meter.

Another major reason for which people want to move their energy meter is that it shows incorrect reading due to lack of signals in the area in which it is placed. Note installing energy meters at a place that receives lower signals is a grave mistake and can lead to obnoxiously high energy bills.

This small mistake can chuck up all your plans of getting cheapest energy bills. In order to resolve this issue, you must talk to your gas and electricity provider company that is currently offering the home energy plans and discuss the solutions in detail.

If the home energy supplier charges you a lot then you should think about switching to a cheaper energy supplier as it clearly suggests that the current energy supplier’s services are pricey.

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