Trick to save £200 for Loyal British Gas Customers

June 25th, 2018
Trick to save £200 for Loyal British Gas Customers

Compare and see how much you can save on your energy bills

Many energy customers are loyal to their energy company and 60% of customers are sticking with the most expensive tariff available. This is especially true for British Gas who are not only the biggest energy company in the UK but they also have a very loyal customer base that despite the increasing in costs remain with the energy company.

At FreePriceCompare we always encourage customers to use our handy and intuitive energy comparison tool to see how much money they can save. A typical customer on British Gas’s Standard Variable Tariff will save £300 with some even saving up to £468*a year. The whole switching process is handled by FreePriceCompare and you are guaranteed to be never left without power for your home. What’s more the total switch process takes 5 minutes to do, which we would argue is time well spent to save up to £468* a year.

However, for those British Gas customers not willing to take a leap, we recommend you contact British Gas directly and ask to be put on their new ‘All Online March 19’ tariff. This energy tariff is by no means the cheapest in the energy market but it is significantly cheaper then British Gas’s standard variable tariff. On average the cost is £900 per year for a dual fuel user on the new tariff which is £200 less than using the same amount of energy on the standard variable tariff (£1100 per year).

Again at FreePriceCompare we would recommend comparing the whole energy market and making a switch accordingly. Whilst you could be saving £200 with British Gas, you may be foregoing saving of up to £468 with a different supplier.

Compare and see how much you can save on your energy bills

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