3 Key Tips to Saving Money on your Electricity Bills

November 4th, 2013
3 Key Tips to Saving Money on your Electricity Bills

Wondering, what are the best ways to save money on your electricity bills? In this post, we are offering up 3 key tips.

Money is tight at the moment. As such, it is now a better time than ever to head online for tips on saving money as a home owner or business. One of the best ways to save money monthly or quarterly is through your electricity bills, where there is a push from the government currently on businesses to make more of an effort. Not only does streamlining your electricity usage make sense in a green way of thinking, it also makes sense financially, where the potential savings in the long term are high.

At this time, converting or finding new ways to produce electricity is difficult for home owners. In 2009 the UK consumed 351.8 billion kWh of electricity. In order for a solar panel to power the UK and produce that level of electricity, the government would have to commit 1% of the UK’s total land area, or a land area equivalent to Derbyshire filled with solar panels. Of course, this just isn’t feasible, and as such electricity companies are here to stay with yearly price increases.

With nationwide renewable and green energy not yet here, being more energy efficient is a great way to help the environment, be greener and in the process save money on your electricity bills further down the line. Here are some top tips to do just that.

1. Turn off machines at the wall socket, and stop leaving things on standby

Even when on standby all household electrical appliances plugged in to a wall socket consume electricity. Why, what did you think was powering that little red LED? Turning off these appliances (microwaves, televisions, washing machines, gaming consoles and computers are the most commonly left on devices) will help you save money without actually doing much at all.

2. Install energy saving light bulbs

Having a well lit room is one thing; however having a well lit room which utilizes lighting in the wrong way is another. For some bulbs and areas of a home (such as a porch light), energy saving light bulbs are a great way to save energy and will help you cut down your electricity bills too. Energy saving light bulbs can be good in garages and attics, and also be sure to look in to LED lighting, which can be incredibly power efficient if used in the right places.

3. Get a smart meter

The Government plans for all British homes to have a smart meter installed by 2019 and that makes sense, given our close relationship with energy. Smart meters could help home owners and also businesses save money on their energy bills overall (including electricity). British Gas is currently allowing consumers to register their interest for a smart meter early, with British Gas aiming to upgrade all current systems within homes by 2019.

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