5 Quick Tips To Business Energy Saving In Your Office

November 1st, 2013
5 Quick Tips To Business Energy Saving In Your Office

Business energy saving helps the planet but it helps keep your bills down too – very important in these economically competitive times. Although making major changes to your business energy saving such as fitting solar panels or powering the office by wind power may be desirable, making immediate changes to how you and your staff think about power can help you save money immediately!

  • Check your utility bills. Are they estimated or do they relate to what you actually use? Ensuring that your bills only reflect your real power consumption will make any business energy saving changes you implement show up as real cash savings.

  • Are you taking advantage of the best deals on offer at the moment? Cheap business electricity and cheap business gas rates can save you money on heating and power and are important factor for business energy saving.

  • Label the light switches so that lighting is only on where and when you need it and it is easy for everyone to switch it off. Even if you are on a cheap business electricity tariff, making simple changes like this are surprisingly effective.

  • Don’t over heat. Heating is a major part of your bill so any business energy saving changes you make will make a difference. Turn the heating down, rather than open the windows if too hot and avoid heating areas such as corridors or parts of the building where physical work is carried out.

  • Turn down the office thermostat. You may already have cheap business electricity or are taking advantage of cheap business gas rates but that’s reason to abuse it! You will save around 8% of your bill for each 1C you reduce. Current thinking is to set the thermostat at no higher than 19C.

  • Keep your radiators clear. They work much more efficiently with space around them. Business energy saving does not mean you have to be uncomfortable but hogging the radiator should be seen as no –no.

  • Share the knowledge! Encourage staff or fellow workers to think about business energy saving so that you are all pulling together.

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