Cheap Business Electricity UK: Broker Benefits

November 4th, 2013
Cheap Business Electricity UK: Broker Benefits

Often business electricity bills just get regarded in the same light as tax bills or the weather – they might not be fair and we might not like them, but beyond moaning there is little we can do about the situation. However, this attitude is a mistake when it comes to power, because there is a lot you can do about reducing the cost of your commercial energy.

Cheap business electricity is available to all companies and you can make real savings by switching suppliers and looking at business electricity deals. As a business owner, you are actually in a strong position. The major companies target the business owner with cheap business electricity offers because they want your custom and are willing to compete on price to get it. This means that you can find cheap business electricity deals from the major suppliers and if you make the right choice, you can benefit from huge savings on your running costs each year.

The commercial energy sector does not function in the same way as the domestic energy market and offers much more variation to both the service and the billing cycle. Take half-hourly meters for example. Large energy users, such as factories with a peak load of over 100kw per hour are required by law to use half-hourly meters to monitor their consumption.

This is an advantage to the business owner because it ensures that business electricity bills reflect true readings, which are taken each month. Smaller businesses can also install half hour meters on a voluntary basis so that they also only pay for what they actually use and are not given an estimate – as with the domestic sector.

The problem with finding cheap business electricity deals yourself is that these types of commercial energy contracts can be difficult to negotiate and complicated to terminate and to set up. This is just one reason why many businesses use a business energy broker who can work on their behalf. A business energy broker will be able to find the best cheap business electricity for you and work out your contracts so you can relax in the knowledge you have made the best decision for you and your company.

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