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Business Energy Guides June 10th, 2020

Business Energy Audit: A Step-By-Step Guide

A step-by-step guide to conducting a simple business energy audit Tens of thousands of British families struggle with high energy prices, but for businesses, it is even worse. High...

Business Energy Guides June 10th, 2020

Business Energy LOA: Understanding Authority Letters

Business Energy – Understanding the letter of authority or LOA You may have seen the term ‘LOA’ or ‘letter of authority’ if you have been researching switching business energy...

Business Energy Guides June 10th, 2020

Global Warming’s Effect on Business Energy Bills

What is the effect of global warming on my business energy bills? Global warming isn’t something that can be ignored any longer. Whether we like it or not, governments...

Business Energy Guides February 26th, 2020

Understanding Your Business Energy Bill

It would appear that many of us are paying too much for our energy and it comes down to the simple fact that we don’t understand the market. “There...

Business Energy Guides April 4th, 2017


MPRN number also known as Meter Point reference number and M number. It’s 6 to digit reference to help identify gas supply point. This is how MPRN number is...

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